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20th Dec 2008, 14:19
Prompted by another thread, I looked up "issue", only because I'm one of the many who cannot abide the use of that word to mean "problem", by morons who cannot say "problem" or "difficulty".

There are 37 meanings of the word "issue", and not one of them is "problem".

Are you sitting comfortably?............................I've shortened the definitions; these are just the nouns;

1 The (http://ardictionary.com/The/2611) act (http://ardictionary.com/Act/1734) of (http://ardictionary.com/Of/869) passing (http://ardictionary.com/Passing/2091) or (http://ardictionary.com/Or/1924) flowing (http://ardictionary.com/Flowing/3911) out; (http://ardictionary.com/Out/2905) a (http://ardictionary.com/A/1)
2 The (http://ardictionary.com/The/2611) act (http://ardictionary.com/Act/1734) of (http://ardictionary.com/Of/869) sending (http://ardictionary.com/Sending/4558) out, (http://ardictionary.com/Out/2905)
3 That (http://ardictionary.com/That/2574) which (http://ardictionary.com/Which/2225) passes, flows, or (http://ardictionary.com/Or/1924) is (http://ardictionary.com/Is/7341) sent (http://ardictionary.com/Sent/4557) out (http://ardictionary.com/Out/2905)
4Progeny; (http://ardictionary.com/Progeny/12443)
5 Produce (http://ardictionary.com/Produce/12282) of (http://ardictionary.com/Of/869) the (http://ardictionary.com/The/2611) earth, (http://ardictionary.com/Earth/116)
6 A (http://ardictionary.com/A/1) discharge (http://ardictionary.com/Discharge/5782) of (http://ardictionary.com/Of/869) flux, (http://ardictionary.com/Flux/4149) as (http://ardictionary.com/As/9128) of (http://ardictionary.com/Of/869) blood. (http://ardictionary.com/Blood/5320)
7 An (http://ardictionary.com/An/5460) artificial (http://ardictionary.com/Artificial/9067) ulcer, (http://ardictionary.com/Ulcer/47)
8 The (http://ardictionary.com/The/2611) final (http://ardictionary.com/Final/2459) outcome (http://ardictionary.com/Outcome/2974) or (http://ardictionary.com/Or/1924) result; (http://ardictionary.com/Result/5158)
9 A (http://ardictionary.com/A/1) point (http://ardictionary.com/Point/8278) in (http://ardictionary.com/In/1915) debate (http://ardictionary.com/Debate/897) or (http://ardictionary.com/Or/1924) controversy (http://ardictionary.com/Controversy/11614)
10 In (http://ardictionary.com/In/1915) pleading, (http://ardictionary.com/Pleading/7465) a (http://ardictionary.com/A/1) single (http://ardictionary.com/Single/7975) material (http://ardictionary.com/Material/2228) point (http://ardictionary.com/Point/8278) of (http://ardictionary.com/Of/869) law (http://ardictionary.com/Law/1463) or (http://ardictionary.com/Or/1924) fact (http://ardictionary.com/Fact/135)22 the (http://ardictionary.com/The/2611) provision (http://ardictionary.com/Provision/13541) of (http://ardictionary.com/Of/869) something (http://ardictionary.com/Something/11018) by (http://ardictionary.com/By/9543) issuing (http://ardictionary.com/Issuing/7558) it (http://ardictionary.com/It/7578) (usually (http://ardictionary.com/usually/7573) in (http://ardictionary.com/In/1915) quantity) (http://ardictionary.com/Quantity/268)
23 the (http://ardictionary.com/The/2611) act (http://ardictionary.com/Act/1734) of (http://ardictionary.com/Of/869) issuing (http://ardictionary.com/Issuing/7558) printed (http://ardictionary.com/Printed/11864) materials
24 n (http://ardictionary.com/An/5460) opening (http://ardictionary.com/Opening/1568) that (http://ardictionary.com/That/2574) permits escape (http://ardictionary.com/Escape/4755) or (http://ardictionary.com/Or/1924) release; (http://ardictionary.com/Release/3447)
25 some (http://ardictionary.com/Some/11005) situation (http://ardictionary.com/Situation/8339) or (http://ardictionary.com/Or/1924) event (http://ardictionary.com/Event/5552) that (http://ardictionary.com/That/2574) is (http://ardictionary.com/Is/7341) thought (http://ardictionary.com/Thought/3056) about; (http://ardictionary.com/About/482) "he (http://ardictionary.com/He/1490) kept (http://ardictionary.com/Kept/199) drifting (http://ardictionary.com/Drifting/9527) off (http://ardictionary.com/Off/881) the (http://ardictionary.com/The/2611) topic" (http://ardictionary.com/Topic/5014)
26 an (http://ardictionary.com/An/5460) important (http://ardictionary.com/Important/1534) question (http://ardictionary.com/Question/590) that (http://ardictionary.com/That/2574) is (http://ardictionary.com/Is/7341) in (http://ardictionary.com/In/1915) dispute (http://ardictionary.com/Dispute/7069) and (http://ardictionary.com/And/5818) must (http://ardictionary.com/Must/8362) be (http://ardictionary.com/Be/1879) settled (http://ardictionary.com/Settled/5389)
27 one (http://ardictionary.com/One/1365) of (http://ardictionary.com/Of/869) a (http://ardictionary.com/A/1) series (http://ardictionary.com/Series/5047) published (http://ardictionary.com/Published/13951) periodically (http://ardictionary.com/Periodically/4075)
28 the (http://ardictionary.com/The/2611) becoming (http://ardictionary.com/Becoming/2246) visible; (http://ardictionary.com/Visible/2097)
29 the (http://ardictionary.com/The/2611) immediate (http://ardictionary.com/Immediate/901) descendants (http://ardictionary.com/descendants/14238) of (http://ardictionary.com/Of/869) a (http://ardictionary.com/A/1) person; (http://ardictionary.com/Person/4420)
30 a (http://ardictionary.com/A/1) phenomenon (http://ardictionary.com/Phenomenon/5079) that (http://ardictionary.com/That/2574) follows and (http://ardictionary.com/And/5818) is (http://ardictionary.com/Is/7341) caused (http://ardictionary.com/Caused/2862) by (http://ardictionary.com/By/9543) some (http://ardictionary.com/Some/11005) previous (http://ardictionary.com/Previous/11537) phenomenon; (http://ardictionary.com/Phenomenon/5079)
31 the (http://ardictionary.com/The/2611) income (http://ardictionary.com/Income/2440) arising (http://ardictionary.com/Arising/8578) from (http://ardictionary.com/From/6446) land (http://ardictionary.com/Land/686) or (http://ardictionary.com/Or/1924) other (http://ardictionary.com/Other/2800) property; (http://ardictionary.com/Property/12865)
32 supplies (http://ardictionary.com/Supplies/19172) (as (http://ardictionary.com/As/9128) food (http://ardictionary.com/Food/4517) or (http://ardictionary.com/Or/1924) clothing (http://ardictionary.com/Clothing/7085) or (http://ardictionary.com/Or/1924) ammunition) (http://ardictionary.com/Ammunition/5164) issued (http://ardictionary.com/Issued/7557) by (http://ardictionary.com/By/9543) the (http://ardictionary.com/The/2611) government (http://ardictionary.com/Government/3418)

20th Dec 2008, 14:39
Now explain how football fans (and officials) are disappointed unless they get a result . . .

20th Dec 2008, 14:56
Especially as it is a game of two halfs and played on a level playing field .
These phrases are not unlike dress to impress : all shell and no substance.

20th Dec 2008, 15:16
We'd better get out the beanbags and workshop this ...

20th Dec 2008, 15:59
It just depends on whch dictionary you refer to. Websters online definition of "issue" includes "problem or difficulty" as an informal meaning - most languages are changing, living things, what's wrong with that?

20th Dec 2008, 16:04
So when is 26 an important question that is in dispute and must be settled not a problem? Sounds very like one to me.


20th Dec 2008, 19:10
I think that's the issue we're talking about.

20th Dec 2008, 19:16
Hum, I guess that some people have issues with people using issue concerning an issue about issues.

It doesn't make sense to me, but I don't to make an issue out of this issue. :p

20th Dec 2008, 19:22
Kleenex ? ... oh, sorry. Reading too much into it again ...

20th Dec 2008, 19:23
As was said many moons ago in a particular 'Cousins' TV show "go check your Funk & Wagnalls"

Goodnight Dick...............................:E

Beamish Boy
20th Dec 2008, 19:32
I wonder, what would have been the outcome if Commander James Lovell (in Apollo 13) had said, Houston we have an issue?

Chesty Morgan
20th Dec 2008, 19:46
Office of the CIO - Project Management Framework, Glossary (http://oit.osu.edu/projmanage/glossary.html)

It says here it is, although it does come under the heading of "Project Management Framework"!


20th Dec 2008, 21:46
My employer decided that we would no longer have 'problems' - so we had to refer to them as 'concerns' . . .

21st Dec 2008, 00:48
We used to call them "challenges" but now I have a proper job we called them "non-normals"

Peter Fanelli
21st Dec 2008, 10:26
Well I guess if one had a problem serious enough to cause one to shite oneself that would come under the first definition of "issue", would it not?

The Real Slim Shady
21st Dec 2008, 12:03

That would have been an apposite remark given #3, as the gas was passing or flowing out.;);););)

21st Dec 2008, 13:51
I wonder, what would have been the outcome if Commander James Lovell (in Apollo 13) had said, Houston we have an issue?

In fact, Lovell would have been correct as they were "venting something into space".

Maybe he paused for thought in the seconds following the explosion, before he made his now famous transmission.

"Hmmm, is it an "issue" or a "problem"? I don't want to look like a ******** in front of the mission control boys. I reckon "problem" will sound cool when they make the film. Yeah, I'll go for "problem". No, wait! Maybe I should ask the other guys first...."

21st Dec 2008, 21:08
9 A point in debate or controversy

Number 9 works for me. Some fritters with that, please,

What seems to be at issue here is whether to issue a fiat compelling us to eschew the use of "issue" to describe the essence of a difference in preference as an issue, an issue issue, a non-issue, or a no-no issue. N'est ce pas?

21st Dec 2008, 21:27
I recently received an e-mail from one of our suppliers providing information for our staff. The e-mail asked me to cascade this information to them. I replied that, since I had yet to do a course in cascading, could I, in this instance, simply tell them. I have yet to receive a reply, proving, I suppose, that one should never take issue with one's suppliers, nor, more likely, behave like a smart-a$$

21st Dec 2008, 22:02
A problem is something that can be defined and is capable of solution. (prompting the response 'well, why don't you get on with it, then?')

An issue is something that has gone wrong but is nothing to do with me. We thus neatly avoid the blame culture.

An example from another discipline, if you will:
A train is never 'wrecked', it 'becomes derailed'. Wot me, guv? I never touched it.

21st Dec 2008, 22:44
I have yet to receive a reply,Perhaps you are dealing with an automated system? I believe that CVs are now read by computers . . .