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Aussie Insider
21st Oct 2008, 11:42
What was the go with the A330 canning the approach to 23 on a 5 mile final today at about 12:15?

Capt Fathom
21st Oct 2008, 11:45
Because they weren't in a position to land...?

Maybe? It happens!

Just a wild guess!

21st Oct 2008, 11:51
who cares!!!!!! What's next?? a thread about the 210 that did a go round at [email protected]#ck where ever

21st Oct 2008, 11:55
perhaps at 3 quarters of a mile, maverick didn`t have the ball, and then the guy said your a little low couge, your a little low!!!!

21st Oct 2008, 12:03
Maybe they heard about the water? :}

21st Oct 2008, 12:18
Could they see Snowtown from there?


21st Oct 2008, 12:20
Sounds like we have a plane spotter in our midst!!!:suspect:

21st Oct 2008, 12:25
I feel left out, I've done three go-arounds in the last couple of years and never gotten a mention. :bored:


21st Oct 2008, 12:27
The minute I see a 4 letter identifier used I think spotter. :ok:

21st Oct 2008, 13:10
Go arounds are fun!!...:ok:
Not to mention the extra 0.3 hrs in your log book :D:D

21st Oct 2008, 13:12
sorry bout that, but i liked the first approach so much, i wanted to do it again :E

21st Oct 2008, 13:25
Just try not to do it again Nick!
Your wake turbulence caught my 777 unaware that i nearly ended up doing the same :=


21st Oct 2008, 14:22
wow man, maybe this should be reported in the press?!:confused:

Capn Bloggs
21st Oct 2008, 14:38
We should all very thankful the jet decided to go up this time instead of down like at Learmonth. :}

21st Oct 2008, 20:56
Skipper probly hadn't finished his coffee in time.

21st Oct 2008, 22:13
It cracks me up that an A330 go around rates a mention but nothing on PPRUNE yet about a slightly more serious issue with another aircraft on the network. Must have been a busy news day elsewhere. Nice job by the skipper obviously. :ok:

21st Oct 2008, 22:24
OK Keg.... I'll ask. What is the "slightly more serious issue"? :ok:


21st Oct 2008, 23:27
Hmmm one time I did a flight, half way though the cruise I had to go to turb QRH thrust settings with autothrust off due mod/severe turb, couldn't see the instrument very well.

At the end of that same flight I landed on the third approach for various reasons, all involved very bad weather including reactive and predictive windshear, weather far worse than forecast at dest and alternates and rapidly getting worse etc. Nothing much nasty on Wx radar, just very strong wind reported. Decided to keep on cracking on at the same airport after a cheeky hold because alternates were worse and above x-wind limits (massive strong gusty northerly in UK).

After the second Go around I asked the skipper if he fancied taking over control, he said, nahhh. 180 white faced vomit covered pax after that one, poor guys and gals. Oh yeah and a white faced FO. Two windshear recoveries with associated two go arounds followed by a max gusting crosswind landing in one night, at about 3am after flying all day.

Now that was interesting. A G/A at 5 miles isn't generally.

22nd Oct 2008, 00:11
gees, there was this one time I landed with my coffee cup not empty. :hmm: and no bastard reported it... :=

22nd Oct 2008, 00:28
Did anything plunge?

22nd Oct 2008, 00:34
Yeah, it was brutal. :=

22nd Oct 2008, 02:08
Looks as though the media have dropped the ball ....what a pity...:}:E

22nd Oct 2008, 07:04
Sounds serious... Has anyone contacted Today Tonight?

Loose rivets
22nd Oct 2008, 08:14
No, but I'll call the Tonight show today.

Incidentally, when did 'overshooting' become Go Around?

Now, Overshooting means something else entirely, but it took me ages to learn to say Go Around. I mean, it's bad English. "I'm going around" is better...well, it would be if you had an intention of heading back for another go. I mean. What if you want to overshoot - in an upwardly direction, then Fox Oscar to somewhere that was straight ahead. Saying I'm going around would be quite simply misleading.

What the :mad: am I rambling on about? One is going around the living room en route to bed.

22nd Oct 2008, 08:48
What was the go with the A330 canning the approach to 23 on a 5 mile final today at about 12:15?


Please STOP!! PLEASE!!