View Full Version : Want a Disaster? Add Ice and Stir!

18th Dec 2008, 05:34
ICE....sank the Titanic
ICE....blew up the Challenger
ICE....on the wings sends a chill up any pilot's back
ICE....in a ski-gondola tower joint caused it to topple in Whistler, B.C., site of the 2010 winter Olympics.

Man oh man, I hate riding in any kind of gondola - and I'm going to like it less now. I feel so vulnerable in those bloody dangling things.
Give me an airplane any day!

According to the report on yesterday's tower collapse at Whistler, a phenomena known as ice-jacking cased the collapse. ".... the tower failure occurred when water seeped into a splice on a section of tower four on the lift. Water flowed into the tower, then froze, rupturing the splice as it expanded. 'Water had seeped into the tower which had turned to ice with the recent extreme cold temperatures,' the statement said.
'It's an extremely unusual situation referred to as ice-jacking.'"

Here's the full story.

19th Dec 2008, 12:20
ICE....NHL: Two teams gather on ICE and start fighting. Occasionally a hockey game breaks out!:eek: