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20th Oct 2008, 22:13
No. This is not about Sylvia Kristel...

Sometimes, I think the Earth is like a giant butter-churn. Except that for every rotation about its' axis and every rotation about the Sun, it mostly produces ever more human-beings. Usually born into dire circumstances, displacing the other creatures that we share this planet with and generally becoming mere fodder for politicians, capitalists and religious folk.

But every so often, the butter-churn manages to produce someone like Soeur Emmanuelle (http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/7679487.stm). It's almost apt that this dear lady finally succombs, a few days after so many Western governments have almost miraculously 'found' several trillion dollars to safeguard the World's financial system. But have never 'found' the wherewithal to come up with the 20-30 billion dollars annually that might save so many child deaths in the less developed countries... :sad:

Do not RIP Soeur Emmanuelle. If there's a hereafter - give 'em hell sister! And don't stop there. If you can manage it, let's have some serious repercussions down here as well if you can manage that.

I don't really believe that Soeur Emmanuelle will be able to accomplish much more now. She spent so many years around the rubbish tips of Egypt and apparently decided that contraception would be a welcome alternative to the uncontrolled methods espoused if not ordained by her hierarchy. Perhaps if we had a future-Pope that would spend 20 years amongst his flock of Christian and Muslim (both believe in the same God after all) in a rubbish tip, the Vatican would have more relevance...

My last remaining pudicat departed last Wednesday. In case your paths cross, dear Soeur Emmanuelle, Pudi loves to cuddle under the covers. Sometimes I'd look into her eyes and become almost mesmerised. Whatever, she was a very great comfort to me. I'd be very proud (and grateful) if you'd allow Pudi a cuddle or 2 when it's time for you both to sleep in the next life.

In my estimation Soeur Emmanuelle, you found that there was a lot of crap in religion, there were crappy religions and perhaps simply, just too much crap all over...? Whatever, I'll look forward to continuing this debate in the hereafter, if there's one.

SMT Member
21st Oct 2008, 02:55
Great post Airship, and with some very true observations as well.

The Invisible Cat
21st Oct 2008, 09:03
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My last remaining pudicat departed last WednesdaySo sorry about that mr airship.
One hopes that AirshipTowers will not remain catless, onces grief recedes
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