View Full Version : This Christmas must have book! (revolting link)

Duff beer
21st Dec 2008, 20:02
Natural Harvest - A Collection of Semen-Based Recipes by Fotie Photenhauer (Book) in Cooking (http://www.lulu.com/content/4956212)

22 Degree Halo
21st Dec 2008, 20:12
Wouldn't be surprised if a few pages are stuck together:}

21st Dec 2008, 21:27
Are they talkin' bottled stuff, or draft?

The Nr Fairy
21st Dec 2008, 21:33
"I'm cooking tonight, dear".

At least there's little chance of not being able to get the raw ingredients.

21st Dec 2008, 21:39
Come again............................!

21st Dec 2008, 22:34
It must have taken a lot of spunk to come up with a book like that.


cockney steve
22nd Dec 2008, 18:06
what a load of rubbish....it's not worth a toss.

22nd Dec 2008, 18:22
Mods - this is ideal as a Christmas present - could you make it a sticky please...

22nd Dec 2008, 19:22
Hard to swallow I think....