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21st Oct 2008, 23:45
Survey question for you folks.

I need an implant(tooth not anything else). Local dentist says about 1800 squids but I am loathe to pay the locals here since I heard one telling a friend how the dosh was rolling in. She works 2 or 3 days a week and lives in one of the biggest houses in the village.

So the question is how much does a tooth implant cost down your way?
Anything European or possibly Thailand.

I'll have to pass a collection box round if this fails.

22nd Oct 2008, 02:09
Following a stepladder/paint pot encounter, I needed a similar thing. Cost in Singapore about seven thousand, about 2K pounds. It wasn't a simple procedure; took three or four visits.

Later I was told that, if I'd gone to the dental school I'd have got it for a tiny fraction of the price. Anything like that around?

A friend recently had an operation in Bumrungrad (spooling?) hospital in Bangkok. Mostly excellent treatment, and about a quarter the estimate here.

Good luck,


22nd Oct 2008, 02:17
OH's dental work of an extraction and implant is looking to be about 4500CAD. Luckily we are managing to split in over 2 financial years as we have a limit of 2000CAD of dental work a year.

Call me cynical but he's just returned from having the stitches out with an antibacterial mouthwash (prescription natch!) that bears the caveat "may cause discolouration of fillings" - guess that'll be next years dental work then!

Oh and gotta love the prescription painkillers - cost of drug 2.35CAD , dispensing charge 20 CAD :eek:

Loose rivets
22nd Oct 2008, 05:34
One of my son's neighbors has a daughter that's recently qualified as a Texas dentist. She made $300,000 last year. Back home my Denplan -17 odd quid a month - has been keeping me patched up for years, but that's all it is...well, apart from travel insurance of about $800 for emergencies.

I could have taken out extra insurance for titanium implant root thingies, but I was sure that I'd never need it. Hah! not so sure now. Given the figures I see above, I guess my plan is not too bad. I have had a cap once all else had failed to save the tooth, but any cosmetic work would be extra I'd guess.

The daftest thing I can imagine, is for an old bloke to suddenly appear with a glistening white set of knashers. David Bowie, what was he thinking? His small sloping-in teeth were part of his face, when he got he ridiculous Portcullis, he insisted on shining it at the camera every few seconds. $100,000s worth of daftness.

22nd Oct 2008, 06:35
Dental work in Brazil is inexpensive and generally good, but I couldn't tell you where to start looking for a dentist. :}

22nd Oct 2008, 07:19
Have em all out:ok: I got a very nasty ENT infection either in CCU or DEL & on return to JED was told "gums very bad, need urgent attention:{ As was due for rotation, had this done in UK. All teeth had to come out or the rest of me head would rot:( Had em all out, now just a new set every 2 years, good init, and they're a super colour:E

Going to open a collectors site as got sooo many sets now!

Metro man
22nd Oct 2008, 07:25
Look at Thailand and the Philippines. Expect to pay around 1/3 of USA/CAN/AUS/W.EUPOPE prices. A really expensive dentist in Manila, one with local film stars as clients would be about half the price of a high street dentist in the west. If substantial work is involved the savings are considerable, even allowing for airfare and hotel.

Choose carefully, Google is your friend here. Lots of internet adverts. Look for major clinics catering to westerners. I had a filling done in Phuket Thailand earlier this year. No waiting and 1/4 the price my Aussie dentist estimated.

Some dentists have the facility for you to email your x-rays so they can quote in advance. Some even do packages including flights and accommodation.

22nd Oct 2008, 07:27
I'd recommend dental work in Thailand. Excellent facilities/equipment and the benefit of a couple of evenings out to take your mind off your sore gums. Don't stay in Bangkok, get a taxi down to Jomtien/Pattaya on the coast.

Not as cheap as it used to be mind, now around 25% of UK costs?

Parents of one of my friends went for some extensive work in Syria. They were very impressed. And it was cheap as chips. Nightlife maybe slightly different to above :)

22nd Oct 2008, 09:00
Disagree. Do get the treatment in Bangkok. There are many very good and cost effective dental centres.

My family uses The Dental Hostpital on Sukhumvit Soi 49. No complaints at all.

Mac the Knife
22nd Oct 2008, 09:43
Come to Cape Town. Really top class dentistry at a tenth of the price. Have a lekker holiday while you're at it!



22nd Oct 2008, 10:55
Thanks for all the replies.

I have a visiting card from a professor at the dental school in Chiang Mai. I met a Norwegian who had had half a dozen teeth done there.
This fits with family holiday plans and has the added bonus of me having to return again.

Happy gnashing!

22nd Oct 2008, 18:38
No need to go to S America, Thailand etc etc./

Take a cheap flight to Warsaw and get some of the best work you'll ever see at a very moderate price. I did and have never regretted it.

Choose by knowledgeable recommendation, though, if possible.

22nd Oct 2008, 18:56
I have a colleague who goes to Budapest. Even a couple of trips is cheaper than a UK dentist.

I've heard that there are dentists sited at some European airports to cater for a flying visit.

Loose rivets
22nd Oct 2008, 20:33
There are some cheap ones just over the border in Mexico. As I walked along the main drag, there were the green chairs in numerous shop windows. The odd dog and kids keeping the dentist company.

Since I had several fillings done without a single jab at age 15, ( damage done when damn sweets came off ration,) I could imagine the image of me in the chair, for all passers by to see, eyeballs popping and legs wrapped round the flood lights. I waited till I got home.

22nd Oct 2008, 21:22
Now, what do you know?

An add for a Hungarian dental surgery has appeared at the bottom of this page.

That's creepy and slightly weird.

I'm starting to feel a bit paranoid now. Do you suppose a psychiatrist add will turn up soon?

mr fish
22nd Oct 2008, 21:32
early this summer, renovating a motorbike with a couple of mates, lots of beer and p:mad:ing about.
one bloke bets he can chuck and catch a 17mm socket in his mouth, i think you can guess the painful ( and it must be said, funny) outcome!!!

Sunray Minor
23rd Oct 2008, 14:40
I can certainly vouch for the Bangkok dental practices - no shortage of them on Google and of the three I've used they were all as good as anything I've had in the UK and much much cheaper.

Ex-girlfriend was a Hungarian oral hygenist and always raved about the quality of medical/dentral treatment back in Budapest. Never tried it myself there but bound to be cheap.

good spark
23rd Oct 2008, 18:25
mr fish
any pictures?

friend of mine has just had four crowns fitted courtesy of a supermarket dental insurance deal-funny how as soon as he paid 1st instalment he had a raging toothache- four times! then cancelled when treatment finnished, as they say every little helps.