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tony draper
4th Dec 2008, 22:57
Here we go here we go here we go,:ok:
Five years and 110,000.... ere,Aunt Mary's thingies.:rolleyes:


DX Wombat
4th Dec 2008, 23:05
Looks nice Mr D. :ok: Bryn would like to know if there is going to be a special area for the TRAB dogs as he would love to catch up with SWH, THRH, Bluey and Karma and any others he hasn't yet heard of.

The Invisible Cat
4th Dec 2008, 23:09
Dogs, dogs, always dogs !
:yuk: :yuk: :yuk:

One thunk there are other four-legged furry critters worth of more interest on this planet !


Foxy Loxy
4th Dec 2008, 23:10
Ooooh, hello!

Went out for dinner earlier and had mushrooms stuffed with black pudding and stilton for starters. Right now, I think I could quite happily eat nothing else until I die :ok:

the incivil beast
4th Dec 2008, 23:11
Not very civil tonight, Mr cat or are we ?

4th Dec 2008, 23:11
is going to be a special area for the TRAB dogs
Perhaps you should refer to Bryn's kind as canines?

Beatriz Fontana
4th Dec 2008, 23:29
One thunk there are other four-legged furry critters worth of more interest on this planet !

Hamsters, perchance?

5th Dec 2008, 00:08
Well, TRABB #X! ended up with 10k posts on 500 pages. Twenty (20) per page on the average. That is what I call - "nice round numbers".

Perchance "too" nice?? Does the FSL have magicality powers ala Merlin and Arthur? One should wizard this out - eh?

ps - Yes, ya lumpties, I know the Index of threads says 9,999 posts - but look inside for the "real" count. Methinks tis more of the Tyne wikidust at work . . . . :suspect:

5th Dec 2008, 00:34
Picked up a bottle of milk today, but 'twas in a plastic bottle and did not break.

5th Dec 2008, 00:50
I pour my day's allocation of milk fer me tea in a little jug that stays by the kettle. Saves hiking across the kitchen to the fridge each time I have me cuppa.

Lazy or economical? :confused:

Howard Hughes
5th Dec 2008, 01:40
I just thought I'd have a quick look at the new place before it gets too cluttered with things that you just can't let go!;)

Radar, both!:E

Invisible Cat, you jest surely!:}

Buster Hyman
5th Dec 2008, 01:51
I find that making it to the first page important Howard. That way, you can say "Oh yes darling, but I was there on page one you see...."

Anyway, 29C here in sunny Melbourne...time to order the loaves & fishies for the shoppers...:rolleyes:

Sailor Vee
5th Dec 2008, 01:59
Yes, good to be on page 1, but what am I doing up at this time of day? :uhoh:

5th Dec 2008, 02:13
DX and TD - what about SWH2, MWH and BWH (Pep, Chick and Bandit - not to mention little Burli who at fifteen is a walking miracle of a Lancashire Heeler.

Bluey has a lot of teachers!

And to keep the feline contingent happy - there's Coco, Diz, Mog, Polly, and Tom batting for the other side.

You're never lonely here!

Black Pudding Stuffed Mushrooms - nearly time for a visit to Mr Thomas's Chop House on Cross St

A pint of Black Sheep and golden fried breadcrumbed black pudding and mash for starters and corned beef hash main - choost wonderful - and far, far better than it sounds! :ok:

Howard Hughes
5th Dec 2008, 02:30
That way, you can say "Oh yes darling,
Buster, I don't think I've ever used the word 'darling' in a sentence, not even where the Mrs is concerned...:ooh:

Buster Hyman
5th Dec 2008, 02:37
Don't let Captain Darling hear you say that!:=


Solid Rust Twotter
5th Dec 2008, 05:15
Aha! Found the champers and managed to float the new shed off the wharf I see.

Good solid honest grub, Mr TBird.:ok: None of this artsy three beans and a lark's tongue rubbish. Those who run establishments where diners are charged an arm and a leg for a lettuce leaf and an okapi eyebrow should be rounded up and made into sausages.

5th Dec 2008, 05:55
Rusty - - - back in t'old days pos!ing on a finished TRABB thread that was still open 'cos the mods hadn't got round to closing it used to be worth a week banning! :E

Of course, in the old days it wouldn't have been left open! ;)

Solid Rust Twotter
5th Dec 2008, 06:37
Quite so Mr Wholi.

Someone left the door open. Should have bolted it and hung a notice giving directions here. Least they could do would be to leave a trail of biscuit crumbs.

5th Dec 2008, 06:41
Berrrmp..licks thumb and turns over page....

5th Dec 2008, 06:43
Licks thumb again and trys once more....:hmm:

5th Dec 2008, 06:46
And of course somebody with a profoundly disturbed lifestyle is taking potshots at others who out of sheer laziness sleep beyond 5 AM? ;)

5th Dec 2008, 06:50
I like page 2. It's past the table of contents and where the story continues. :ok:

5th Dec 2008, 08:12
De zak van Sinterklaas..................... :}

5th Dec 2008, 08:32
Wandered into the old shed, only to find it cold and abandoned. There was this brown envelope lying in a corner, under a few fallen leaves and a broken mouse trap. I'll keep the contents myself, unless somebody claims it within the next three months.

west lakes
5th Dec 2008, 08:35
mushrooms stuffed with black pudding and stilton for starters.

Passable, though a real Bury Black Pudding with mustard is far superior!

tony draper
5th Dec 2008, 08:50
Morning peeps,cold and bright here,buggah another Scandyhooligan sneakin up me river five minutes ago,don't they have no shops in Scandyhooligia.:rolleyes:

5th Dec 2008, 09:00
I'm partial to Page 3, myself.:}

don't they have no shops in Scandyhooligia.

Must have had at one time. Looks like they then stuck 'em on spare hulls and floated them over here. Pretty ship, eh?:hmm:

An Aberdonian Black Pudding supper for me. Were it supper time. Were I in Aberdeen. Had I the choice.

Ah! I see that I can now ........

Smiley, happy people.


Anybody seen the ring?


5th Dec 2008, 09:03
Excellent! Another successful move accomplished. Now ... where are those new curtains for the shed?? :E

Rather be Gardening
5th Dec 2008, 09:07
Gosh, doesn't Captain Darling have a long neck? Wonder if his mummy was one of these ladies?


5th Dec 2008, 09:11
where are those new curtains for the shed??

Buggah! I thought you ordered a 'new shed for the curtains'. That'd be my fault then.

tony draper
5th Dec 2008, 09:13
Here's a proper ships curtain,called a deadlight,a thick disk of good stout steel that shut over the porthole,they have it upside down in this photy for some reason.

5th Dec 2008, 09:13
What I want to know is, did anybody remember to bring the corkscrew?

(No, corkscrew FSL, not thumbscrew).

I also want to know just how big Radz's kitchen is. :ooh:

Well, if in interview terms Long is Good, then it was a good interview - overran by about half an hour and we were still gabbing away then. TRAB force was clearly doing its best!


tony draper
5th Dec 2008, 10:13
One has discovered another ruse by which the long suffering citizens of this country are being ripped orf,"Shaving Foam",by cunningly installing propellant sufficient only to emit half the contents of the cannister they oblige us to go out and purchase another of their products,this is the second large can of shaving foam one has had to chuck out with at least by weight a third of its contents still inside refusing to come out.

5th Dec 2008, 10:20
Useful Tip No. 1: Try shaking the can first before you use it. Also, hold it upside down when ejecting foam (or Gel as the case may be).

5th Dec 2008, 10:22
Me sewing machine has been jinxed by the FSL Bluey... it won't let me sew the frilly pink curtains or the fluffy cushion covers.... :{

Jug of milk by the kettle? I say economical as it saves on leckitery as you don't open the fridge so often. Tha's ma story and I'm sticking to it.... :hmm:

5th Dec 2008, 10:24
it saves on leckitery as you don't open the fridge so often

but how will you know the light inside is off then??? :confused:

tony draper
5th Dec 2008, 10:25
Tried all that Mr B,don't work tiz a cynical rip orf I tells yer, as for shaving gel, one can't stand the stuff, tiz like slapping a dollop of freezing cold swamp slime on one's face.

5th Dec 2008, 10:31

tony draper
5th Dec 2008, 10:36
Yer also need one of these.
Only ever been shaved once wi a cutthroat,twer in Colombo in Ceylon(as was)twas a rather traumatic experience forra young lad, went into a Barber forra haircut they sat me in a chair and did the biz before one could raise a objection,they also polished me nails and told me fortune at the same time,service that was.
Cost about thrupence as I recalls

5th Dec 2008, 10:38
Or you could take tips from the masters of shaving (http://www.trumpers.com/shaving_tips.cfm) themselves....

green granite
5th Dec 2008, 10:44
Or grow a beard, much simpler. :)

DX Wombat
5th Dec 2008, 10:49
TBF, Bryn says he's very sorry but he couldn't remember everyone's names so he thought that saying:SWH, THRH, Bluey and Karma and any others he hasn't yet heard of. might have been acceptable.
TIC nice to see you still lurking. Bryn loves cats and is the only dog who gets on well with my friends' ancient and rather grumpy cat. :ok:I also want to know just how big Radz's kitchen isVERY! It's great but Radz or Wholi can describe it for you

Sailor Vee
5th Dec 2008, 10:52
All this talk of depilation.....

Shaving Ryan's privates......Meg in this case, please!

5th Dec 2008, 11:06
As usual, I make my customary post at the start of TRRBATP.... er.... TRRBT and leave :)

5th Dec 2008, 11:23
One uses a stick of Palmolive shaving soap and shaving brush Mr D. said stick costs about 70p and lasts about a year. Yer can also hide microfilm in the brush handle if needs be.:suspect:

Was beset by a cacophony of Labrador farts last night. :uhoh: Had to throw open all the doors and windows for ten minutes, twas a cold experience at 23.00. Can't figure what caused said salvos as they had the usual meals.:confused:

cockney steve
5th Dec 2008, 11:26
Re- RBG,s post#30
As a small boy I read about these exotic tribeswomen and how they had a ring added to their neck every year.....it took me many years to come to terms with the cruel fact that (unspecified) misdemeanours would mean the removal of the rings, whereupon the poor woman's neck would collapse and she would suffocate or starve to death.

I think in those days we called them "savages" :\

5th Dec 2008, 11:32
I know quite a few of the female gender that could
do with their necks wringing.

There;s a lot of room on this NEW TTRab site isn't there?

5th Dec 2008, 11:58
Bombay Duck, your adherence to TRRAB Tradition has been noted. :ok:
Ms Stock, how could they not hire you? They are not blind?
At my last interview we over ran the time slot by 20 mins. In animated conversation. T was for my current position. Over run is good I reckon.

Snowing horizontally here thanks to a sporting wind. Curious heaps of snow forming in the courtyard and white whirling dervishes to be seen from prooning chair. Snug as anything inside, current temp a toasty 23.7 C. (Wholi'd be in his speedos by now)
As mr40 has so far declined to show me how to work the dancing and singing blower apparatus, I happily do feel the obligation to go out and blow.
Snow you lot, snow!

Curious to see if we'll get away on time from the new regional airport tonight.
Curiouser to see if we'll get there on time.
No fancy Airport Express train and it really is snowing something formidable. :)

5th Dec 2008, 12:09
Interview overrun is very good, Stockie! :ok: Fnigers still corssed for you!

Cost about thrupence as I recalls ...
Goodness me, Mr. Draper ... I never thought you'd have been the man to throw yer hard-earned around in such a flashy manner!! How extravagant of you! :uhoh:

5th Dec 2008, 12:20
One is without the internet for a week (problem with the wi-fi thingy) and returns to find that we have moved yet again. The problem is that, like a new pair of shoes it will take a bit of time before it becomes comfy.

Only ever been shaved once wi a cutthroat,twer in Colombo in Ceylon

Had the cuthroat shave done in Bombay once by a blind barber. Seems that he was famous for giving a good shave and our agent in india dared me to have one. The barber sat in the open air with I don't know how many onlookers laughing at this idiot European about to be slaughtered. To say that I was nervous is a bit of an understatement, I was terrified. However, not a drop of blood was spilled and it turned out to be the best shave I have ever had. He even wrapped my face in hot towels after the shave. The only problem was that he insisted on daubing my face with his patent aftershave - it made me smell as if I had ben in a house of ill repute.

mr fish
5th Dec 2008, 12:28
us sweet light crude- can you taste the sugar???
also, asda brand peanut butter 93% peanuts, sunpat 94%, why does it taste so much better.
i'd have thorght 1% was just a variable???

5th Dec 2008, 13:03
'afternoon all - like the new accommodation. Wondered why our name has been abbreviated though - not sure being called "Really Really Boring" does us justice? :confused:

Does the new abode include water features like in the old days? One is tempted to recreate same.. one is in the mood for playing in water! :E

Radar what a beautiful ring!! Clearly the fates didn't want you to have the other one which did, on t'web at least, look very glam ... the perfect ring was waiting quietly for you to find it :ok:

Juud - please send some perfect Scandiwegian snow to the SE quadrant of YooKay please... apart from frost a few mornings we've only had sleety rain which is horrid!

5th Dec 2008, 13:06
Ooohh this is nice isn't it? A shiny new shed/boat combination.

Have had my nails (finger) painted in pink in it's honour.

5th Dec 2008, 13:07

tony draper
5th Dec 2008, 13:08
Oh Dear! some scallywags dressed up as ladies have nicked all the diamond rings from Paris.

5th Dec 2008, 13:10








runs off to check a certain jet fighter pilot's location... :uhoh:

5th Dec 2008, 13:12
Best place for a shave was Japan, nice young girls delicately wielding a cuthroat. You were always given a free neck shave as well.
Scariest shave ever was in italy when the barber suddenly got into an argument about football.Ears,nose, throat, the lot was in jeapardy the way he was moving his arms about..
Question for the Ladies. Grand daughter is 8 and is singing with massed school choirs next week, won't get home before 2300 so school is shut next morning to enable the kids to recover..Is this this the right thing to do??
Didn't happen in my day of course,but i am just a grumpy old sod..

5th Dec 2008, 13:26
And of course somebody with a profoundly disturbed lifestyle is taking potshots at others who out of sheer laziness sleep beyond 5 AM?

Naturally ....... and you would have been disappointed if I hadn't. And anyway, I have to do something to wake me up in the mornings.

(Hmmmmm - mebbe should re-think that sentence afore she sees it and makes a suggestion!)

5th Dec 2008, 13:40
Interview overrun is definitely a good sign, grounds to be optimistic there I think.

I wonder when Angels will be up to posting again? Hope all went well and he'll rejoin us fighting fit.

PPRuNe Radar
5th Dec 2008, 13:48
Curious to see if we'll get away on time from the new regional airport tonight.
Curiouser to see if we'll get there on time.
No fancy Airport Express train and it really is snowing something formidable.

Thank God for global warming ... otherwise you would have to find a way across the glacier to get to the airport ;)

5th Dec 2008, 13:53
Miserable weather here.
We had a mere dusting of snow a couple of days ago, and, despite the temperature having been 'above freezing' - and it has been sort of drizzling today there is still whiteness on roofs, walls and where there is shadow. No sun showing - it's just dreek . . .

5th Dec 2008, 13:58
And anyway, I have to do something to wake me up in the mornings.

I keep telling you! before you go to work, the wood needs cutting, the coal needs stockpiling, you still haven't finished the garage, there are bills to be paid, mothers to pacify, gardens to dig, machinery to mend, and we're out of vodka.

what the 'ell else do you need to wake you up in the mornings man?! :eek:

jeez.... and he pprunes instead! :ugh:


west lakes
5th Dec 2008, 13:59
and we're out of vodka

You've drunk it already:confused:

5th Dec 2008, 13:59
I see the wife-ishness is taking over . . .

5th Dec 2008, 14:01
23.7 C.Mrs B never lets it get that cold in our winter quarters.
- it made me smell as if I had ben in a house of ill reputeHow interesting; and what precisely, does such a place smell like? :oh:
Only ever been shaved once wi a cutthroat,twer in Colombo in Ceylon My fortnightly week-end routine upon the island of Borneo included a visit to the "Mamak"* barber shop in Jalan Aman (Peace Road) for a haircut, shave and massage. Nice haircut with an artistically wielded electric clipper, cut throat shave and a face full of scalding hot towels, followed by transferring to a couch to be beaten up by a large Indian fellow with a handlebar moustache. All accompanied to the background of a Bollywood movie (I love Bollywood movies) and a generous dollop of Bay Rum to finish off. Five Brunei Dollars plus tip makes it just under two quid.

* A polite Malay word for people of Indian origin, settled locally.

5th Dec 2008, 14:07

5th Dec 2008, 14:18
OJ gets sentenced today.

5th Dec 2008, 14:24
I pour my day's allocation of milk fer me tea in a little jug that stays by the kettle. Saves hiking across the kitchen to the fridge each time I have me cuppa.

Lazy or economical?

Neither. Grossly inefficient. But unavoidable in one of the female persuasion, so, forgivable. However, most right-thinking males would locate the kettle next to the fridge, thus minimising the travel time between appliances.

And - milk at room temperature??? :yuk: :yuk: :yuk:

5th Dec 2008, 14:26
How thoughtful of OJ to push "The Downturn" and that appalling woman who kidnapped her own daughter, off the news.

One ought never to put chilled milk in one's tea. It just isn't civilised. Room temperature dear fellow, always at room temperature, performed only when seated at the table and from a proper milk jug.

tony draper
5th Dec 2008, 15:14
One distinctly recalls hearing a snippet ont news about a bunch of blokes in drag stealling millions of diamonds in Paris,not a smigin more info since,weird, of course this does involve the Continent and err the French so will be considered of little interest to yer average Englishmen so it has prolly been replaced by some cat stuck up a tree story.

5th Dec 2008, 15:24
Quite, Blacksheep, quite.... :)

Oxtail stew stewing away in the oven for termorrer - stew always seems to taste so much better the day after? :confused:

So have whizzed up the remainings of last night lamb roast and am in the process of making rissoles - just waiting for the potatoes to cook. :ok:

Have been collecting all the vases and such like objects from around the house and piling them up by the kitchen doorway to move into the garage... tis a bit cold to cross the courtyard though. :O

5th Dec 2008, 15:27
From the Beeb,

"Armed robbers have stolen at least 80m euros ($102m, Ł70m) worth of jewels from one of Paris's most prestigious jewellery shops, police say.

As many as four robbers, two disguised as women, stormed Harry Winston's store near the Champs-Elysee and stole nearly all its valuables.

They spoke French and another language, seemed well informed and knew the names of some of the staff, police say.

The store was hit by another robbery almost 14 months ago.

Armed robbers then stole an estimated 10m euros ($13m) worth of valuables."

You weren't dreaming, Drapes !

tony draper
5th Dec 2008, 15:41
Damm! men dressed as women you say? our military will immediately come under suspicion.

5th Dec 2008, 15:45
Actually, it doesn't say they were men - just that they were disguised as women. They could have been chimpanzees, or highly-trained ninja mice.

5th Dec 2008, 15:49
they were disguised as women.

'Tweren't me. Alibi is ready!

tony draper
5th Dec 2008, 15:51
True ,of course this eliminates Frenchmen from the enquiries,it would be impossible to make them look pretty.

5th Dec 2008, 16:03
The JB clock is definitely on the sauce. It says I posted that last one at 07:59. 'Twas 15:59 here at the time.

The Pooterforum one is OK. The Private Flying forum is off the air altogether.

I reckon the gremlins have hacked the Towers.

5th Dec 2008, 16:04
I keep telling you! before you go to work, the wood needs cutting, the coal needs stockpiling, you still haven't finished the garage, there are bills to be paid, mothers to pacify, gardens to dig, machinery to mend, and we're out of vodka.

what the 'ell else do you need to wake you up in the mornings man?!

jeez.... and he pprunes instead!

Oh my God - - - - - I've created a monster by proposing!!!!

5th Dec 2008, 16:13
Check your seat Wholi, is there a handle to pull do you have control?

5th Dec 2008, 16:14
People that keep milk in a jug outside the fridge should
be aware that milk absorbs about 10,000 bacteria per
second when it's open to room temperature.
Just thought I'd drop that snippet in. :sad:

5th Dec 2008, 16:29
Doesn't that depend on the ambient temperature (and the environment)?
ie whether it is a cow-shed or an operating theatre

5th Dec 2008, 16:30
Nowt wrong with that Norm, its called cheese innit?

5th Dec 2008, 17:02
I won't be dropping in for a cup of tea then Gainsey!

The ambient temp IS a factor.

PS Rennit is used to make cheese, NOT airborne bugs.

5th Dec 2008, 17:10
and pouring it into a steamingly hot mug of tea will nuke most of those bacteri!

as it has been said before, it also depends on the type of milk you use, pasteurised, etc etc... we likes this 'un.


tastes great and also has the bonus of lasting so much longer than 'normal' milk. :ok:

5th Dec 2008, 17:11
Been waitin for days and missed it. When's the next page one due?

tony draper
5th Dec 2008, 18:44
I only use the proper full cream blue top stuff the rest is watery shite,IMHO of course, and there's nowt wrong wi a few germs, toughen yer up they do
Surrounded by horribleness weatherwise here damp old wet miserable and freeing rain,, think one would rather hae good honest snow.

5th Dec 2008, 19:21
Why do the contents of an opened packet of Frozen Peas decide to make a remake of the Great Escape the moment it is liberated from the freezer?

Yeah Yeah, just done it:cool:

tony draper
5th Dec 2008, 19:31
Buggah! so-e of the keys on one's keyboard thingy ha-e eased to fun-tion one shall ha-e to repla-e -issing letters with a - thingy
I kid you not

think one has a spare wireless keyboard about the pla-e so-ewhere.

tony draper
5th Dec 2008, 20:16
Right situation rectified,ran into neighbor whilst SWH walking he has lent me his spare keyboard,one shall repair to the puter emporium on the morrow and purchase a new one for meself,more dammed expense, they cost about four pounds.

5th Dec 2008, 20:32
Why do the contents of an opened packet of Frozen Peas decide to make a remake of the Great Escape the moment it is liberated from the freezer?
Cos them's escapeas.:hmm:

5th Dec 2008, 20:37
Good one, Thread! :D

5th Dec 2008, 21:29
Thread :D
To be fair I think I should have said 'why does the content' etc


and as previous posts have advised, boiled the survivors to within an inch of their lives to ensure death to bugs...

5th Dec 2008, 21:50
Never guess what's on the box. This was not from the film but perhaps a theme from the film. It's a variant I'd never seen before.


Yeager had to eject then parachute from his NF-104 Starfighter with a R-2 rocket engine in the tail when he pushed it to the edge of space (110,000 feet+) and beyond its flight "envelope" to try to beat the Russian record while at the Test Pilots School at Edwards AFB.

Solid Rust Twotter
5th Dec 2008, 21:50
Cos them's escapeas.

Bang your head on the floor until you're forgiven, Mr Baron....:suspect:

5th Dec 2008, 22:20
In his 'own' words
over the top at 104.000 feet
spinning like a record on a turntable
fourteen flat spins until impact on the desert floor
I punched out - I hated losing an expensive airplane, but I couldn't think of anything else to do


tony draper
5th Dec 2008, 22:27
Hmmm,one thinks this new keyboard is French,it has two escape keys.:rolleyes:

5th Dec 2008, 22:54
Just had din dins.
Off back to ye Olde Englande tomorrow. (Sat)


5th Dec 2008, 23:10
I love it. She rarely tells us where she is (renditions, rock stars (there aren't any left))?, but somewhere in Europe or New Extended Europe is a good bet until she gets the 7X to play with.

Come on, at least tell us what the din dins were and how fabulous it was or wasn't.

Off to restaurant with a couple of folks for Risotto with portobello mushrooms, parmigiano reggiano and fresh peas. A Chenin Blanc perhaps.

Tirimisu. Ice wine.

tony draper
5th Dec 2008, 23:15
Keep yer eye on those feckin peas.:rolleyes:

the incivil beast
5th Dec 2008, 23:17
One thunk 'tis already time to wish Juud
(be she in already Poland or still in Scandihooligania or even inbetween)

Boldog születésnapot
Isten éltessen sokáig!

5th Dec 2008, 23:41
Here, here!! :D:D:D

I have no idea what that means, but I'm guessing it involves the anniversary date of her trip around the sun.

6th Dec 2008, 00:57
Nobody tell MOL about this (http://www.theonion.com:80/content/news/american_airlines_now_charging).

6th Dec 2008, 01:00



6th Dec 2008, 01:02
Nobody tell MOL about this (http://www.theonion.com/content/news/american_airlines_now_charging).

"Ooh, shur, Marge. Yoo betchya. That's legit". :rolleyes: :hmm:

6th Dec 2008, 01:58
Oooh! Is it Mamasan's buffday?

Happy birthday, feliz wotsit, Bonne Annithingy, Beste Glückwünsche!

6th Dec 2008, 03:13
Tilykke med din Fřdselsdag, Mme Juud . . .

Solid Rust Twotter
6th Dec 2008, 05:06
Gelukkige Verjaarsdag, Mme Juud!:ok:

May the G&Ts flow like water while you get your feet up.

6th Dec 2008, 07:24
Happy birthday Juud, have a wonderful day :ok:

RT, relax, just been in Lisboa for a week. Doing stuff in the office and din dins was at a Jap resty with a friend. :}

6th Dec 2008, 07:26
Lekker verjaar, Juud!!


tony draper
6th Dec 2008, 09:09
Morning peeps and a HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MAMASAN JUDD :ok:
Speaking of days a fine bright one has dawned here and quite mild as well.

6th Dec 2008, 10:38

Beautiful day here too, cold, but crisp and blue. Just like Winter should be. Will be breaking out the decorations here later. :ok:

Lon More
6th Dec 2008, 10:48
Hippy Birdday, Madame Pink

Is it a co-incidence?


6th Dec 2008, 11:26
Happy Birthday Mamasan Juud.:ok:

Just took the dogs for their annual jabs. Chaos.

"Sniff, sniff, snuffle, sniff". :suspect:

"Er, would you like to go in now before the bunny has a heart attack?":)

6th Dec 2008, 11:44
Our Border Terrier has picked up a skin infection and needs to have an anti-bacterial shampoo twice a week. The instructions say to work the shampoo into the coat and make the dog stand still for ten minutes before rinsing.

How the Ł!&* do I do that?

6th Dec 2008, 11:55
Ah ha, one of man's unanswered questions.

Hold an 8 oz steak in front of his nose and say stayyyy...stayyy...stayy...I said stay damnit.

Or if in Normandy - Restez ici s'il vous plait.

6th Dec 2008, 12:03
Happy Birthday Juud.


6th Dec 2008, 12:14

Without wishing to be overly pedantic, if we're going to use furrin' let's at least get the furrin' right, what say, old chap? :ok:

Off to restaurant with a couple of folks for Risotto with portobello mushrooms, parmigiana reggiano and fresh peas.

parmigianO, RT, parmigianO (when referring to the cheese. You can have Melanzane alla parmigianA, but this has nothing to do with parmigianO). Sorry, half Italian. :p

Also Restez ici s'il vous plais.

Close, but it should be: "restez-ici, s'il vous plaît" Sorry, lived in ELLX too long... :p

Right, off to the rant threat to put St. Nicholas / Sinterklaas / de Kleeschen back in his place :suspect:

6th Dec 2008, 12:25
Fixed the French. what do you expect from an English-Canadian? Better than Stephane Dion's Hinglish.

Italian........ fixed. I am surprised how folks pronounce Calzone. Badly. Did I get reggiano right?

6th Dec 2008, 12:38
Reggiano looks good, RT :ok: Emphasis on the second syllable reg-GIA-no.

Calzone- Hmmm, phonetically I would venture cal-TSOE-nay, that should do the business :ok:

Stéphane Dion :confused: Who he:confused:

Céline Dion I have heard of, possibly even heard... But Stéphane?


6th Dec 2008, 12:44
Leader of the Opposition in parliament in Canada. Well now seems to be former leader. The utter Prat.

Calzone...as spelt...from New York experiences ...no accents on last letter. CalZONE although there do seem to be different linguistic differences.

green granite
6th Dec 2008, 12:47

6th Dec 2008, 13:18
There seems to be a bit of a kerfuffle in Canada right now, politically speaking... To be honest I have not really been following the debate, and I am utterly ignorant about the issue(s) :(

6th Dec 2008, 13:51
You want to stay that way:ugh:

Lon More
6th Dec 2008, 14:41
It's bad enough when the English language police drop in but the French and Italian ones can ferk right off:p

6th Dec 2008, 15:07
A Christmas tradition. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NQkF7fpw-wI)

6th Dec 2008, 15:11


6th Dec 2008, 17:09
Happy Birthday, Juud!!

luv brockie

PS I did try to post a pic of a fab cake I "found" for you but sadly the pic wouldn't show up... here is the link anyway
http://engagedemily.files.wordpress.com/2008/08/polka-cake.jpg :ok:

Lon More
6th Dec 2008, 17:32
After the fiasco round Lapland New Forest (http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/england/dorset/7765080.stm) , Lapland W. Midlands (http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/england/staffordshire/7768957.stm) also seems to have gone Pete Tong

Merry Christmas rip-off

6th Dec 2008, 17:55
Send em all to Canada.

PS. Juud.
Van hartelijke geefeliciteerd met uw verjaardag!!!!! :ok::ok::ok::ok::ok:

tony draper
6th Dec 2008, 18:15
I dunno, we find these countries explore them, civilize the natives settle em build railways and such then we hand em over to the colonists and they make a right arse of running em.
Been a funny sort of day today,one shall not elaborate cept to say it's been a funny sort of day.

6th Dec 2008, 18:58
Bang your head on the floor until you're forgiven, Mr Baron....
I did, I did, Rusty. But then you let Father D get away with this ...
Hmmm,one thinks this new keyboard is French, it has two escape keys.'Snot fair I tell you. It's not fair.:=

That aside:

Happenstantlich Geburstentag, Mamasan.

6th Dec 2008, 19:53

6th Dec 2008, 20:01
I heard today that Robert Mugabe is to make a formal
application for residential rights in the U.K.
Has to get himself out of the SH*T somehow!

Takan Inchovit
6th Dec 2008, 20:19
Was clearing some old text messages off my phone yesterday. I found one msg that I just couldn't clear ... "Love u a million red m n ms" ... it was from my youngest daughter and will remain in my phone till the day it dies. :)

6th Dec 2008, 20:36
Er see the Karen Matthews thread??:p

6th Dec 2008, 22:43
It's a tram kind of day



Lon More
6th Dec 2008, 22:58

Dunfermlie & District Trams lined up "out of service" near Hill o'Beath

6th Dec 2008, 23:39
we find these countries explore them, civilize the natives

What went wrong in Sunderland, then, Drapes?



7th Dec 2008, 00:42
Grand day here in Crackers, totally relaxed :ok: Good food, good friends, good wx, good fun good everything. No1Child has never in her life been as kind as this. She gave us her bed, freshly made with clean sheets and fluffed up downies, 2 clean towels and facecloths ready, clean appartment an she decamped to her spare mattress. I don´t know what´s cone over her, but she´s been a pleasure to be around. Dinner with our friends and hers, civilised, conversation, lovely champers and lots of laughter. :ok::ok:

And as cherry on the cake a whole TRRAB page of birthday wishes from you lot. How nice is that? Yes they are cheesy and loud and silly and pink and I love em!!! Thank you all so much.

7th Dec 2008, 06:25
They asked me how I knew,
My true love was true,
I of course replied something here inside cannot be denied,
They said, someday you'll find all that love are blind,
When your heart's on fire you must realize,
Smoke gets in your eyes.

tony draper
7th Dec 2008, 09:06
Morning peeps another bright cold one here, finish this coffee and ciggy then orf to me Park wi hound,well wrapped up of course.
Roast beef today,just as well it weren't pork.:uhoh:

7th Dec 2008, 10:27
Bloody freezing here again. :ok: Clear and blue. Love it!

Christmas tree installed and decorated. Turns out that the poor angel for the top is rather dwarfed by the monster tree we seem to have purchased this year. :bored:

7th Dec 2008, 10:35
No1Child has never in her life been as kind as this. She gave us her bed, freshly made with clean sheets and fluffed up downies, 2 clean towels and facecloths ready, clean appartment an she decamped to her spare mattress. I don´t know what´s cone over her, but she´s been a pleasure to be around.
A daughter sooner or later always ends up being like her mother, they say ;)

7th Dec 2008, 10:38
A daughter sooner or later always ends up being like her mother, they say

Oh my golly gosh ----- tell me it isn't true - please tell me it isn't true!?!?!?!


7th Dec 2008, 11:04
Sorry my friend but the older she gets the more i think it is true. I was unusual in having a MIL who i liked and always took my side of the argument, few and far between they are....

tony draper
7th Dec 2008, 11:23
The Shields Ferry in bright sunshine,the navigating officer has a good number on that.

7th Dec 2008, 12:35
:confused: the title of this thread seems to have expanded a bit from the original.. :confused:

Beautiful sunny frosty day here. Which is why we have the fire roaring away and the Wii at full blast! :ok:

Might indulge in a few outer pyromaniac tendencies in a while though. :E

7th Dec 2008, 14:17
the title of this thread seems to have expanded a bit from the original..

And so it jolly well should! Can't allow standards to slip on a thread with the long heritage of TRRBATPSOIT, doncha know! 'Lite' titles indeed! The very idea!

Harrrumph, bah, grumble etc.


7th Dec 2008, 14:43
Glad to see our name has been restored! T'was disconcerting to be so abbreviated :E

News from spaceweather is of a superbolide... yeps, didn't know what that was meself so read further

Last night, Dec. 6th at 1:06 a.m. MST, a meteor of stunning brightness lit up the skies of Colorado. Astronomer Chris Peterson photographed the event using a dedicated all-sky meteor camera in the town of Guffey, near Colorado Springs

Fireballs this bright belong to a rare category of meteors called superbolides. They are caused by small asteroids measuring a few to 10 meters in diameter and massing hundreds of metric tons. Superbolides trigger seismic detectors on the ground, produce waves of infrasound that can travel thousands of miles, and they are tracked by military satellites scanning Earth for nuclear explosions. Recent examples include the El Paso fireball of 1997 and the Slovenian Superbolide of 2007.

Last night's fireball is on the low end of the superbolide scale. Nevertheless, it was still a beauty and likely peppered the ground with meteorites when it exploded.

hmmmmm I attempted to include a pic but again it wouldn't display. Please will someone tell me what I need to do to settings to fix this?

Here is the url of the animation anyway:

http://www.spaceweather.com/swpod2008/06dec08/Chris-Peterson1_strip.gif (http://www.spaceweather.com/swpod2008/06dec08/Chris-Peterson1_strip.gif)

7th Dec 2008, 15:16
As for second course at lunch. Lady G served Sticky Chocolate Pudding , this came from a well known super market. It has some how affected my legs......

7th Dec 2008, 15:25
Some residents in Walton-on-the-Naze in Essex have been forbidden to erect a Christmas Tree on the seafront on health & safety grounds.

7th Dec 2008, 15:36
The only places for Christmas trees, are on the route that guides the good folk home from the pub. Put in the wrong place these multi lamped beacons could have the unwary walk into the sea.
Tell me Frostbite, do we have a duty of care not to waste electricity?

Rather be Gardening
7th Dec 2008, 16:50
Afternoon all,

Had a lovely day yesterday splitting logs and filling up the logshed ready for sister and family to arrive from Oz next week, for a month's visit. Can't wait to see them again. Then the gas fitter arrived, to fit this:

Halfway through the job, he suggested I might want to send it back.

To cut a long story short, it's from John Lewis, it's a month and a half late, the cooker hood ordered at the same time isn't here, and the bloody thing is defective - oven shelves don't fit and the door handles are loose. I shall be making my feelings plain to Customer Services tomorrow :*. Whatever happened to quality control?????

7th Dec 2008, 17:23
Bummer! Very frustrating for you.

Bloke's on his way home from the LCOT. :ok:

My turn Mon week... :bored:

Beatriz Fontana
7th Dec 2008, 18:57
Bit of a lonesome day today so attacked the garden. Veg patch was like concrete. Dug the new rockery, though. Looking good, but don't my shoulders know it.

Fourteen days to Yuletide!

7th Dec 2008, 19:15
The chicken I put in the oven for dinner appears larger now it is cooked!

Should this happen?:ooh:

7th Dec 2008, 19:25
The chicken I put in the oven for dinner appears larger now it is cooked!

Should this happen?

Hmm, no it should not. Unless......did you put stuffing in the chicken?

tony draper
7th Dec 2008, 19:39
Speaking of roasts,Nephew his lady wife accompanied by SRH appeared for Sunday Lunch next door today, we are all at table troughing of roast beef yorkshire puddings and such when aforementioned SRH came scultting in from kitchen at a high rate of knots and fled behind settee,sounds of much gnawing arose from behind said settee,investigation reveals a SRH paying attention to remains of a large joint of roast beef,SIL had forgotten that SRH is a lot taller than SWH and with a little effort can reach the top a work top.
Bro Draper is not chuffed as he is fond of cold roast beef on a Monday,SWH however has a smile on his face for he knows the roast beef remains will be his tomorrow as he does not mind a little carpet fluff and teeth marks on his lunch.
One suspects SWH put SRH up to it her being young and foolish.

7th Dec 2008, 20:02
:hmm: The old switch-the-chicken-in-the-oven scam....the oldest trick in the book...

Takan Inchovit
7th Dec 2008, 20:14
The chicken I put in the oven for dinner appears larger now it is cooked!

I usually remove the plastic bag with the giblets outa the chooks before cooking.

Whiskey Kilo Wanderer
7th Dec 2008, 20:37
… seeks warm and comfortable corner in the TRRAB House. Apprenticeship served with nose against the window of the two previous incarnations of this esteemed Establishment.


tony draper
7th Dec 2008, 20:53
Most welcome Mr Wanderer,but one requests that if you a young person you must desist from shouting waving your arms about singing whistling spitting or running around the place in a loud manner or doing stuff on the bulkhead wi cans of spray paint.

7th Dec 2008, 21:26
Will we allow him to check navigation, keep crows out of the nest and oil the bosuns chair. Or does the FSL have other duties for our guest?
Been outside I have, chilly and ideal for staying in.

tony draper
7th Dec 2008, 21:31
He will have to take his turn at the good stuff of course just like everybody else. :E
Hmmmm,I can't figure out whether that Louis Theroux is a total idiot or if part of it is a act.:uhoh:

7th Dec 2008, 21:41
I want to know what happened to the chicken?

green granite
7th Dec 2008, 21:43
It got to the other side, but couldn't remember why it was there so it crossed back again.

Whiskey Kilo Wanderer
7th Dec 2008, 21:47
I regret that I’m not particularly young, but am much averse to any running around (or even aground).

Having followed a kindred trade to Capt’n Draper, I’ll be happy to do Morning & Evening Stars as part of the navigation duties. Although can not always be relied upon to be on the bridge wing in time for the morning ones…


7th Dec 2008, 22:02
I want to know what happened to the chicken?

Mrs IB and I, plus the dogs ate half of it. Tasty it were with roast spuds, carrots, broccoli, Yorkshire puds and gravy. :)

The other half is now in the fridge, for doing something with tomorrow.

Tis handy, as it´s a public hollier and nowhere open.

7th Dec 2008, 22:45
Fanging for a roast now. :\

Howard Hughes
8th Dec 2008, 00:28
Yorkshire puds
Now does anyone have a decent Yorkshire Pud recipe?

Mum used to make nice light airy Yorkshire puds, everytime I have tried they turn out flat and uninspiring, any help would be appreciated, haven't had a decent Yorksire for years...:{

8th Dec 2008, 00:38
Welcome, WKW ... always good to have an intake of fresh bl ... err, meet new friends. Come in out of the cold and make yourself at home. :ok:

I want to know what happened to the chicken? Chickens and their mysterious ways have confused and intrigued people for thousands of years, Con. From the time an early cave man first tapped into his lightly-boiled egg (in the blue and white striped egg cup) and thought to himself, "I wonder which came first ... the chicken or the egg?" to the more complex questions about poultry that are posed by the deep thinkers of today. Regardless of the great minds that have wrestled with the problem, the question has never been solved as to why chickens suffer from a dreadful compulsion to cross roads.

But there are some very interesting theories ...

Plato: For the greater good.

Karl Marx: It was an historical inevitability.

Machiavelli: So that its subjects will view it with admiration,
as a chicken which has the daring and courage to
boldly cross the road, but also with fear, for whom
among them has the strength to contend with such a
paragon of avian virtue? In such a manner is the
princely chicken's dominion maintained.

Hippocrates: Because of an excess of light pink gooey stuff in its

Jacques Derrida: Any number of contending discourses may be discovered
within the act of the chicken crossing the road, and
each interpretation is equally valid as the authorial
intent can never be discerned, because structuralism

Thomas de Torquemada: Give me ten minutes with the chicken and I'll find out.

Timothy Leary: Because that's the only kind of trip the Establishment
would let it take.

Douglas Adams: Forty-two.

Nietzsche: Because if you gaze too long across the Road, the Road
gazes also across you.

Oliver North: National Security was at stake.

B.F. Skinner: Because the external influences which had pervaded its
sensorium from birth had caused it to develop in such a
fashion that it would tend to cross roads, even while
believing these actions to be of its own free will.

Carl Jung: The confluence of events in the cultural gestalt
necessitated that individual chickens cross roads at
this historical juncture, and therefore
synchronicitously brought such occurrences into being.

Jean-Paul Sartre: In order to act in good faith and be true to itself,
the chicken found it necessary to cross the road.

Ludwig Wittgenstein: The possibility of "crossing" was encoded into the
objects "chicken" and "road", and circumstances came
into being which caused the actualization of this
potential occurrence.

Albert Einstein: Whether the chicken crossed the road or the road crossed
the chicken depends upon your frame of reference.

Aristotle: To actualize its potential.

Buddha: If you ask this question, you deny your own chicken-

Howard Cosell: It may very well have been one of the most astonishing
events to grace the annals of history. An historic,
unprecedented avian biped with the temerity to attempt
such an herculean achievement formerly relegated to
homo sapien pedestrians is truly a remarkable occurence.

Salvador Dali: The Fish.

Darwin: It was the logical next step after coming down from
the trees.

Emily Dickinson: Because it could not stop for death.

Epicurus: For fun.

Ralph Waldo Emerson: It didn't cross the road; it transcended it.

Johann von Goethe: The eternal hen-principle made it do it.

Ernest Hemingway: To die. In the rain.

Werner Heisenberg: We are not sure which side of the road the chicken
was on, but it was moving very fast.

David Hume: Out of custom and habit.

Jack Nicholson: 'Cause it (censored) wanted to. That's the (censored)

Pyrrho the Skeptic: What road?

Ronald Reagan: I forget.

John Sununu: The Air Force was only too happy to provide the
transportation, so quite understandably the chicken
availed himself of the opportunity.

The Sphinx: You tell me.

Mr. T: If you saw me coming you'd cross the road too!

Henry David Thoreau: To live deliberately ... and suck all the marrow
out of life.

Mark Twain: The news of its crossing has been greatly exaggerated.

Molly Yard: It was a hen!

Zeno of Elea: To prove it could never reach the other side.

Chaucer: So priketh hem nature in hir corages.

Wordsworth: To wander lonely as a cloud.

The Godfather: I didn't want its mother to see it like that.

Keats: Philosophy will clip a chicken's wings.

Blake: To see heaven in a wild fowl.

Othello: Jealousy.

Dr Johnson: Sir, had you known the Chicken for as long as I have,
you would not so readily enquire, but feel rather the
Need to resist such a public Display of your own
lamentable and incorrigible Ignorance.

Mrs Thatcher: This chicken's not for turning.

Supreme Soviet: There has never been a chicken in this photograph.

Oscar Wilde: Why, indeed? One's social engagements whilst in
town ought never expose one to such barbarous
inconvenience - although, perhaps, if one must cross a
road, one may do far worse than to cross it as the
chicken in question.

Kafka: Hardly the most urgent enquiry to make of a low-grade
insurance clerk who woke up that morning as a hen.

Swift: It is, of course, inevitable that such a loathsome,
filth-ridden and degraded creature as Man should assume
to question the actions of one in all respects his

Macbeth: To have turned back were as tedious as to go o'er.

Whitehead: Clearly, having fallen victim to the fallacy of
misplaced concreteness.

Freud: An die andere Seite zu kommen. (Much laughter)

Hamlet: That is not the question.

Donne: It crosseth for thee.

Pope: It was mimicking my Lord Hervey.

Constable: To get a better view.

My money's on Jack Nicholson!! :ok: :uhoh: :)

8th Dec 2008, 00:59
It saw Gregory Peck? :hmm:

8th Dec 2008, 01:21
Yer couldnt fool me I'd know I was stuck on a hairyplane :uhoh:

Inside Emirates' A380 (http://www.smh.com.au/photogallery/travel/inside-emirates-a380/20081113-5y0n.html)

henry crun
8th Dec 2008, 02:16
Howard, my mum, who made the most scrumptious yorkies you could ever wish to eat, said that the secret was in having the fat/oil at the right temperature.

I take it you know to put a little fat/oil in each pan dimple where you will put the batter, the oven must be hot enough to make that oil smoke.
She did not have any of the modern oils and used old fashioned dripping.

Having passed on that nugget of info, I will confess that having tried to follow what she told me, mine are still so hopeless I have given up.

8th Dec 2008, 02:45
Here ya go Howie

1 cup plain flour
2 eggs
1 cup milk
salt & pepper

Mix well

Get 12 hole muffin pan, spray each hole with olive oil spray (stay with me here for a minute) & put pan in hot oven ~ 220C for about 10 min.

Take pan out of oven, spoon pud mix evenly into holes, replace pan in oven.

Less than 20 min @<hidden> 220C (fan forced oven) = light & fluffy puds.

As Henry's mum said, trick is in hot oil in pan, the olive oil spray I use is just easier to handle. Don't use canola or other veg oil sprays (can't stand the smell of canola)

tony draper
8th Dec 2008, 08:40
Alternatively one can wander to the corner shop and purchase a bag of Aunt Bessies ready made yorkies,pop em int oven for five minutes and bobs yer uncle,for in truth they are as good as any one has tasted and one makes a mean yorkshire pud oneself.
Raining gray and horrible here.:(

8th Dec 2008, 08:52
Good Morning one and all.
Clouds coming in, obscuring the blue. QFE one zero two three, thus folks it's time for tea.

8th Dec 2008, 08:54
gupta! :yuk::yuk::yuk:

1 pound plain flour
1 pint milk
8 eggs
a good splodge of beef dripping.

Fold the eggs roughly into the flour, adding milk a bit at a time, whisk with a traditional egg whisk. Not too fine, the mixture should ideally be a bit lumpy as the next step fixes the lumps. Over-doing the beating means the Yorkies won't rise properly.

Cover the bowl with a damp cloth and rest for at least an hour, but preferably overnight. (You can drink a couple of pints of Blacksheep Ale while you wait.)

Put dollops of beef dripping in each of the indentations in a couple of proper yorkshire pudding trays and place in a hot oven - 220° C (or even better 428°F) until the dripping is smoking hot. Spoon dollops of the mixture into the indentations - quickly before the dripping cools - and bung the tray back in the oven. Turn down the heat to 190°C and leave for 25 minutes (absolutely no peeking!) then remove from the oven and eat the puddings. You can have roast beef and vegetables and gravy with them if you like, or you can fill them with T&L's Golden Syrup or whatever, but they're a meal unto themselves are proper Yorkies... :ok:

tony draper
8th Dec 2008, 09:04
Bit of a traffic snarl up here,:uhoh:

8th Dec 2008, 09:10
Brrr, just went out for a ciggie. 17F here, wind chill makes it 0F (thats -18C in new money)

8th Dec 2008, 09:13
Bit of a traffic snarl up hereThat's what comes of driving on the wrong side of the road. ;)

8th Dec 2008, 10:32
Went to fatten up the ducks again yesterday. Was stunningly beautiful and guess who didn't take the camera. DOH!

WX a bit yucky here today so think we'll stay in. Especially since we have the discourtesy mobile on the drive. Took my Jeep for it's LPG conversion and they've given us some manner of rover, with no radio and manual windows! :eek:

8th Dec 2008, 10:49
Yorkshire Puds made with olive oil?:yuk:

I'm going for a lie down.

tony draper
8th Dec 2008, 11:16
Week in the stocks being pelted wi shite for that up here.:uhoh::rolleyes:

8th Dec 2008, 11:50
It IS difficult to get your hands on some decent dripping
nowadays though.
Used to love the stuff on hot toast when I was a nipper.

8th Dec 2008, 12:26
Alternatively one can wander to the corner shop and purchase a bag of Aunt Bessies ready made yorkies

Couldn't bring myself to do that. My Aunt Bessie was a good cook until it came to anything to do with flour. Her Yorkshire Puddings were as heavy as bricks and just as tough.

A proper YP is great as a starter with gravy or a dessert with something sweet/fruity. My favourite is Raspberry Vinegar (well it was when I was a nipper).

tony draper
8th Dec 2008, 12:40
One favors onion yorkies wi roast beef,a sprinkle of chopped up onion in the bottom of the yorkie molds when the fat is smoking hot, back in to oven for a minute then pour in the batter,spiffingly good.:ok:

8th Dec 2008, 13:31
Bit of a traffic snarl up here

Makes one wonder who it was sitting in the lone car ahead of those who had turned off.. would make a good caption competition! :ok: One is hopeless at such things, but something along the lines of cabbage and farting might work?

Hmmmmm yorkies... haven't tried making em with gluten free flour but as my choc chip cookies are good maybe I should try a yorkie recipe using the bread mix and see what happens ::thinks::

Reddo - didja say your LCOT is in two weeks? that's Christmas week... how rotten!! Where will you have to go for it this time?

8th Dec 2008, 13:45
Only ever make Yorkshire puddings when the Memsahib
forgets to buy the Aunt Bessie's version.

8th Dec 2008, 13:52
I likes 'em dinner plate size, filled with mince & onions, poured over 'mash'.

Expl. Mash - one heap of creamed potatoes, and a second heap of swede and carrots, mashed with a dollop of butter.

tony draper
8th Dec 2008, 13:52
I likes me yorkies well done and crunchy and those Aunt Bessie ones go nice and crunchy if left int oven a minute or two longer than suggested.
Aunt Bessie also makes large diameter one's (about eight inches)these are spiffing filled wi mince and tatters or a good beef stew.
Snap Mr B.:ok:

8th Dec 2008, 13:59
Gas Mk 8, 7-8 mins! :ok:

8th Dec 2008, 14:06
Brrr, just went out for a ciggie. 17F hereWhich reminds me that we haven't heard from angels in a while. I hope his gall bladder extraction went OK.

8th Dec 2008, 14:55
Thought I would come here for assistance from you lot, your fish puns will be more than welcome here if you will... http://www.pprune.org/private-flying/351598-tigers-kids-charity-6.html
(scroll down obviously....)
Thanks. :)

8th Dec 2008, 15:28

TBF passed. :D I go in next week. :bored: Should be fun. :ok:

green granite
8th Dec 2008, 16:35
Thought I would come here for assistance from you lot, (tigers for kids) your fish puns will be more than welcome here if you will

It's not going to lock up this forum is it? :E

I like the batter cooked over a layer of golden syrup

8th Dec 2008, 17:50
Aunt Bessie does some nice roast taters as well. These and the puds certainly cut down on the labour when the hordes come for Sunday roast. A nearby Pub did the large puds with mince filling, very popular. Then it changed hands.............

Whiskey Kilo Wanderer
8th Dec 2008, 18:04
All this talk about Auntie Bessie’s inspired me to dig some out of the freezer. Now replete after Yorkies and sausage casserole. :ok:

tony draper
8th Dec 2008, 18:30
Never had a great deal of success roasting tatters,one agrees, Aunt Bessies roasties are first class,nowt wrong wi convenience foods when they do the job.

8th Dec 2008, 18:49
My roast taters used to not be very crispy but I now get em pretty right almost every time. This is how.

Peel taters, cut into similar size shapes (not too big, not too small) or leave em whole if the taters aren't very big to start with.

Steam them in the microwave for 7mins.. this will get the taters a little cooked.

Place on a pre-heated roasting tin, drizzle over a little dripping or olive oil - don't, whatever you do cover all sides 'cos I used to do this and it leaves em soft!

Put in reasonably hot oven (if a joint is already cooking that temp is fine).

After five minutes turn them to prevent em sticking. Then just keep an eye on em... in about 20mins they should be golden and beginning to crisp on edges...turn again if you want. :ok:

EAT!! hehehehe :E

8th Dec 2008, 19:04
I think the time is right for Walmart stores in the antipodes.

tony draper
8th Dec 2008, 19:11
Do you have Woolworths in Podlonia Captain Tin?:)
My favorite shop in sproghood was Bagnall and Kirkwoods Gun Shop,practically a fixture there me and me gang were.
One used to lust after the Ruger Single Six they had in the window.

Solid Rust Twotter
8th Dec 2008, 19:12

Why would one wear an S10 ressie while skydiving?

8th Dec 2008, 19:27
We do have Woolies Mr D indeed
They do sell firewater to the indians but not six shooters

8th Dec 2008, 19:30
You lot are brilliant, thank you very much!! :D :D

Solid Rust Twotter
8th Dec 2008, 19:38
Probably easier to don the S10 under canopy. You're on O2 on a HALO jump in any case. Static line deployment would mean a belly wart reserve so no worries there if you want to don it in the aircraft, except for confusion regarding checks and commands muffled by the filter.

tony draper
8th Dec 2008, 19:39
One desired that one because we could lay out hands on any amount of .22 rimfire, 357 was hard to come by in Gateshead in the fifties,we did manage to scrape together three rounds of 9mill parabellum to test fire the Schmeisser out in the woods,BARP!!! it went and they were gone,well it were more like BAP!!
Sprogs could do that kind of thing when we was youngins.

"Just going to the woods to test fire me Schmeisser mam, I managed to find some ammo"
"Ok but put yer scalf on it's cold and don't be late back for yer tea"

tony draper
8th Dec 2008, 20:40
Bah! in my day anything under 10,000 the Paras didn't even bother wi a chute.
Some nice pickies for Madam Brokey.
New Page 1 (http://www.greatdanepro.com/Blue%20Bueaty/index.htm).

8th Dec 2008, 20:41
Extract from a letter from my maternal Grandfather to my aunt dated May 19, 1910. He had just become an "Investigative Reporter" on the San Antonio, Texas, Light & Gazette newspaper at the time.

So far no shooting but some threats. .... One of the reporters came in the other day telling that the mayor's sons were planning to shoot up the office of the Light and Gazette. No danger, they won't do anything of the kind.

Once a big fellow came into the Gazette office with a six shooter to pluck Mun [the editor]. He fired but the bullet missed by six feet and struck young Sh****on, a boy from Boston. on the head. It was just a graze and did no damage. That gunman did not say what he was going to do.

Don't let these things bother you; it is only chaff and amounts to nothing.

Just the kind of letter to calm the nerves of a daughter who was in France at the time.

Both of my grandfathers had died by the time I was hatched.


tony draper
8th Dec 2008, 20:45
Well if one has to shoot somebody a Reporter would be the least missed.:rolleyes:

8th Dec 2008, 20:52
Watch it your lordship. That's my grandpappy.

Solid Rust Twotter
8th Dec 2008, 20:52
Nope. Nothing said about HALO SL (which would be HAHO BTW). Low level insertion, probably off the ramp rather than side doors to keep it tight on SL.

No shortage of D rings on mil kit to hang a helmet while donning and nothing said about donning NBC gear under canopy. That was your idea.

Must say, one wouldn't like to go into a gas contaminated DZ in any case. That usually means they're expecting you and gas would be the least of your worries.:ooh:

henry crun
8th Dec 2008, 20:53
Skyhawk Pilot: pardon my confusion, but how can a Halo jump be done on a static line ?

Solid Rust Twotter
8th Dec 2008, 20:59
Tandem HALO jumpers might use a SL to deploy the drogue, specially if they're hooked up to a bulky bit of kit. Some HAHO ops use a pilot chute assisted SL system if they're loaded down with gear.

8th Dec 2008, 21:15
Is this still the 'boring and pointless' thread? All this talk of jumping from aircraft and shooting normal people and reporters, whatever next. Herr Drapes, a cut in rations and confined to barracks wouldn't go amiss here.

Solid Rust Twotter
8th Dec 2008, 21:19
I say again...

Tandem HALO jumpers might use a SL to deploy the drogue, specially if they're hooked up to a bulky bit of kit. Some HAHO ops use a pilot chute assisted SL system if they're loaded down with gear.

Well, no bacon butties allowed in any case Mr Goudie. A cut in rations would hardly be noticed.:( Confined to one's bunk with a good book and a cuppa wouldn't hurt much either.:E

tony draper
8th Dec 2008, 21:20
One has been told one does not eat enough fruit,so of late one has developed a taste for bananas, dont really care much for apples and such,plums are ok as are grapes but they have to be very sweet for me.
Just thought one would mention this as one has just devoured two bananas.

tony draper
8th Dec 2008, 21:25
Tinned fruit? we usta dream of tinned fruit.:uhoh:
One has discovered summat new,it is possible to eat a banana and finger pick Honky Tonk Woman on a Stratocaster at the same time.

8th Dec 2008, 21:29
I just want to say my hubby's the best. :ok:

8th Dec 2008, 21:38
I just want to say my hubby's the best.

The best What?

Skyhawk Pilot. You have been here not a month and make enquiries.
MR Twotter march the culprit to the brig and NO Cocoa

8th Dec 2008, 21:47
Quite right too Lordgrumps. Parvenu.

Mutter, mutter, harumph.

Solid Rust Twotter
8th Dec 2008, 21:54
Shall I poke him with the soft cushions, yer Lordship?

No cocoa? Isn't that against the Geneva Convention? I believe it's allowed to deprive the prisoner of those little marshmallows but depriving him of the whole mug of cocoa is just inhumane.:ooh:

8th Dec 2008, 21:54
I shall defer final judgment to FSL Draper.
Some prisoners provide their own dictionary.
Skyhawk consider yourself fortunate that SRT is tolerant.
It does not bode well, to trifle with an insect control officer, able to remove pests, while flying in command: armed only with a plastic tube.

8th Dec 2008, 21:55
Oh {{{{{{Drapes}}}}}} <~~BIG HUG... THANK YOU! How did you find that slideshow? Just stunning... actually brought me to tears but then earth from space does that for me every time :ok: Utterly beautiful - I belong out there yanno... hmmmmmm wonder if I can convince NASA to use me as a "test of zero G on parkinson's" or something? I am sure the lack of gravity would have me nipping about like I used to!! :E

8th Dec 2008, 21:59
Ł5 per week. You sir are overpaid.

tony draper
8th Dec 2008, 22:00
One sniffs about tinternet for interesting stuff to keep the crew entertained Madam broky otherwise they get restless and commense to scuffle amongst themselve obliging one to lay about em wi a ropes end.
The Telly adverts are certainly pushing those new fangled long playing gramaphone records this year.

Beatriz Fontana
8th Dec 2008, 22:13
Oooh, a good old fashioned duel!

Pistols at dawn, sirs?

8th Dec 2008, 22:17
And you Beatriz shall be the prize!

8th Dec 2008, 22:25
You need tax to hold it on, credit crunch. Pprune After You Earn?

Pistols, no madam we utilise the typed word.

8th Dec 2008, 22:30
we utilise the typed word

Limerick thread it is then! I'll be there.

8th Dec 2008, 22:30
Paint Ball he writes.
Well the shops are closed and one wonders if it is possible, to to find a book large enough to have it pictures enlightened with colour:fired from his pistol?

I wont take seconds, my aim is considerably faster.

8th Dec 2008, 22:33
Spent some time today helping my brother move to new business premises. As I was going through the door lugging a couple of boxes of goods I commented to him 'I must be the most successful shoplifter in town'.

Didn't half get a funny look from the customer stood behind me apparently.

Beatriz Fontana
8th Dec 2008, 22:36
goudie, fair sir, is that a proposition that you bestow upon this fair maiden?

Skyhawk Pilot, you may think that, I couldn't possibly comment! Actually a corset and a big skirt would rather suit me... :O

Lord Grumpy, the pen is mightier than the sword? So is the keyboard mightier than the intercontinental ballistic missile? (Discuss!)

8th Dec 2008, 22:39
My bloke's a legend cos he listened and did the right thing.

Smart man. :ok: and thus, he's wonderful.

To be fair, I also listened to what he wanted and he's happy (I hope) too. :}

Howard Hughes
8th Dec 2008, 22:40
Thanks for the Yorkie recipes, sadly we can't get Aunt Bessies here!:ok:

8th Dec 2008, 22:41
Well the keyboard is mightier than the ICBM, when it is used for communications rather than initiating the ignition sequence.

8th Dec 2008, 22:45
Beatriz, it most certainly is...................if I get up in time!

DX Wombat
8th Dec 2008, 22:48
Yorkshire Pudden (http://homepage.ntlworld.com/barnicle/stanley/words/yorkshire%20pudden.htm) Sorry for the delay in posting that but I have been without t'internet for a day or two. :{
MrD, those photos are fabulous. I quite often see shooting stars when out walking Bryn around the airfield at Shobdon at night. The record number of sightings on one walk so far is four. :) It's not so easy to spot them when we are at home as there is too much light pollution. :(

Beatriz Fontana
8th Dec 2008, 23:04
Skyhawk Pilot,

Spanish girls do that a lot. Jerez?

Nah, Main Street on a Saturday night! :}

Beatriz Fontana
8th Dec 2008, 23:37
There's something altogether spy thriller-ish about the Rock Hotel. Art decor building, spacious restaurant, a casino next door and swimming pool. All those ocean-going yachts in the marina... why the :mad: am I still here in cold wet Blighty?!?

9th Dec 2008, 00:17
The reply function does not seem to work for me. Was quoting f of t's comment on bananas.

When my dear old Dad was about the age I am now, his doc prescribed bananas for him, to correct a potassium deficiency. On my own recently, I have begun to try to eat one a day. I am given to believe that my occassional aching arms and legs are possibly the result of not doing this regularly.

Whatever, one likes 'em well enough.

9th Dec 2008, 00:23
Does eating bananas make your arms stronger - or merely longer?

9th Dec 2008, 01:23
Are we being invaded by the military? Turn my back for five minutes to get some sleep and someone escapes from the MIL forum and takes refuge here ... whatever next?? How did you get out through those blast proof doors anyway? Are you a spy? :uhoh:

No cocoa? Isn't that against the Geneva Convention? I believe it's allowed to deprive the prisoner of those little marshmallows but depriving him of the whole mug of cocoa is just inhumane.I believe you are correct, Rusty, ... BUT there is absolutely nothing in Chapter IV, Section XVIII, SubSection IIa, Para 8, Cocoa, Provision of to prisoners ... that states the cocoa must be dissolved in milk, or even in water. The offender may have his cup of cocoa but may not have any of the following; marshmallows, milk, water, or spoon.

Some of the legal people have suggested that the mug itself is not necessary either and have interpreted the regulations to mean that the amount of cocoa given to the offender in the brig must be equivalent in volume to the amount contained in a mug. We have, therefore, provided some medium-sized ziplock bags for the purpose of holding the said amount of cocoa. Please note this as now being SOP. Skyhawk Pilot may be given a drink with an umbrella in it (plus fruit, in a frosted-rim glass) but my guess is that he would rather chew off his own arm than be seen dead drinking it no matter how thirsty he gets.

Real tough, these MIL pilots, real tough! :uhoh:

Solid Rust Twotter
9th Dec 2008, 05:01
Does eating bananas make your arms stronger - or merely longer?

Certainly hairier...:E

One was never allowed up on the flight deck in one's mil days. One was part of the grubby oikery down the back. We did however get the occasional coins flung at us and the odd Royal Wave from the flight crew as they were escorted to their air conditioned rooms in their limousines.:E

9th Dec 2008, 05:17
Had a twinge of the Xmas spirit earlier on terday http://www.augk18.dsl.pipex.com/Smileys/Christmas/45.gif
After a nice lay down its fortunately gone away......

9th Dec 2008, 09:18
Nobody up yet? Lovely day here in Herts. Contemplating going for slow amble o'er the hills.

tony draper
9th Dec 2008, 09:25
Same here, bright sunny and cold,think this is the weather we were supposed to have last Summer,one uses the word "Summer" in its loosest sense of course.

9th Dec 2008, 09:44
Oliver Postgate died.


"And Emily - Loved Him"

(not once he was dead, obviuosly, that would be sick).

9th Dec 2008, 11:05
Real tough, these MIL pilots, real tough!

Yeh, and I'm the Archbishop of Canterbury darls.

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