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6th Nov 2008, 14:12
Due to professional reasons I am spending some time in Southampton (UK). Being kind of an aviation fan, I could not miss the opportunity to see the Solent Sky Museum:

Solent Sky Museum, Home of the Spitfire, Southampton, UK (http://www.spitfireonline.co.uk)

I loved it! They had a Spitfire, several flying-boats, a De Havilland DH.82 Tiger Moth...

Has anybody here also gone there? What are your thoughts about the place?

6th Nov 2008, 16:13
Fascinating place, especially if you can get onto the flight deck of the Sandringham. They (used to) open it up occassionally. The SUMPAC is interesting; no chance of it flying, but a good effort pre-kevlar.

If you're still in SOU, I recommend a visit to the maritime museum which is not far away. Among the exibhits is "Miss Great Britain III", which at one time held the world water speed record. All aluminium , gleaming steel and brass.

6th Nov 2008, 16:17
Many thanks for the tips. I was planning to go to the Maritime Museum with my girlfriend on one of the following weekends before we leave, but now it's a must. I will certainly go to see the QE2 farewell next Tuesday too:

QE2 Farewell: 11 November 2008 - What to See and Do in Southampton - Visit Southampton (http://www.visit-southampton.co.uk/site/what-to-see-and-do/qe2-farewell-11-november-2008-p353281)

6th Nov 2008, 19:27
Been there? I'm an exhibit:eek:.
Well as long as they haven't changed the photographs in the 'Air Cadet corner'.
When I first went there I was shocked to see myself in the photographs of Air Cadets gliding at RAF Benson. I remember the day well, it was the first time we hosted Cadets from the Southampton Squadron and we were quite happy to let them take photos - little knowing where they would end up.

7th Nov 2008, 12:22
will check log book when i get home as i'm sure i flew her at upavon with 622 , 79/80 i think !!

7th Nov 2008, 13:53
Ghost of Cain

I am one of the Guides at the Solentsky Museum, an occasional contributor here, and will be working there for the next two Saturday's (8th and 15th). Just ask for Trevor. We are open 10-5.

I'd be delighted to take you onto the flight deck of our Sandringham. As a teaser, here is a photo I took a couple of months back.


Oh, and re XN246....... I too did my first ever solo in that aircraft. But at West Malling in Kent. Small (and sometimes confusing) world.

Anyone who wants a more personal visit to the museum, just let me know. I'd be delighted to show any PPRUNE members around in exchange for the hours of entertainment from this forum.


7th Nov 2008, 14:06
Corsairoz, where you there on Sunday 26th October? If you were, you probably took my girlfriend and me onto the flight deck of that amazing plane! I was the weird Spaniard with long hair. :)

Good Vibs
9th Nov 2008, 14:45
:ok:What a collection & very friendly staff.
Everyone with an interest in aviation should go there.
Not only can you get very close to the outsides of almost all the display a/c but you can also get a very interesting tour of the insides of the Sandringham, while the Duxford & Hendon Sunderlands have been locked up for months/years for any closer inspection.
The Saro SR1 is an absoulte highlight for those who like prototypes.
The 2nd Supermarine S6 on display anywhere can also be viewed at close quarters.
We were a group of seven that visited during July 08 and throughly enjoyed our stay.
Looking forward to coming again as soon as possible.
Keep It Up & Good Luck for the Museum & Staff

9th Nov 2008, 15:13
XH246 was definitely not at 622 Old Sarum between 1966 and 1973, I just checked my log books.

I went to Solent sky a few months ago and was impressed. Sitting in the cockpit of the Sandringham was an awesome experience which I was pleased to share with an ex RAF Liberator pilot.

9th Nov 2008, 16:39
I put a photo I took of XN246 yesterday at the SolentSky museum here:



10th Nov 2008, 08:38
I agree that sitting in the cockpit of the Sandringham cannot be beaten. Amazing experience!

10th Nov 2008, 15:39
Corsairoz where do the museum keep their Scimitar? I gather it is stored off-site.



17th Nov 2008, 15:37

There is a remote hangar......well actually a barn, where a number of exhibits are kept as we are unable to display all we have. Its about 25 miles from the Museum.

Location, for obvious reasons, a closely guarded secret.

Our second Gnat though, is on the ATC parade ground next to the Museum and visible on Google Earth.


Akrotiri bad boy
18th Nov 2008, 08:34

I came across your Scimitar over 12 months ago and have been wondering ever since as to who,what,why etc.... until now that is. Your secret's safe with me:suspect:

Thanks for all your sterling work at Solent sky, fascinating story about the armchair at the rear of the flightdeck.

3rd Dec 2008, 21:36
Great to see a photo of VP-LVE at Solent Sky, I must visit soon as I flew in her when she was in Ireland in 1976/77. On the return flight from Glengariff to Killaloe I was lucky enough to get the jump seat. Flying was the legendary Capt Charles Blair with F/O Ron Gilles. In the other jump seat was Capt J.C. Kelly Rogers, who had commanded the Boeing 317 that had returned Churchill from the Bermuda conference to England in 1944.

On another occasion I had the chance to observe her take-off from the Islands from my own cockpit, and subsequently flew in loose formation with her for a few miles.