View Full Version : Dove over Brighton?

13th Nov 2008, 08:48
So was that a DH Dove orbiting over Brighton the other day? Anyone else see it?

13th Nov 2008, 15:21
May have been an AeroCommander as I believe one was around it is also back again today I believe.

13th Nov 2008, 15:43
If it was that then I'm booking in for an eyetest. I think that I have seen the one you mention though.

13th Nov 2008, 15:54
I saw a Ted Smith Aerostar at Shoreham a few days ago. Could that have been it?

Chris Scott
14th Nov 2008, 19:49
If it's a Dove, the (aaah, De Havilland) engine-prop sound should give it away, not to mention all the visual clues that it's not an Aero something-or-other. Is there still one based at Biggin? I've often seen a Dove apparently tracking a westerly VOR radial from 'BIG'.

The last Heron based at Biggin has been sitting atop a pylon outside Croydon Airport House for some years now, bearing the wrong (but significant) registration, and looking increasingly untidy. [Its heading, for maximum effect, is east, unfortunately.]

His dudeness
14th Nov 2008, 20:58
The Dove you have seen often is the mayfair dove, isnīt it?

http://www.mayfairdove.co.uk/ (http://http://www.mayfairdove.co.uk/)

Seen it a few times at Biggin.

I used to fly a german Dove, the last of the three flightcheckers of the german ATC. Really beautyful and big fun to fly. Check the fuel and refill oil.

15th Nov 2008, 07:24

Your link is bad, got another?

Mayfair Dove - Private Aircraft Charter (http://www.mayfairdove.co.uk/)

This might work.

15th Nov 2008, 13:28
Hokey dokey, didn't want to say this in case I was really wrong. The ac in question sounds like a DH, and looks like a DH. I am old and often demented so I stand to be corrected. I will drive out to Shoreham today and look. I haven't flown from there for a few months and it will be a nice trip out.

His dudeness
15th Nov 2008, 21:55
@newforest: D-IFSA

Foto Private De Havilland DH.104 Dove D-IFSA (http://www.planepictures.net/show.php?id=110884)

16th Nov 2008, 08:07

Effortless. Don't forget the pub by the roundabout for Sunday lunch, superb (never mind the bikers!).

7th Jan 2011, 15:10
Anybody in Brighton during this years Goodwood revival would have seen two Doves in formation.

Double Zero
7th Jan 2011, 15:26
This is an old friend from Dunsfold, last heard of going strong in Australia / New Zealand.

Last saw the Mayfair Dove at Compton Abbas in 2001.