View Full Version : Wanted! Lightning photos!

Tim McLelland
8th Dec 2008, 15:24
As some of you will know from previous threads, I'm currently producing a new book on the Lightning for publication next year. I've received some great information, stories and anecdotes from former Lightning people, but there's a surprising lack of photographs around - at least ones which haven't been seen many (many!) times before.

So, here's a plea for any photographic contributions. Emails are fine and prints can be scanned and immediately returned if snail mail is preferable. Anything used would be credited to the photographer.

I'm not looking for anything specific, just pictures which might not have been published too many times before. Having said this, I'd love to find decent copies of some of the old RAF/MoD shots from the Lightning's heyday, as these have a certain nostalgia value and many people probably haven't seen many of them. For example, I'm trying to find a decent copy of this one:-


All contributions and/or leads gratefully received! My email is:-

[email protected]