View Full Version : Finding a desert for a supersonic LSR attempt

The late XV105
23rd Oct 2008, 15:36
Buried somewhere in a Steve Fossett thread on PPRuNe are comments about why on earth it was necessary to scout for a location at which to break ThrustSSC's Mach 1.02 LSR. Surely they are all well known by now?

With the recent announcement that Richard Noble has assembled a team to have a crack at 1,000MPH with BloodhoundSSC and as a previous supporter of the ThrustSSC project from the outset, I took a look at their website.

Regarding choice of desert, this paints some of the picture:

The desert (http://www.bloodhoundssc.com/adventure/the_desert.cfm)

23rd Oct 2008, 18:05
Nothing wrong with Bonneville, was good enough for the fastest indian.
However desert courses are all flat and straight. Not challenging enough. Try a mountain road in the Alps.

the incivil beast
23rd Oct 2008, 18:40
No need to go that far.
Lake district should be fine, especially Honister Pass (B5289).
One thunk the 1/4 slope could help. :rolleyes:

24th Oct 2008, 09:26
As it's Richard Noble, we could probably convince him Pendine Sands is suitable.