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Super VC-10
5th Dec 2008, 08:18
I've written an article about Lympne on Wikipedia. The article needs expansion, particularly in the area of its use after commercial flying ceased in 1974 and up to its final closure (date??). Assistance from Ppruners welcome. Details may be posted on this thread - with links to where the info can be verified, or you may edit Wikipedia yourself - no need to be a member to edit.

Please remember that as Wikipedia is an encyclopedia, anything added needs to be verifiable. If you're not sure about editing Wikipedia, post the info here and I'll add it to Wikipedia if it is verifiable.

Lympne Airport - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lympne_Airport)

5th Dec 2008, 15:06
When I was a lad I flew in a TriPacer operated by Skyfotos in 1966, flown by Sqn Ldr Smith. The Registration was G-ARAH. We flew out over the Channel for a photographic session of a cruise liner which was passing through at the time. We did several (low) passes so that he could get his photographs. No digital, or SLR cameras in those days, it took both hands to hold the camera steady and point it out of the window:=. All this in a fairly steep banked turn in front of the cruise ship:eek: