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20th Dec 2008, 06:35
I wonder if any other ppruners were affected by the airport closures in Bangkok last month. Although I only had to get back to Malaysia, it did take a week and was expensive. My bags were stuck in 'Left Baggage' at Suvanaphumi and Thai Airways refused to help get them back to me. I went back to get them myself. Thai were claiming to be helping people up to 2000 baht per person per day they were delayed there. When I asked about this, I was told it was only for those who contacted Thai Airways at the time and was help provided by the government. ( It was not possible to get through to Thai or any emergency numbers while we were there!) So guess who will be giving Thailand a miss from now on?

20th Dec 2008, 12:48
It's a common thing in LOS* known as "T.I.T." **

Trinkisms (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bernard_Trink) for:
*LOS = Land Of Smiles
**TIT = This Is Thailand

Roger Sofarover
20th Dec 2008, 13:55

The 2000 Bht per day was supposed to be aid by the government. There have been many people who seem to have missed out on it. There is a site called thaivisa.com if you go there and look on the nav bar for public forum, then search through 'News Clippings' or 'General Topics' you should find loads of info on this from people in the same situation and how to get around the problem and get your money. Regarding Thai Airlines I take it you have penned a suitably snotty letter to them regarding your baggage? If not i suggest you should do it.:ok:

Good luck