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22nd Oct 2008, 20:02
Hi, I have a concern about a field where on rwy 22, only cat A & B are authorised...on rwy 04 up to cat C are allowed..

So knowing that a/c cat are only based upon speed for max landing weight (1.3 VS)...and flying a jet which could be in balance regarding the cat (I mean considering the real numbers and not max land weight)..am I authorised to shoot an approach while respecting the speed only...(regarding the actual weight)..and not the max land weight...

I consider here that selecting a specific weight to be allowed to make this approach..( leaving cat C for cat B) so my decision should be considered... and not a single concrete rule based upon max land weight..

Where is the final decision..??

22nd Oct 2008, 20:33
There are a few airports in the world where one direction is a bit more complicated than the other, mainly when there is a hill behind one runway.

If your class of aircraft is only suitable for one direction, then be it. You try to land there in this direction, if it works legally, then it's ok, if it doesn't, divert.

The decision to fly there lays on your fleet management. The final decision with the captain.


A Comfy Chair
23rd Oct 2008, 00:15
Certainly in Australia, the answer is no. You may not reduce the category because you have a lower weight. I believe its the same for ICAO, but do not have the reference here.

An aircraft must fit into and be operated in accordance with the requirements
of only one category. An aircraft:
a. may not reduce category because of reduced operating
weight, but
b. must increase category when actual handling speeds are in excess
of those for category (based on Vat) detailed at sub-section

23rd Oct 2008, 10:02
Nicely said Comfy Chair, the USA is the same. Check out the differences to ICAO in the Jepp.

Makes sense to fly the category for the speed you are actually flying. Turning circles and all that..:}

23rd Oct 2008, 16:52
Ok, checked today, icao has the same rule..thanks for your time guys..

23rd Oct 2008, 22:09
JAA too.