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Tee Emm
4th Nov 2008, 11:10
S'funny I could have sworn I wrote this request a couple of days back but seems it never appeared. Trying again now:

I was an avid reader of wartime comics in UK "Champion" and "Hotspur." One hero in Champion comic circa 1940 was Flight Lieutenant Rockfist Rogan RAF. He flew Spits and boxed for the RAF. In one of these series of comics was another hero character who was a British spy behind the lines in Occupied Europe. I forget his name but he was in disguise as a deaf and dumb villager who always carried a biscuit box under his arm. He wandered around Nazi troops in his village who ignored him because they thought he was just a harmless nutter. BUT - what the Huns didn't know was he had a radio transceiver hidden in a compartment of his biscuit box!

Methinks he was a British agent parachuted into enemy territory or he may have been a shot down RAF pilot who was brave enough to hang around to see what gen he could pick up and transmit home. He had a couple of close shaves but the Huns never suspected his biscuit box radio.

Anyone remember the character in one of those comics? -and his name and history? I didn't imagine it - he was definately in either Champion or Hotspur.

I will now press submit new thread and see if it works this time.

4th Nov 2008, 12:07
I remember Rockfist Rogan, but not 'tother one. Mind you, my favourite was "Braddock VC"
Wouldn't be allowed now though :ooh:

4th Nov 2008, 16:09
"Braddock VC"Now there was a hero. Probably would not be allowed today due to his un-PC antics.

4th Nov 2008, 16:23
Probably would not be allowed today due to his un-PC antics

However, he did persuade George Bourne [his Nav] to stop smoking :D
Although just why he needed a Nav is beyond me.
One of my favourites is the one where he recruited an "erk" to be his bomb aimer ['cos he beat him at darts] to fly a secret mission to destroy the "V" weapons...by dropping one bomb down the ventilation shaft of a railway tunnel.....except in the same issiue, was a description of the Penemunde raid......:confused:

4th Nov 2008, 17:07
Agreed, there never was a lot of consistency in the stories. I always like "the Wolf of Kabul" and his sidekick Chung, who had a habit of despatching Britain's enemies with a cricket bat called "Clicky-Ba".

Total nonsense, but very enjoyable at the time.

4th Nov 2008, 17:20
Didn't Braddock end up with a VC and two bars? Not bad for a Sergeant.
( He was in either Rover or Adventure -then became Rover and Adventure c.1960)

Not that I read them of course.:O

5th Nov 2008, 00:19
I used to fly with a guy, (actually a boy that never grew up) and he used to run those names past us. Another one was Ronny Rook. Anyone know WTF he was?:confused:

Pom Pax
5th Nov 2008, 03:11
Only one answer comes to mind, but then I am a sad Palace fan.
Ronnie Rooke (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ronnie_Rooke)

5th Nov 2008, 12:15
Now about this biscuit tin guy....? I too remember him but don't know in what comic.

Sir George Cayley
5th Nov 2008, 19:46
I believe 'Algy' who worked with Biggles can help us here.

Over to U Squire.

Sir George Cayley