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Buster Hyman
25th Oct 2008, 02:46
Going the extra smile
For years, Changi Airport was the automatic choice for world's best airport. Not any longer. Hong Kong has knocked it off its perch two years running in the annual Skytrax awards, the passenger-voted award system regarded as the industry benchmark.
Now, Changi is fighting back with a new customer-service program called SMILE, teaching employees to put on a happy face and encouraging them to be "motivated, have a positive attitude, be interested in passengers, listen to their needs" and, yes, go that extra mile, all with a smile.
Sounds like a good idea, don't know about the practice - could be difficult to implement when a jumbo-load of tourists is looking to blame someone for a missed connection.
The other customer-service initiative coming out of Changi - and this one will make you smile without anyone telling you to do so - is the celebrity meet-and-greet program.
Some bright spark, probably the same person who devised SMILE, has come up with the idea of employing celebrities to meet and greet passengers. Which doesn't seem like such a bad idea in this celebrity-crazy world, it's just the perplexing choice of celebrities doing the meeting and greeting.
Famed rocker and sometime video performance artist Tommy Lee and the rest of Motley Crue just do not fit the image we've come to associate with Singapore. Imagine it, you are stumbling bleary-eyed off a 12-hour flight from London and there at the exit is a heavily tattooed Tommy Lee wanting to shake your hand and have his photograph taken with you. (He's smiling, of course.)
At least Lee is recognisable - even for those of us who haven't seen that video - but you can't say the same for the members of Air Supply or the Backstreet Boys, other erstwhile Changi employees. Still, I bet they're all smiling their way to the bank.


25th Oct 2008, 03:28
Tommy who?
Never mind.
Take my suitcase, and the duty free.
Where's the limo?
There had better be a good scotch on board.

25th Oct 2008, 05:26
Me? I'd nervously back away and mutter "No thanks" meanwhile looking for a smiling cop - or a fast moving travelator.

Buster Hyman
25th Oct 2008, 05:31
It wasn't that long ago that he'd have been denied entry into SIN....:rolleyes:

25th Oct 2008, 09:57
The Changi guys introduced this 'initiative' in Abu Dhabi last year when they secured a contract to deliver Management Services to the Abu Dhabi Airport Company. Didn't work there so why do they think it'll work back in Changi? They got some airport staff to walk around AUH terminals with big smily badges on, needless to say the badges disappeared as soon as the Changi Team did at the end of their contract. World leading Airport Management team and this is the best they can come up with:(

Met by a smily Pamela.. now that would be worth the trip;)

viktor inox
25th Oct 2008, 12:34
Well, another piece of evidence that Singapore is not as corruption-free as the government would have you believe: yet again a contract goes to a member of the Lee family.:ugh::ugh:

25th Oct 2008, 13:51
Tommy who?

Pamela said he's the reason she became a spokeswoman for PETA. He constantly abused her beaver.