View Full Version : Tax on vehicular mobility?

Loose rivets
20th Oct 2008, 04:50
My neighbor has lots of cars...one of them is a Viper, 670 bhp out of a V10. However, the one thing that's turned him on just lately is his new Toy quasi electric thingy.

I was astonished to find that you couldn't plug it in at home...I mean, wasn't that the point. (I slay myself sometimes :} ) Anyway, darn thing starts petrol driven charger, just when it pleases.

In the UK, what's to stop someone simply hooking up a supply and topping the batteries at night...on cheap rate even? Since this would avoid so much tax, could this go on for long?

The Rivetess read out a statement tonight about most of the big players going for the development of totally electric cars. What'll happen, secure meters in the home with death to those that plug into heating supplies?

Howard Hughes
20th Oct 2008, 04:55
They will get you hooked on electric cars and then fleece you with carbon credits!:hmm:

Does your neighbour have a Tesla? (http://www.teslamotors.com/) :ok:

Loose rivets
20th Oct 2008, 05:46
No, I was telling him about the batteries in that car just today. Hard to believe just how many there are.

The guy behind him was the owner of a Ford GT 40 replica.

Ford GT40, Ford GT (http://www.wreckedexotics.com/gt40/fordgt_20060625_002.shtml)

He shortened it one day when the first neighbor was in it. Ford were flown in but it was a gonna at 1,700 miles. He got a new one. $250,000 I'm told.

Howard Hughes
20th Oct 2008, 08:06
What a waste!:{

Although I wouldn't mind having a go at turning it into a 'fixer upper'...:ok: