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18th Oct 2008, 21:49
Only just seen this [closed] thread
If you start a thread can you close it - or is it up to the mods?
I thought you could only delete it.
I realise Mephisto appears suitably chastened ...and presumably won't do it again ... but the Broccoli problem is much less straightforward.
Am I showing my green credentials [after a few glasses of red] ?

tony draper
18th Oct 2008, 22:05
I dislike boccoli intensely,if I see the word broccoli in a post I refuse to read it.
Filthy green stuff it should all be killed.

Capn Notarious
18th Oct 2008, 22:43
Broccoli, fabulous stuff. Steamed and lightly salted. Would those that might pour cheese sauce on top of it: stand facing the corner.

Now Mackeral is a different kettle of fish.

18th Oct 2008, 22:56
My old aunt has hit 89 (think she's still having sex since she found some 'fancy man' I must have a chat with her doctor about this) eating broccoli (minus storks) here is a link to the history of broccoli if you need something to send one asleep.......
Vegetarians in Paradise/ Broccoli History/Broccoli Nutrition/ Broccoli Folklore/Broccoli Recipe (http://www.vegparadise.com/highestperch44.html)

ps. While shopping with her today I was aghast to find her splitting green bean pods open and removing the beans. :ugh: Don't think she paid for them. I walked away.

Jan 2009 she's flying to NZ God help BA

18th Oct 2008, 23:04
Just as a cooking tip.....the last post reminded me...

When eating storks with broccoli the best bits by far are the drumsticks, because of tbeir length. Mind you, the rest of the bird is pretty tasty, especially if roasted very slowly; overnight is best.

If it comes with a large cloth, check carefully for a baby. While just as tasty as the stork, it's against the law to eat them.

tony draper
18th Oct 2008, 23:17
Hitler ate almost nothing else but brocolli and look at the arse he made of the war,admittedly he did take the occasional cream cake as well, one hastens to add here that philosophically one has nowt agin cream cakes and one doesn't think they played a large part in his downfall.

18th Oct 2008, 23:29
I remember POTUS Bush stating somthing like the following: He was responding to criticism of some 'anti-broccoli' comments that he'd made and the accusers were some American farmer lobby group

'When I was a kid I hated broccoli, but my mum made me eat it. Now I'm President of the USA and I still hate it and no way am I going to eat any more of it'.

19th Oct 2008, 01:36
That was President Bush, Sr. It made him unpopular with the broccoli lobby.

Then there was the famous cartoon from the "New Yorker", showing small American boy, victim of some female trying to trick him into eating the wretched mess: "I say it's broccoli, and I say the Hell with it!".

19th Oct 2008, 01:39
My main objection to broccoli is not that is green but that it is so virulently green.it is green in a very aggressive way,I like my greens to be a little less demonstrative.

19th Oct 2008, 01:49
Did you know that the cartoon 'Popye' was produced to entice kids to eat spinach.


19th Oct 2008, 02:08
Sorry that was nothing to do with broccoli - personally I love it !!

19th Oct 2008, 02:17
Did you know that the cartoon 'Popye' was produced to entice kids to eat spinach

Yes. A research paper revealed that spinach contained about 10 times per unit more iron, I think it was, than other foods. Years later some quick-witted entrepreneur spotted the implications and Popeye took life. Jolly good.

Many years later, further research established that in the earlier work a decimal point had been misplaced, so the result had been nonsense. By then, who cared?

Not to prolong the earlier thread that has been killed, those who come up with the Holy Joe, etc., miss the point altogether. I used to take a small store of stamps into the office for my personal mail, but if I ran out I really would not worry too much about using the firm's franking machine for my own purposes. Unlike the thread-starter, though, I did not try to fool myself that this was justified. My sins were as the scarlet.

Put aside the self-deception, I recall the Christmas (in my experience shoplifting came in a wave at Christmas) when I got a call to come to a department store where a respected middle-aged physician had been nabbed lifting some trivial items. It is long ago, so memory is fading, but I think it was a cheap bra or a pair of panties. Whatever it was, it was cheap, cost a handful of change but was a tad embarrassing.

To the store detective who had caught him this was red meat to a tiger. That doctor was not prosecuted and for one reason only: me. Trust me, I begged and grovelled to that store detective. I have seen members of my profession slagged here for being sophists, and in my pleas for that chap I pulled out every stop in the organ.

The store detective gave up his red meat to me, and he had no reason to do so, save that I painted what I hoped was a true picture of the Hell that awaited my doctor, the detective was a really decent chap, and he let that medical SOB off.

This took a fair time, you may be sure, in which Mrs Physician had to be brought into the scene. There was no prosecution. Please do not tell me about "A cry for Help" or any of that psychobabble. As I say, they could thank me, none other, that he was not disgraced before the community, and if the moral of this anecdote is lost on the jubilee clip fellow ............

19th Oct 2008, 02:33
Thanks for your reply Davaar. I see sprouts are in season.:O

19th Oct 2008, 03:50
I see sprouts are in season.Excellent! I'll dust off the shotgun and bag a few then. :ok:

Loose rivets
19th Oct 2008, 05:57
The store detective gave up his red meat to me, and he had no reason to do so, save that I painted what I hoped was a true picture of the Hell that awaited my doctor, the detective was a really decent chap, and he let that medical SOB off.

S'funny, but an exceedingly well known character had mum called in and lots of pleas...and tears. He was let off, while an investor in a company that I flew for, went to jail for an almost identical crime. Luck of the draw I suppose, but the record and aviation industry would have been a totally different scene, if he'd gone to jail.

Until recently I thought that too, and thought that free speech prevailed. But then a minor problem arose, and I sent a Perfectly Polite and reasonable PM to a mod, requesting an explanation of the actions which had been taken against me.

The reply included, to my horror :

If . . . . . . I discover. . . that you have . . . . . . . I will ban you permanently from all forums

Sheeeeesh! Call that a rebuke. I dream of having rebukes as mild as that.:rolleyes: And mine was at the same time described as 'Well written and funny.' Just no accounting for folk.

Where were we. Oh yes, broccoli. Has to be steamed...then eaten by someone else.:}

non iron
19th Oct 2008, 07:21
Jeez, brocolli, er brocco, er broccoly, any way cooked with a chicken stock cube and liquidised makes fantastic soup for guests.

Don`t actually eat it yourself of course.

Also, l appear to be half banned. This has probably earned me the full monty.

Before l evaporate may l say that `sprouts don`t do soup worth a s$it ?

Roger Sofarover
19th Oct 2008, 08:12
But why was the thread closed? I don't get it? Mephisto could have deleted, so it is doubtful he complained at his bruising to result in the closure.:confused::confused:

tony draper
19th Oct 2008, 08:53
On the other hand one is very fond of yer sprout a noble veg,like a small compressed cabbage.

19th Oct 2008, 09:35
Broccoli? I don't get it.

The only thing I dislike more than broccoli is spam, spam, spam, spam and spam.

I have to clear oodles of the stuff out from my mailbox every day.

tony draper
19th Oct 2008, 09:45
Spam fritters is ok,slice it dip it in batter fling it int frying pan,great with beans and a couple of eggs, nice pot of tea,what more could a man ask forris brecky.

non iron
19th Oct 2008, 11:27
Two veg l love.

One is spouts, they can be cooked to suit the mood.
Almost crispy if one will, or less than firm with a roast.
Watering at the mouth at the prospect of bubble n squeek fried with proper mushy peas. Not to everyones taste admittedly.

The second ? proper pork sausage.

Half vegetarian one suspects.

Pontius Navigator
19th Oct 2008, 12:10
As to the original post the obviuos solution was never mentioned. It was like the man driving his 2-seater sports car, in pouring rain when he sees his girlfriend, a little old lady and his boss at a bus stop. What to do?

The answer was jump out, give the boss the keys, ask him to drive the little old lady home and shelter with girl friend under the umbrella.

The OP should have driven the SinL a lift to the hospital. Job done. Then return home and rumage in shed for JC that he knew was there. Job done, conscience clear.

19th Oct 2008, 12:19
Having brocolli for lunch today.
Love it with roast beef and spuds. :D

non iron
19th Oct 2008, 12:45
A tad surprised that nobody( may have missed it ) has explained how to promote " trees " for kids.

l wouldn`t willingly eat it, so why should the little ones bother ?

19th Oct 2008, 12:49
I cooked cauliflower and broccoli the other day - onion, garlic, cumin seeds, mustard seeds, turmeric, a little tomato, a few diced potato pieces and salt and all of this cooked in olive oil.

Very nice. You can cook it till the broccoli is indistinguishable from the cauliflower, but I'd rather just stop short so that you get the taste back :)

non iron
19th Oct 2008, 13:13
Are you Gordon Ramsey in real life ?

You`ve sold me.

19th Oct 2008, 13:48

19th Oct 2008, 13:49

west lakes
19th Oct 2008, 13:56
Blue Lobsters


19th Oct 2008, 14:09
Crispy fresh Broc with Cauli in a simple salad with some good cold baby lamb or young piggy with a good sauce:ok:

19th Oct 2008, 15:15
Clearly the laddy who made the original post was not a shed owner.

Any respectable shed owner would have a shelf full of jam jars full of useful stuff. (TIP: nail the lid of the jar to the bottom of the shelf and double yer storage fer useful bit - saves altering the space between yer shelves).

Really, just the sort of chappie who you might expect to go nicking stuff from shops.

19th Oct 2008, 15:48
apparently there is nothing blue that's edible

Some suggestions above . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . . and what about the various types of Blue Cheese ?

Solid Rust Twotter
19th Oct 2008, 16:07
Fry up yer diced streaky bacon then add yer lightly steamed broccoli. Stir about for a bit to absorb flavour then transfer to a dish, sprinkle a few garlic croutons on top, bit of shaved parmesan and serve.

Garlic croutons can be made by chucking some cubed stale bread into a bag with a splash of olive oil and a clove or two of crushed garlic. Shake it about then pour on to a baking tray and stick it under the grill on high heat for a minute or three. Stir it about to turn it over then back in for a minute or so and serve in soups and salads.

tony draper
19th Oct 2008, 17:22
Yet again a slight change of subject, was once installing a CCTV camera in a hardware store,in a prominent position in this store was a large wooden board encrusted with hooks upon these hooks hung every size of jubilee clip in the known universe, thousands of the feckers, one had successfully avoided this obstacle all day,finished job,got bloke behind counter to sign me paper work and on the way out heading for home looking forward to warmth dinner and comfort one caught the bastard board wi me shoulder,ten million jubilee clips all over the bloody floor, of course one had to pickem up size them ,and hang em back on their respective hooks.
One's hatred for broccoli pales into insignificance compared to one's hatred of feckin jubillee clips.

19th Oct 2008, 17:25
Been looking for a recipe for jubilee clips and broccoli. No luck so far. I only like the flowerettes usually raw with a dip. The stalks are 'orrible, second only to cream of celery soup.

19th Oct 2008, 17:45
Damn! There was me thinking that the thread title was about how Daniel Craig managed to get the coveted role of 007.... :ooh: ;)


tony draper
19th Oct 2008, 17:48
Well if he is owt like other actors it probably involved a act of gross indecency.

19th Oct 2008, 18:46
There are blue potatoes it seems...

One Potato, Two Potatoes, Red Potatoes, Blue Potatoes! (http://www.deliciousorganics.com/recipes/potatoes.htm)


19th Oct 2008, 19:07
Nah, Daniel Craig got the job via use of a 'Cubby hole'....

19th Oct 2008, 19:45
I'm sure we all know the difference between broccoli and boogies....
you can't get a 2 year old to eat broccoli!!!



Arm out the window
19th Oct 2008, 21:54
Here's some gratuitous thread drift:

I often grab the dictionary when I see a word I sort of know the meaning of, but not quite.
Davaar used the word 'sophist,' and while reading about it I happened upon this word, which I'd never seen before: 'sooterkin'.

Imagine my surprise at reading the definition:

sooterkin (arch.) - Dutch woman's afterbirth allegedly produced by sitting over stove; (fig) abortive scheme, imperfect literary composition.

Anyway, back to that broccoli!

19th Oct 2008, 22:43
Yes, Arm, I guess most of my sophistries closely resemble your typical sooterkin. That one is new to me too, but I well recall my delight on first being labelled a sophist in these very pages by a disgruntled poster. Dutch women, you say? And stoves. Ach! I'll let it be. It prompts so many questions. Sooterkin!! Hmmmm.

Say! It is a real serendipity!

Jetex Jim
19th Oct 2008, 22:49
Sophist, oh that's a shame. I was hoping you'd said solipsist, it's such a rare pleasure to meet another.

19th Oct 2008, 23:28
JJ...is it even possible? :cool:

tony draper
19th Oct 2008, 23:36
One's favorite word this week has been "verisimilitude" one always tries to introduce one's favorite word of the week into conversation at least once a day,SWH is seldom Impressed by vocabulary though,with yer hound it is tone of voice that counts.

19th Oct 2008, 23:51
Brocolli is delicious when RAW, like most vegetables, but also, like most vegetables, becomes instantly disgusting when placed anywhere heat or water. Cauli is similarly acceptable. Neither can be redeemed by any amount of cheese once they have been disgustified by heat or water.

Brussels Sprouts, on the other hand, are inherently disgusting, and should all be sent back to Brussels.

tony draper
20th Oct 2008, 00:05
Most people here felt the same way Mr W until we discovered fire and the use thereof.

20th Oct 2008, 00:09
I was hoping you'd said solipsist,

I could always try; but like the curate, I Have Doubts. At times I even fear the self is not at all knowable. How sure are you? What would Bishop Berkeley say?

20th Oct 2008, 00:37
I cooked cauliflower and broccoli the other day - onion, garlic, cumin seeds, mustard seeds, turmeric, a little tomato, a few diced potato pieces and salt and all of this cooked in olive oil.

Bombayduck, I hate cauliflower in any way, shape or form no matter how it is cooked, until....

Our youngest son's best friend is from India, living here earning his US citizenship. His mother, who actually lives in Dubai, came over not long ago and while she was here cooked a traditional Indian dinner for us. One of the dishes was cauliflower. Being a good guest, even though I was in my own home, I tried the nasty stuff.

I loved it, the first time in my life I actually liked to eat cauliflower. She breaded it, then fried it and made a wonderful sauce that she served it in. She gave me the recipe, but sadly I cannot duplicate the dish. I guess you must be Indian to cook it properly. :(

Funny thing is that I love Broccoli, no matter how it is served.

(Unless it is over cooked, yuck!)

henry crun
20th Oct 2008, 05:11
Con: Try cauliflower roasted, lovely different taste.
There are plenty of recipes online.

20th Oct 2008, 07:25
Try cauliflower roasted, lovely different taste.
Stick some Laughing Cow cheese on the top.....nice, easy cauli cheese

henry crun
20th Oct 2008, 08:11
If you are going to top it with processed cheese WALSue, it would, IMHO, completely ruin the taste, and suggests to me that you have not cooked properly roasted cauliflower.:p

Con: An alternative to roasting which might have more appeal to you is deep frying.
As before, recipes are online, and it is not just a case of tossing it into hot fat.

20th Oct 2008, 09:15
Mr Crun, please tell me you've tried it chopped raw in the salad, with a little olive oil and cider vinegar dressing :{

20th Oct 2008, 09:36
It's very simple - vegetables are not food. Vegetables are what food eats

Jetex Jim
20th Oct 2008, 09:43
What would Bishop Berkeley say?

How about.
He who can digest a second or third fluxion, a second or third difference, need not, we think, be squeamish about any point of divinity.

Me, I can't digest brocolli.

Jubillee clips however, they can be divine.

20th Oct 2008, 09:46
There you are then. What more need be said?

henry crun
20th Oct 2008, 09:57
Dry your tears BlueWolf, I have tried it that way, and just about every other way that has been devised. :)

20th Oct 2008, 11:13
Everything's got to be better than curdled Yaks milk. :*

20th Oct 2008, 16:07
Why?(why do I always get "your message is too short" **** em, and another thing gisus an English English spell check- wankers)

20th Oct 2008, 17:07
gisus an English English spell check
use firefox that has one.

Sailor Vee
20th Oct 2008, 19:25
English EnglishWas that translated from Double Dutch? :rolleyes:

Loose rivets
21st Oct 2008, 02:06
I didn't like anything that wasn't Lamb Chop, Pork Chop or steak...until I was courting.

Tired and hungry, I would arrive at the Rivetess' mum's home, only to be regai...nay, confronted with the smell of curryfied things. Uggg! Salivating, a nibble here, a taste there, soon One was to be found delving into the cauldron...er, sorry, the cook-pot.

They hadn't had to cook for themselves in India, but now, they were experimenting, and suddenly my samples were tasting sooooooooooo good.

What the heck had that got to do with broccoli? Ah, yes. Con's post.

And now, for something completely different.

Earlier, AME wrote

Female PPRuNe moderators are obviously a breed apart !
AMEandPPL is online now Report Post

You Lucky, Lucky medical person you. I dream of being moderated by a Female PPRuNe erm, moderator. :E