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Tim McLelland
18th Dec 2008, 00:58
Okay it's a long shot but has anybody got a snapshot hidden-away of the infamous Akrotiri Station Flight Lightning T5 XS452 (the pink-tailed machine)?

Even longer shot - pictures of the OCU's T5's during their brief flirtation with dayglow trainer bands at Middleton St.George?

Yeh I know, not the most over-photographed of subjects but worth a try!

Amos Keeto
20th Dec 2008, 22:27
Yes and yes! We are already corresponding Tim - I have them all!:ugh:

Tim McLelland
21st Dec 2008, 10:15
I mentioned this on another forum AK - I should have added a disaclaimer or something to discount your collection - think it goes without saying that you have a picture of just about everything!

There's just this niggling thought at the back of my mind that there must be snapshots lurking out there somewhere, buried in lofts. I can't believe that so few photographs form that era exist. I guess cameras and film were fairly rare back then but even so, it's a great shame that we seem to be down to the last few pictures.

21st Dec 2008, 11:50
When XS452 arrived in the Binbrook circuit from Akrotiri (only just, as I recall, it had a flickering air turbine gearbox warning), the flamingo pink fin was something of a shock.

As the pilot called downwind, the Local controller acknowledged and transmitted "Can we have a lick?"

22nd Dec 2008, 06:10
I'd completely forgotten about this, but I think I remember seeing a picture of this on the cover of Flight Magazine ( in the early 70's??) lined up with several other aircraft (at an airshow?).

Tim McLelland
22nd Dec 2008, 10:39
Certainly not a picture I can recall having ever seen... maybe someone will know more?

I received a very unusual shot in the post last week - a T5 with 5 Squadron, in bare metal finish but with dayglow trainer bands. Guess it goes to show that there were some very obscure paint schemes around, just that they obviously didn't get photographed much - sadly!

20th Jan 2009, 12:21
in bare metal finish but with dayglow trainer bands.

Do you mean like this. A poor photo and i'm sure youv'e seen it many times.


20th Jan 2009, 12:28
Is that a take off or low level pass?

Tim McLelland
20th Jan 2009, 14:20
It was a low (very low) pass! Actually that aircraft has yellow trainer bands - it was the T5's which opted for dayglow orange but only the OCU painted them (very briefly) in those colours. The afore-mentioned 5 Sqn machine presumably simply transferred from Coltishall.

21st Jan 2009, 21:37
looks like a T4 to me

Tim McLelland
21st Jan 2009, 22:26
that's because it is

Out Of Trim
26th Jan 2009, 17:20
Not sure if you wanted Lightning pics from South Africa for your book?

I came across some nice ones here (http://www.pbase.com/kennekam/aviation) if you are. The owner might be up for it if you contact him direct.

Tim McLelland
26th Jan 2009, 21:28
I've got a few shots of the Thunder City machines but thanks for the pointer. Inexplicably, TC seem incapable of even answering email enquiries, so my coverage of their operations in my book will be rather short - if they can't be bothered to tell me anything then I sure can't be bothered to publish it! I assume they're not quite so reluctant to answer the people who want to buy joyrides off them!