View Full Version : PPRuNe Ad too good to be true

22nd Dec 2008, 18:56
Reading a thread on one of the forums, and the ad at the bottom of the page was
Popular Prick: Use Manipulative Psychology to Make People Like, Respect, and Follow You. (http://www.popularprick.com/)

Seems the advertisers got their demographic!

I'll let you draw your own conclusions :}

Priceless quotes from the FAQ
1. Why call yourself a "prick"? Aren't you worried about offending people?

Prick refers to the concept that socially successful people naturally pay very little attention to the substance of what other people are doing and actually saying to them (they focus more on other subtle, less substantive factors). This preoccupation with themselves, and corresponding lack of attention paid to what others are saying to them, although perhaps subconsciously and without fault, is where the notion of being a "prick" comes from. I don't think this idea is offensive at all - it's reality.

8. Can I get a physical copy of your book?
The book is only available in electronic form. That being said, this is not the type of book you want to display on a shelf, itís something you want to read, apply, and then move on with your life.
priceless :ok: