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23rd Oct 2008, 13:58
Ok, long story short ... ish

Number 1 son has just taken out an 18 month phone contract with 3. He received his handset on 04/10/08 charged it and loaded his contacts and was good to go. The first call he receives he can hear the phone ringing but on answering he cant hear the other person nor they him. Much faffing and panic ensues resulting in a 'reset settings' Phone works for an hour or so .. same thing happens. Visit '3' store in town and store manager does a 'master reset' Fault returns within a day. A swift google reveals the handset is notorious for dumping calls and other problems. Contact 3 customer service who arrange for a replacement phone. Phone arrives, same problem. Contact 3 telling them that the second handset has the same problem as the first, could we please have a replacement from a different manufacturer.
Cant be done say 3,
I'll cancel the contract says I.
If you do that you will have to pay a cancellation fee equal to 18 months rental say 3
I'll cancel direct debit and see you in court says I
Actual words from 3 'customer servcie' We'll contact a debt collection agency who will hound you every day with phone calls and send debt collectors to your home !!! :mad:
So unless I have the balls to take them on my son now faces 18 months with a phone which is intermittent at best. They tell us we have a 2 year warranty on any replacement handset which isn't much use if we are going to have to spend half the time with it being in for repair.
I'm of the opinion that the handset is not fit for purpose so they are in breach of contract. They are of the opinion that as they are offering to repair it I have to accept what they offer.
Has anyone had any experience of these clowns or can anyone offer me any advice as to where I stand legally ?
Thanks in advance

Edited to add the handset is a Sony Ericsson w910i

23rd Oct 2008, 14:10
You should be able to cancel, as they are not providing the service described in the contract.

If you are in Oz , contact consumer affairs, telecom obudsman, A current affair, today tonight. Something should work.

23rd Oct 2008, 14:22
Contact Ofcom - Problems with your mobile phone | Ofcom (http://www.ofcom.org.uk/complain/mobile/)

23rd Oct 2008, 14:54
Avtrician, airborne artist .. I am in UK apparently there is a 12 week rule from initiating the complaint until Ofcom will look at your problem although from doing a little more reading it appears that the complaints against 3 are so common that you are basically chucked on the pile with little or no chance of a result :mad:

Lost man standing
23rd Oct 2008, 15:47
It wastes a bit of your time, but have you thought of printing flyers describing your problem including their threats against you just for insisting on your rights under the law (i.e. goods sold must be suitable for purpose), and standing outside your 3 store giving them out to people entering or leaving the store?

Might bring about a solution far quicker than any other way. You have to be more of a nuissance than they want to deal with, so it is easier for them to satisfy you one way or the other.