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bugg smasher
18th Dec 2008, 23:58
Mind you now, I am a happily married man, would not trade in, upgrade, or otherwise tempt the good marital fortune fate has chosen to bestow on me.

But today, as I was strolling through the gate area to board my aircraft, a woman came up to me and asked if there would be any turbulence on the flight. I rarely see a creature of such sublime elegance, an impossibly ethereal demureness in her bearing, made all the more spectacular by her apparent unawareness of the effect she has on people.

As I was stammering a clumsy reply, and feeling very much the idiot, the famous Perry Como song I haven’t heard in ages ran through the audio synapses; “If you asked me for the moon, somehow I’d get it, I’d sell my very soul, and not regret it”.

There is much in life that concerns me, and not only as a person of somewhat average looks, but every once in a while, the planet reveals astonishingly different facets of itself.

Anyone else?

19th Dec 2008, 00:03
You have a way with words that I could never aspire to so I can just say that I feel the same :\

19th Dec 2008, 00:14
I saw Catherine Deneuve in the Jardin des Plantes in Paris once. She is stunning. I am not impressed by celebrity status, and walked into a tree when I saw her.

I also saw a stunner in Sydney, once. I don't know who she was, or what she was doing. But she was radiantly beautiful, and I remember the sight.

Of course, Mrs. Crosshair is a knockout, too! But since we're talking about fleeting encounters with superficial beauty, I thought I'd mention those.

19th Dec 2008, 00:29
After 30 years I can still remember a Dutch border guard on the train from Calais to Koln. As I showed him passport and he smiled at me, I turned to mush.



19th Dec 2008, 00:35
When i was 17 or so i was down at Watsons Bay when i saw Elle Mcpherson swanning around in her bikini. (she and her first hubby Gilles something lived down there). She was truly stunning. As a 17 yr old lad (read bag full of hormones) i think i stuttered and stammered for a while and needed a cold shower.

19th Dec 2008, 00:36
Unfortunately when I open them, I see what she became.
Charming. Does she know what a low opinion you have of her that you would post such a comment on a public forum?

bugg smasher
19th Dec 2008, 01:06
Nonetheless the thought of being without her fills me with a dread beyond description because she is and always will be the rainbow on an otherwise stormy horizon.

Blue skies always Albertz, well spoken, perhaps the very meaning of life itself.

19th Dec 2008, 01:20
Many [many] moons ago, I was walking through Cambridge, and this "Vision" caught my eye. So much so, that I "collided" (sp)[or as Pedestrians do,] bumped into a young Police Constable. As I made my excuses, I mentioned the young lady..... He [with a wry smile] said, I saw her yesterday, and wrote off a Police Car....looking at her.....that's why I am walking today
Bluddy Students.....

19th Dec 2008, 01:33


He He He?

Louise Brooks.

19th Dec 2008, 01:40
Rollingthunder: Who's he?

galaxy flyer
19th Dec 2008, 02:00
They are a bit like a Ferrari....interesting to look at, perhaps a pleasure to drive, but godawful to own!! :ugh:

19th Dec 2008, 02:48
'own"? WTF? Slavery is sooooooooooooo passé now daahling....

19th Dec 2008, 05:48
That's the real problem, we pay a feckin fortune for them but never actually own them............................:p

PS Anyone else smell comfortable shoe leather...............:E

19th Dec 2008, 05:59
PS Anyone else smell comfortable shoe leather............

No but there is a faint aroma of something stuck on the heel!!

Loose rivets
19th Dec 2008, 06:15
He He He?

Nobody's perfect.

Apologies to Joe E Brown.

19th Dec 2008, 06:40
After all these years, I still remember a woman I saw on a bus in Sheffield back in 1977, but always remember...


19th Dec 2008, 08:07
Somebody, somewhere is tired of putting up with her sh&t


I've only ever had relations with two truly beautiful women, and I gotta say, with hand on heart, that the were both royal pains in the *rse.

Perhaps it illustrates the difference between beauty and attractiveness.

I married girl who's a bit ugly, but I like her:)

ps true beauty-Joyce Davenport of Hill Street Blues.

Beatriz Fontana
19th Dec 2008, 08:24
Tis true. Physical perfection may be attainable, but there's always something not quite right in the emotional or baggage department!

There's always one exception - the dark, handsome soul <sigh> :ok:

19th Dec 2008, 08:31
As I was stammering a clumsy reply, and feeling very much the idiot.... The last time a woman had that effect on me, I married her. (Good gracious me, that was 38 years ago. :ooh: )

19th Dec 2008, 08:42
"Beauty is as relative as light and dark. Thus, there exists no beautiful woman, none at all, because you are never certain that a still far more beautiful woman will not appear and completely shame the supposed beauty of the first.":)

" The only way to turn a woman head is to tell her she has a beautiful profile" :p

19th Dec 2008, 10:39
I am not a boob man, a bum man or a leg man although I do appreciate this assets when in proportion.

I subscribe to the belief that the 'eyes are gateways to the soul'.

Eight years ago I was out shopping (not a favourite pastime) and I saw this girl with the most amazing, limpid brown eyes conveying the unseen depths of a forest pool.

Totally stunning. Stopped me in my tracks as though in a collision with an immoveable object.

It took me a year to finnagle a date with her and we finally got married 5 years ago.

19th Dec 2008, 10:57
I married someone with legs up to her armpits. Now she has armpits down to her legs.

19th Dec 2008, 11:10
Eight years ago I was out shopping (not a favourite pastime) and I saw this girl with the most amazing, limpid brown eyes conveying the unseen depths of a forest pool.

Totally stunning. Stopped me in my tracks as though in a collision with an immoveable object.

It took me a year to finnagle a date with her and we finally got married 5 years ago.

You've just won the heart of every female on pprune mr L :)

I'm sadly initially more attracted to physical attributes, that is until a better understanding arrives, but ultimately it's the personality that will win the day. Many 'stunning' women (and men) are isolated by their physical attributes, the women are despised by other women due to their effect on men and all the men want to ........ them, so they are rarely in a place of safety where they are 'seen' as a person. They've heard all the lines and it's non-stop, everyday, attention. Their beauty is a blessing and a curse. There's much to be said for some anonymity in daily life, being stared at (however well meaning) isn't pleasant after a short while.



19th Dec 2008, 11:52
"Never marry a beautiful woman, because a beautiful woman might run away.

An ugly woman might run away, but who cares?!!"

Julius "Groucho" Marx.

Ace Rimmer
19th Dec 2008, 12:02
Thing I've found is that most physcally beautiful women (and blokes come to that) tend not to have much inthe way of personalty - simply because they've never had to develop one. people are attracted to them on the strength of their good looks....

An exception is of course Mrs R but she also proves the rule. A late developer - bit a swamper as a child and early teen (seen the pics)but blossomed into a beauty in her 20s and getting better every year since...

19th Dec 2008, 14:28
Our assistant manager, pax svcs, is impeccable! A looker with the greatest personality.

And then, my office is adjacent to the crew-room and we've got some crackers there too.

Life is just too good at times :{

19th Dec 2008, 14:50
A few years ago I was in a bar in Los Arcos, a poky little town in northern Spain, having a much needed rest from the pains of walking a long way. As I sipped my cafe con leche I noticed that the barmaid was looking a tad wistful, nay, downcast. She was not particularly pretty pretty but she had the most wonderful bosom, the sort that makes chaps sigh and want to lay their heads there. My Spanish was/is minimal so chatting up was out of the question but as I returned my cup to the counter and thanked her she looked up, smiled and I saw she had incredibly luminous mossy-green eyes and it was if the room flooded with sunshine. I picked up my pack and went on my way. Over the next few weeks I spoke about the girl in the bar at Los Arcos to a lot of chaps and almost without exception they said "Didn't she have the most beautiful eyes?" - then they added as an afterthought, reflectively and wistfully "and incredible tits"
The Ancient Mariner

Ooer, I've come over all nostalgic..........

19th Dec 2008, 15:30
Damn distracting is what it is.
Can occupy ones mind at length.
Can also make you feel alive.
Funny, those chemicals.

19th Dec 2008, 19:18
PKPF68-77 You may not believe this but the phone rang at home one day and on the other end of it WAS Kirsty Young asking for an interview for a news programme on an airline launch. She is as lovely to talk to as she is to look at!!

Still no one could replace er indoors though even after 35 years.

sled dog
19th Dec 2008, 20:23
If you work for the company i think you work for, are not most of the occupants of the crew room male ? I think we must be told :E
"Different strokes for different folks " :p

19th Dec 2008, 20:49
Back in 1993 I met the most gorgeous looking lady who fairly had me smitted. Blonde, blue eyed and a wonderful figure. We got to know each other and it was clear that she had been used to quite a lot of attention. But she seemed charming and kind hearted. From time to time the odd nagging doubt came to the surface, doubts which I would have done well to heed since we got married in 1995. Within a year she confessed to seeing someone else. I was devasted. It was the beginning of the end, we argued and fought. I felt rejected and totally crushed. Another four years went by and she was sleeping with a good freind. My world fell apart...We moved. One day I found old letters to ex-boyfriends and diaries. The sort of thing that frankly one gets rid of when you get married. Whilst she was openly having the affair she was also quite happy to receive certain attentions from a former employer ( a lawyer). This was all getting silly. She thought I was making a huge fuss.

We went through various trials and tribulations. Feb 2006 I found a five page love letter to a business man she had met two weeks prior. Despite assurances that nothing was going on she insisted I move out of the house. The divorce came through Feb this year. And my four children are in the middle wondering what's happened.

For the last few months I have been seeing a wonderful lady. She has integrity, kindness, sincere and loyalty and character in abundance. No model looks but certainly turns heads. What a marked difference! I have no idea how it will turn out.

It really is what's inside that counts.


19th Dec 2008, 21:16
Another long flight was about to begin, crammed into an aluminum tube with hundreds of other travelers. I was never one of those that wanted to be the first on board, grabbing their seat only to have others crawl across or over you. I would be on there for too long as it was!

I always took my time, sitting away from the boarding gate, to survey my fellow passengers and imagine their stories, as each of us has a story, and wonder which one I would be seated with.

Sitting across the aisle from the boarding gate I was surveying tonight’s crop of potential seat mates as they jostled for position in the line and boarding preference, the frequent flyers get on first. They rush forward with a serious look of being busy and important. In those days I was also a frequent flyer, but neither busy nor important.

Standing along the wall next to the boarding gate stood a tall, attractive red head. She wasn’t a beauty but she was very attractive and well dressed, she had an almost regal look. I have often imagined being seated next to such an attractive woman, but in all my travels it seldom happened, actually never.

The boarding process continued; few now remained in the boarding area. The ticket agent called for all remaining passengers to board. Gathering my briefcase I wearily joined the last passengers to board the flight.

Making my way down the aisle, checking my seat number against the overhead numbers, I neared my assigned seat. Once again I saw the attractive red head. She seemed to be near where my assigned seat would be and I though again how nice it would be, “no way” I thought, as I worked my way toward my seat.

Arriving at my seat I was please to see that I was indeed seated next to the mysterious red head. I was assigned the aisle seat. Smiling and casually nodding at her I put my bag away in the overhead bin, trying to be nonchalant in spite of my boyish excitement.

Smiling, her dark eyes looking directly into mine, and in a throaty voice she said, “Do you mind if I have the aisle seat, I have a bad back and need to move about, especially on a long flight like this one?” Normally I like the aisle seat for the same reason, however, how was I going to deny the request of such an attractive woman? “No problem at all”, I said.

Once we were seated she introduced herself. “Thanks for the aisle seat, my name is Anna”, she said as she extended her hand in introduction. Amazed I returned her firm hand shake and smiled inwardly about my luck.

Fast forward now, the flight prepared for and departed. Once airborne the beverage service, “Yes we will have the wine,” preceded the evening meal. Climbing into the night more wine was served and the meal consumed, all the while we talked, she was easy to talk to, her voice animated and sophisticated.

By the time coffee and dessert were served I had had considerable time to converse with (actually listen too) this attractive woman with the throaty sophisticated voice. From divorces to illnesses she chronicled a long litany of trials and tribulations. Her life story unfolded, animated (her hands, long delicate fingers and perfectly manicured nails flashed about for emphasis) and in great detail.

After all the wine, food and dessert were completed the evening fare of movies were announced, one of which was a movie I had seen before, however, when Anna asked if I had seen Patch Adams, saying it was a really great movie, I quickly agreed to watch it (again). Quickly I put on my headset and settled in for a movie rerun rather than hear more of her tragedies, imagined and real.

Our flight droned on through the brilliantly clear night sky, I watched my movie and she slept.

Arriving at our destination, disheveled and bleary eyed, we said our goodbye’s and went our separate ways.

Walking away I couldn’t help but think of the movie, The High and the Mighty, with John Wayne, where a plane load of passengers departs Honolulu enroute to San Francisco, each having a story of trials and tribulations to tell. Plagued with bad weather and engine failures their tears, fears and failures start to unfold. From the flight deck crew to the passenger’s, angst permeates everyone on the flight. After a harrowing flight, they successfully land. Everyone walks away having confronted their personal lives, the good and the bad, some for the better, others for the worse.

As all stories do, this one has a moral, “beware of what you wish for, you may get it!” Now I know this was probably a unique situation, not all beautiful women have that many physical and emotional issues. However, it was a memorable trip, one in thousands of forgettable flights, that will be among a handful that will remembered, and that is what made it interesting.

Like John Wayne character Dan Roman, walking into the dark of early morning I couldn’t help but whistle (corny I know!) the theme song from the High and the Mighty.

Ben Sneed: Hey fella, ain't you Dan Roman?
Dan Roman: Yeah.
Ben Sneed: heard you whistlin' and I said to myself only one guy does that just so.

Beatriz Fontana
19th Dec 2008, 23:19
GobonaStick, you're right there. I know a few women like that and you know it'll all end the same way... :ouch:

20th Dec 2008, 10:20
I find it really strange, the attractions between males and females. It does not make sense in any objective frame of reference, but is totally persuasive and compelling in the M-F context. Nature seemingly plays this trick on us so that we will be enthusiastic about propagating the species, of course; that's all well and good. What is confusing is the other 99.5 percent of the time when one is just bumbling around with life and finds self still encumbered by this reproductive mindset.

To me, mostly all females are beautiful. Mostly, all males are not. They are more like weeds - present but unremarkable and more generally just objects and actors in the way of a better view for the purposes of aesthetic generalisations. Though it is an encumbrance of considerable annoyance, one finds oneself giving thought, attention, and what some call "slack" , (a sort of allowance in credulity or credibility that causes one to favour persons, totally unknown, simply due to gender and a nominal supply of looks, or for having a pulse) to just about any solidly post-pubescent fem that crosses the bow.

The foregoing is not a rational nor a practical response to the general constraints of life, but what the heck. One has come to understand it as a feature, not a bug, although the pitfalls and the weirdness involved are considerable.

Practical considerations intrude. While it seems, in the abstract, that being frequently close to a large number of nice females is the logical extrapolation of the foregoing mindset, somehow that does not work in practice. In fact, the more one associates with a specific female, the more she tends to preclude associations with others. The 'watchdog' effect of this can be useful - for eliminating those late-night phone calls and the inconvenience and expense of living life as one big party, but it also has the difficult negative effect of cutting off most close personal relationships with others of the female species - other than the one at hand. And that is a sore sacrifice in the short and confused span we're allotted.

What can one say? Life is a voyage of discovery. The negatives of being herded into a private, isolated corral are considerable, but it does simplify things. One has come to love simplicity and merely admire femininity from a distance, with occasional brief lapses into frothing lust. I still love all the women that are and have been and ever will be, but those thoughts are now folded and spindled such that they are confined into a dimly conceived vision of purple nudibranchs with yellow spots and scarlet trim, cavorting unspeakably long and frothy in tropical shallows, with no other goal or destination or limit than doing thus.


20th Dec 2008, 10:32
The last sentence of your last paragraph reminds me of what was said about James Joyce's "Finnigans Wake" that it was "...the end of a long descent to insanity". The problem is, I think I know what you thought you meant!
The Ancient Mariner

Effluent Man
20th Dec 2008, 10:43
A woman I was at school with 40 years ago came in last week.I fantasised about her every day. My colleague said "Doesn't she look like Gail out of Coronation Street.I am sorry to say,she does.

20th Dec 2008, 11:06
Mrs 1DC and i have been married for 40 odd years, we both thought the other was "good looking" when we met and in reality we are probably average. We married because we got on well together and have had a pretty good life together, a couple of nice kids and things are usually ok. We occasionally think the other is a pain in the backside but trust each other are not possesive with each other and it works for us. We do birthdays and Christmas but rarely remember our anniversary, some of our friends think that is awful but it doesn't bother us.
Beauty is relative, "in the eyes of the beholder", is a true statement and a good relationship is far more important than having a 'beautiful' woman or bloke on your arm.
I remember meeting the school beauty after about 20 years and couldn't believe how she could have become so plain, she seemed very happy with her husband, though.
The woman i admire most, after Mrs 1DC, wouldn't even be noticed by the people looking for a beauty.
Nah, a good relationship with your mate is far better than having a pose with the best looking woman (or bloke), in the room and not being happy.

20th Dec 2008, 14:18
True point, but not really the topic.
Bugg smasher started by saying he'd never trade in.
It's the effect of the amazing here, isn't it, however brief.

21st Dec 2008, 21:50
Rossian said:
Wot u said arcniz
The last sentence of your last paragraph reminds me of what was said about James Joyce's "Finnigans Wake" that it was "...the end of a long descent to insanity". The problem is, I think I know what you thought you meant!
The Ancient Mariner

The common lot of metaphor, though meant to awe, is just to bore,
while our best efforts at true insanity often seem a mere inanity.