View Full Version : Channex Mayday

9th Jul 2001, 00:25
A Channex F27 landed safely this evening after declaring a MAYDAY at EMA.
Problem thought to be with number 2 engine
prop gearbox,and engine shut down.
Nice one guy`s!

Capt Daniel Eagleburger
10th Jul 2001, 10:36
Confirmed all details above - No 2 Engine shut down in flight due gearbox problems. Well done to both Roger and Al for dealing with it. Hope the F27 grows on you Rog as I know you hate it!!!
DE :)

A and C
10th Jul 2001, 11:06
Channex dont seem to be having a lot of luck with the F27 of late, this is the second inflight engine shutdown in a month and both major problems.
At one time channex had the lowest RR dart shutdown rate and the longest TBO of eny dart user due to the engine management policy that was flight crew SOP and the hard work of the engineering section.

Unless some thing has changed inside channex this all sounds like an unfortunate statistical blip to me.

Wet Power
10th Jul 2001, 13:26
From my recollection a gearbox warning light is a mandatory manual feather drill as their is no fire protection for the gearbox. Doesn't mean their is anything wrong with the RR Dart.

Well done boys - fly's better on one in real life than the sim!

10th Jul 2001, 17:44
Agree with you, Wet Power. 6,000 F27 hours (a long time ago) and two shutdowns due to gearbox failure. As regards the turning/burning bit, the Dart has to be one of the most reliable turbo-props ever.