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30th Oct 2008, 05:27
It appears that the editorial team of the AOPA magazine has completed a major article on a well known aviator who appears regularly on this site and was also once the President of AOPA. A significant amount of AOPA membersí money has been spent on both the writing and the photographs for the article. It is a positive article covering this personís vision for general aviation in Australia.

Rumour has it that at the last moment, the AOPA board forced the removal of the article, meaning that the whole magazine had to be laid out again.

The reason for the removal of the article is not known. It could be that a positive article about this person in AOPA may not get brownie points with the bureaucrats in Canberra. Does anyone know of any other reason?

Dick Smith
30th Oct 2008, 11:04
If this post is referring to me it appears that those involved have wasted a lot of time and money.

Someone should flog the article to Australian Flying.

30th Oct 2008, 11:09

AOPA spend money on an article? c'mon.... you who kidding..I have never known AOPA to spend money on photos or writers...

Get another drink.


30th Oct 2008, 11:24
.... now why on earth would a reputable Mag like A F offend their readers by buying let alone publishing self-aggrandisements ;)

.... hey new word

Selfomercial's :E :p

30th Oct 2008, 22:22
If this post is referring to me, someone has wasted a lot of money; I couldn't give a rat's.

Dick, why would they be writing about YOU instead??? You're yesterday's news!!

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