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19th May 2001, 06:54
Danny could you please do something about that "Yell.com" yellow banner (e.g Hote e.g. Gran e.g. York). It screws up my Nutscrape to the point where I have to CTRL-ALT-DEL to close my browser then start it up again hoping the next PPRuNe page wont contain it. AdSub cant intercept it because it doesnt come from outside. I cant be the only one in the same boat.

Thank you.

PS Took me 5 attempts just to get this post done and another 3 to flamin edit it!

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19th May 2001, 12:42
I gave up on "Nutscrape" long ago on this forum, although I use it everywhere else I visit, when I come to Pprune, I have to use "Exploiter."

I'm not crazy about it, but hey; if it's Danny's advertising dollars that keeps this place going, I can live with it.

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