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21st Oct 2008, 05:36
Zoom in on the 707. I think he's got a ramp from the cockpit to the kitchen so he can drop the groceries off on the way to the pool room.

And do you think the runway would be long enough to get my Yak down safely if I was to visit?

Google Maps (http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&hl=en&geocode=&q=&ie=UTF8&t=h&ll=29.277846,-82.117867&spn=0.005194,0.008111&z=17)

21st Oct 2008, 05:50
Since it's John Travolta's home, 10 seconds on Google will give you all the info you need.

21st Oct 2008, 10:39
check out the big tree at the start of 18.

Just to the right of the house.

Some kids at the start of this year got onto the runway and got airborne off the embankment in a dads new BMW M5. Hit that tree dead on, quite a few feet up.

21st Oct 2008, 12:21
wake up in the afternoon after a crap redeye back from Perth,.... stomach still feeling bad from the greasy shIt I promised myself I wouldn't eat again lastime,...... stumble over my uniform on the ground,...... prick my foot on the cheap nametag that identifies me as the enemy to my Kiwi management,....... scratch my nuts,..... wonder what day it is,.... make it past the cranky missus and screaming kids to the coffee machine in the kitchen......
Sip my warm cup of black death,..... gaze out the window,..... see another f*cken plane and projectile vomit!!!!!!!
Are you serious?...Living? .... I could think of about 6000 things I would rather wake up to and not one of them is a QANTAS clunker!


Towering Q
21st Oct 2008, 13:17
Get outa bed on the wrong side today Mr Buzzy?

Capn Bloggs
21st Oct 2008, 13:45

coffee machine in the kitchen

You earn too much! :}

Green gorilla
21st Oct 2008, 13:52
That old Question do you work to live or live to work.

21st Oct 2008, 22:42
Ah! stepping out of the log cabin and strolling down the pontoon to the Otter on a crisp Autumn morning... Bliss:ok: