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7th Nov 2008, 10:26
Sorry for the annoying title, this the seccond of mine where you have to open the thread to read on...

Anyway, I want to fly for a career in Australia ever so much but I'm not all that crazy about airliners. I want to fly turbo props up and down the coast or into central Australia. Or even NZ...

So, I want to be 'in the money' but not particuly Airlines - Although I may change my mind along the track.

So, if you are a regional pilot within AUS/NZ could you list your age, years with the job, your position and salary.
And ofcourse, DO YOU ENJOY IT!! - PRO'S - CON'S.
If you wish to keep it private you can PM me.

In particular, but not limited to; My favs...

Regional Pacific,
Northwest Regional,
Broome Aviation,
Queensland Regiona Airlines,
And there's one owned by Virgin Blue, they fly Embraer...

Thanks everyone:ok:

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