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Brian Abraham
19th Dec 2008, 23:26

Apologise to Say again s l o w l y, but his photo above on another thread bought to mind the colour of ones hat. Fashion and colour co-ordination aside, what colour would be most effective for summer wear on the beach, black, white or natural silver? One does not want to fry ones brain, does one? Then there is the problem of winter, and the need to keep heat in when the budgie smugglers are swapped for skiing gear. :confused:

20th Dec 2008, 00:00
Well, I do know that the effect depends on which way you use the foil. Shiny side inwards, it keeps your thoughts in; shiny side out, it stops others' thoughts from getting in. You don't want black in summer, unless you're in Glasgow and someone told you "awa' an bile yer heid". :hmm:

20th Dec 2008, 00:22
Fashion points aside, the question of heat transfer probl'y comes down to the principles of convection, conduction, and the other one...............oh yeh, conduction I mean radiation (t'is late)

Convection wise, can't give much advice, only I guess open the windows and create a draught, (the skin is magnificent at using draughts to cool the body down, it produces sweat and uses the principle of som'at to do with evaporation. And vasodilation).

Conduction wise, try and increase the area of the heat sink, a fanned silver helmet may be more appropiate. (The body produces goose bumps and raises the small hairs in the skin to help trap a layer of conductive air if cold, not sure what it does to keep warm......oh yeh,lets the testicles swing a bit free-er )

Radiation wise, keep the inside of the helmet black and rugged, the outer side shiny, smooth and reflective.(More to do with surface area than being black or silver)


20th Dec 2008, 01:03
Oh come on now. Everybody who is anybody knows that tin foil hats only work when the inside is coated with peanut butter.

Loose rivets
20th Dec 2008, 04:59
The expression on that cat's face...priceless! :ok:

20th Dec 2008, 09:31
The expression on that cat's face...priceless

Oh, come on! No cat, ever, has revealed it's thoughts ever, by an expression.

Cats use extreme pain, or simple psychological intimidation to express their requirements of the subsevient class.

20th Dec 2008, 10:40
I tell you what, I'd be in extreme pain if I attempted to put any sort of hat on my cat.

20th Dec 2008, 12:40
Why try to invent what's been tried.
There's people who live in the sand, sort of an extremely large beach.
What did they wear before fashion hit ??

Exactly, tin foil. Cause it evaporates the sweat out so nicely ! :=

The cat though, perfect !!

Say again s l o w l y
20th Dec 2008, 13:23
I just want to make it clear that while I originally posted the photo. It certainly isn't a picture of me!

mr fish
20th Dec 2008, 14:11
the simple answer is to take a look at whats worn in hot arid areas.
so, thats a old, battered nascar cap and a manchester united shirt:}