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21st Dec 2008, 11:21
Beluga caviar seized by Italian customs officers is to be distributed to poor people in Milan as a Christmas gift. See BBC report here (http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/7793477.stm).

With a supposed street value of 370,000 in Knightsbridge, wouldn't those Milanese poor folk be better off had the 40kgs. of Beluga caviar be put up for auction on EBay? Even if it only fetched 1/2 its' fair value, 185,000 would be enough to buy over 23,000 Bernard Matthews Golden Norfolk Turkeys, each weighing in at 3.6-4.2kg in UK (see here (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1093365/Supermarkets-wage-Christmas-dinner-price-war--promise-turkey-dinner-2-person.html)).

But we're talking about Berlusconi's country, and perhaps the average poor Italian family would prefer 1.73g of Beluga caviar (is that quite 1/4 teaspoonfull?) compared to a whole turkey?

Mama mia! Maybe Italians don't like to eat turkey anyway...?! :}

El Grifo
21st Dec 2008, 11:50
Kinda reminds me of "let them eat cake" :(

Lon More
21st Dec 2008, 12:03
Send it back!! Bloody jam's gone off. it tastes like fish!!!

BTW,Airship have you ever tasted a BM foul? (And I use that spelling deliberately)(and the BM bit's not that far off)

21st Dec 2008, 13:58
Barman, I'll have the same as Lon More please...?! :confused:

21st Dec 2008, 14:31

Shouldn't that be 'Doctor' ?

21st Dec 2008, 14:36
My thought as well, El Grifo - and maybe if they'd offered it to sale to all the top restaurants, even, they would have been able to buy a shedload of proper food.