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22nd Oct 2008, 15:49
Does anyone know of a web site that has Royal (or other) Navy ships pipes for submarine and surfaces vessels in audio format? I am thinking of standard pipes as well as emergency/action related pipes?

Hope this is in the right forum thread. I know its a bit random.


tubby linton
22nd Oct 2008, 16:06
AUTHENTIC NAVY ALARM SOUNDS (http://policeinterceptor.com/navysounds.htm)

They are all USN and Nasa.

22nd Oct 2008, 18:49
Try these chaps;

The Navy Net: Rum Ration Forums Home (http://www.navy-net.co.uk/cpgn2/Forums.html)

you never know.

24th Oct 2008, 16:17
Thanks for those two links, any more help greatly appreciated. :-)

25th Oct 2008, 10:03
First, to keep the aviation theme (lots of other good ones on this site)

http://www.usshancockcv19.com/music/flight_quarters.wav (http://www.usshancockcv19.com/music/flight_quarters.wav)

Only the Navy could make blowing a whistle so complicated:

http://www.sccheadquarters.com/UserData/root/Files/Training/Proficiencies/Piping/Boatswains%20Call%20Handbook.pdf (http://www.sccheadquarters.com/UserData/root/Files/Training/Proficiencies/Piping/Boatswains%20Call%20Handbook.pdf)

http://brayengr.com/allhands.wav (http://brayengr.com/allhands.wav)