View Full Version : B.25 Mitchell "Happiness is a Thunderstorm"

3rd Nov 2008, 20:52
Seeking presant where abouts of B.25 Mitchell named "HAPPINES IS A THUNDERSTORM". Also had a cartoon of " SNOOPY" laying on his kennel. This aircraft was in Anchorage , Alaska in the 70s.

John Cahill
8th Dec 2008, 06:39
The B25"Happiness is a Thunderstorm" is now Flying out of Tulsa as "Old Glory". You can follow the Plane by it's civil "N" number which is N7946C I co-owned this B25 in 1975 and flew it out of Palomar Airport in Carlsbad, CA. & I would love any old photos you might have!

8th Dec 2008, 15:32
I can send you the original slide / slides (not sure how many I have). I had a little catastrophe a month or so ago,when I dropped all my slide boxes. 3,000 slides all over the floor. My past life is now a little out of sequence. As soon as I have sorted through the slides and got them back in order, I will send you the ones I have of the B.25.


gas path
8th Dec 2008, 16:12
And not forgetting you can upload them here via one of the hosting sites for all to see!:ok: