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18th Nov 2008, 13:27
I'm glad John has succumbed at last and written the book we asked for. I have pre-ordered mine for delivery mid-December.

FLYER Shop - A View from the Hover (paperback) (http://www.flyer.co.uk/shop/product.php?product=79)

Sales pitch from Flyer web site:

Pre-order John Farley's fantastic new book A View from the Hover: My Life in Aviation which will be published shortly by FLYER Books.

Packed full of lively accounts of John's days as a test pilot (for the Harrier and many other types) and rounded off with some great insights into how to improve your flying, this is a book which nobody who has any interest in flying or the history of aviation can afford to miss.

Get your copy ordered now (my sales pitch).

Genghis the Engineer
18th Nov 2008, 13:48
John kept that quiet!

Well done John for writing it, and everybody else for nagging him to do so.

My order for a copy will be in shortly.


18th Nov 2008, 14:05
There you go! "What did you want for Xmas?" said Mrs B - now I know!

Proof Reader
18th Nov 2008, 20:13
Hope he had a good proof reader! Not of course that he would need that.

Well done, John.

green granite
19th Nov 2008, 11:57
It's cheaper from that well known river site. :E

19th Nov 2008, 15:16
Excellent news... Nice to look forward to a good read at Christmas..

Many thanks John.

19th Nov 2008, 15:37
Very pleased to hear the news, pre-order in progress!

Shaggy Sheep Driver
4th Dec 2008, 16:12
Glad our nagging you on 'ere paid off, John. My order is in for a hardback copy.:ok:

5th Dec 2008, 07:57
Mine arrived yesterday and I have enjoyed every page so far..... that's about 40 plus.

Just pick a chapter of choice and enjoy - it isn't in strict chronological order. More like a series of short and not so short stories.... Great read.

Having said that one needs to read chapters 1 and 2 first to understand this man's motive forces.

He does say "Start Here" anyway.

Flying Lawyer
28th Jun 2011, 00:07
I've recently been reading this excellent book again.

It's not only a very readable account of the career of one of our most distinguished and highly respected test pilots but a fascinating insight into an exciting era of aviation history.
There's something for everyone.
The second half explains very clearly many different facets of flying and aviation. As we've often seen in various PPRuNe forums, John has the rare gift of being able to explain the most technical matters in a way that can be understood even by those who, like me, are not naturally technically minded.
It concludes with highly informative thoughts for GA pilots - guaranteed to improve the flying skills of even the most experienced PPL.

100% aviation. Very highly recommended to anyone who flies or is interested in flying or in the history of aviation. :ok:

If you missed the first edition, the second is now available.


28th Jun 2011, 04:55

The first five words of your opening post filled me with dread!!

Please respect those of us with a weak disposition.

Delete word 5 and insert 'relented' !!!

Old Duffer