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Krystal n chips
22nd Dec 2008, 16:16

Location. BHX..... INGURLUND



Yes indeed, it's truly wonderful to know the War on Terror is being pursued with such zeal at Birmingham now isn't it ? :rolleyes:

BBC NEWS | England | West Midlands | Clown strip-searched at airport (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/west_midlands/7795571.stm)

mona lot
22nd Dec 2008, 17:40
Perhaps the SS thought he was impersonating a member of the SS. Imagine the possible carnage if he had made it on board an aircraft with his water pistol and plastic handcuffs.

It seems he even had a BAA airside pass, quote "I showed them my police clown identity card, which had my picture next to my credentials as a member of the Criminal Insane Department, but I don't think that really helped"

22nd Dec 2008, 17:41
From the BBC report (your link Krystal)

"As I went through the machine I set the alarm off."
and"In the lining of my costume was a band and it turns out it was metal. Seems like security did the correct thing to me, or should people in fancy dress be allowed to pass through the detectors regardless of whether they set them off??

Krystal n chips
22nd Dec 2008, 17:57

Erm, given the circumstances, maybe a little, erm, what's that term again......ah yes, common sense, should have been applied don't you think ?

22nd Dec 2008, 18:35
Erm, given the circumstances, maybe a little, erm, what's that term again......ah yes, common sense, should have been applied don't you think ?


given the fact that Terry Taliban and his mates use children, including mentally handicapped ones, to carry out suicide bombings just what is, in your opinion, common sense when it comes to security?

I agree wholeheartedly that it is often OTT, but it seems even PC Konk was not aware that his costume had some metal sewn into the inner. He said: "In the lining of my costume was a band and it turns out it was metal. Therefore, when PC Konk continually sets off the alarm and can't explain why, what do you want the security people to do?

If your answer is to let him walk on without further checking him, then that leads to the question, why bother with metal detectors at all??

Krystal n chips
22nd Dec 2008, 18:59
Hmmm ! How to respond nicely to your query anotherthing.......well it's like this....in my less than humble opinion,:E which you asked for with regard to security, I would have thought that anybody with a scintilla of a brain would have realised that as an accredited childrens entertainer, about to board an a/c full of children for a short flight, then he was hardly likely to be a member of the Taliban / whoever intent on causing destruction etc. True, they do use kids in the way you mention, but last time I looked, Birmingham Int'l was located in the leafy shires of England, not Afghanistan.....so logic would suggest the er, "threat", would be minimal in this instance now wouldn't it ?

Your not by any chance a member of the "security jobsworth corps" are you ? :E :D

mona lot
22nd Dec 2008, 19:11
Despite the best efforts of the SS I am sure I will be sharing the flight deck with a clown cunningly disguised as a pilot tomorrow.

23rd Dec 2008, 12:43

Considering you claim to be an ex member of The Forces on your profile, you seem to have very little grasp of security matters and a strange way of applying 'logic'.

Only this week a doctor has been convicted of conspiring to organise terrorist attacks in London and Glasgow - admittedly not the 'leafy shires of England' you allude to in your last post, but still far removed from Afghanistan.

This doctor is a man who has taken the Hippocratic oath and has pledged to help people regardless of colour or religion. This is a man who would normally be, by virtue of his very profession, deemed to be an upstanding and trustworthy citizen.

But your argument is that because another man was dressed as a clown and hired to entertain some children, there is no conceivable way that he could be a threat to security. Therefore, you claim, the security workers are the real clowns for not letting this chap waltz through security after setting off the metal detector.

The only reason this article made the news is because of the children angle. Otherwise the 'story' would have been -

'Man sets off metal detector at airport, after another search it appears a piece of unidentified metal has been discovered sewn into one of his pieces of clothing.

After checking, the metal is deemed to be unsuspicious and man is allowed to continue and board his flight.'

Not exactly a story is it, a tale of 'security jobsworths' doing their duty?

And no, by the way, I am not a 'security jobsworth' type - just someone (ex-forces as well by the way, but I was paid to engage my brain, think and give orders, not just take them) who although agrees that some of the security measures we have in place seem a bit draconian, knows you cannot assume just because of the way someone dresses that they are kosher.

Standard Noise
23rd Dec 2008, 12:51
At least PC Konk can rid his costume of the metal band. There was even less logic applied in the 80s and 90s when all I had to do was open my gob at an airport and some SB plod would turn up and give me the third degree.

Still, the 'security' industry can get away with being stupid, they hide behind DfT guidelines and the good old 've ver only obeyink orders!' line.

Krystal n chips
23rd Dec 2008, 16:45

Thank you for your diatribe and the furtherance of my (limited) education.:ok::E OK, yes, I was in the RAF thank you. Do I take security seriously...real security.yes,but the cosmetic variety that employs people for whom the capacity to simply obey instructions...and not to think for themselves, er, NO.....same mentality as those who inspect rubbish bins etc. in fact...so for me, well yes the alarm clearly went off...so they had to make sure...but in all honesty, did they have to go to the level as reported..erm, NO. The entertainer was accredited and clearly boarding the flight which had one purpose...as was his in being there. Now, to me ( not being able to think for myself of course ) I would not have percieved this as being a high level threat...merely a glitch which could be quickly and simply resolved. So that answers that.

:E " I was paid to engage my brain, think and give orders, not just take them"....were you indeed, how fascinating to learn that you were probably the epitome of the military cabbage....by the proverbial "book" every time no doubt ( thus ensuring blame could be attached if anything went for a can of worms ) and terribly rank conscious....must let the underlings know who is charge after all ......oddly enough, I was paid to engage my brain, think and both give and take orders..it sort of helps to have this capability when you're working on aircraft wouldn't you say ?. True, it was commented on several times that my er, "military bearing" was somewhat lacking.( the usual term was "you look like a bag of sh$t corporal !")..not that I was overly concerned as my function was to maintain aircraft....if I had wanted to join the Guards I would have done so now wouldn't I.

Doctors.....:hmm:.....well frankly my faith in the medical profession is not as profound as yours....Messrs Crippen and Shipman for a start..but you probably truly believe that any professional is beyond reproach by virtue of his/ her occupation...if so, see Bankers and Crunch -Credit...for example.

And on that note......Happy Christmas to you........although I do belong to the Bah! Humbug! brigade......:E

23rd Dec 2008, 17:21
Krystal - we will have to agree to disagree, though if the authorities read this thread (joke) they could save themselves lots of money by binning metal detectors at airports - after all, you advocate ignoring them if someone is dresses in a non threatening manner.

Similarly, threat detection will be much easier - we just need to see if they fall into the trustworthy/non trustworthy category.

By your reckoning, we have already sorted out two groups and allocated them to the correct group... clowns are OK, Doctors need the full cavity search.

I'm sure it won't take long to classify all other members of society, then we can reduce our intelligence forces considerably :ok: