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18th Oct 2008, 12:50
I wonder if there is anyone here who remembers my Grandfather and Great Grandfather , Capt L.V " buddy" Messenger and his son Capt P.L Messenger.

Great Grandad originally flew for Imperial on the HP42 he went on to become Fleet manager on Stratocruisers before taking a mangement role at WAAC at Lagos in 1959.

Grandad started with BOAC in 1948 and was seconded to Aden Airways for a couple of years before returning on Stratocruisers, he got his command on the DC7, moved on to the Comet 4 and the 707 before finally flying the DC10 in a tie up with Air New Zealand during the mid 70's.
He passed away in 1977.

Anything is interesting good, bad or ugly!;)

avionic type
4th Nov 2008, 14:55
My Dad flew with him during and after the war as a "Flying Spanner"and told many a tale of "daring do"and knew him of course in his mechanic mode at Imperial Airways ,
He flew on trooping and freight runs to France in the H.P.42s with him in 1939-40 before the fall of France , he said he was always the perfect gentleman and admired him unfortunatly I can't remember anything pacific as it was a long time ago and he died in 1977 but i remember the those bits
Hope it helps

4th Nov 2008, 17:48
Capt Messenger gets several mentions in "Merchant Airmen" the official account of civil aviation during the war.
His photograph is included along with some other well known captains.
He was at Bordeaux with an Ensign on the day France capitulated.
"He arrived at Bordeaux in the middle of the tumult,learned the news with dismay,managed somehow to get some petrol,filled up every corner of his aircraft with RAF men,and took off at once"
Then on Liberators,between Montreal and Prestwick,Captain LV Messenger was the first man to complete 50 Atlantic crossings.On one occasion a seagull smashed the windscreen after departure from Gander.Unable to land for 4 hours due to weight,he continued across the ocean.

9th Nov 2008, 18:37
My late father flew with "Buddy" a number of times both on Liberators and Stratocruisers as a F/E but other than distant memories of Dad saying he was a really nice guy to fly with, the only other thing I have is a "BOAC news" from 1951 which features a picture of LV on the flight deck of a Strat which also contains an article on him achieving 350 Atlantic crossings - I can try and get it - the picture and article - copied here if you don't mind me doing so!

15th Nov 2008, 18:25
Thankyou all very much for your replies so far, it makes very interesting reading!
I would be interested to see the Strat picture you have to see if it is a new one that I have not seen before.:)

Any more recollections of Captain Pete Messenger ( his son)?

And if anyone thinks of anything else for "Buddy ,L.V , Two breakfasts Messenger or any of the other names he seems to have gone by then please tell me!:ok:

15th Sep 2009, 08:55
Hi Corin,
I have recently joined the forum and read your post.
I had the privilege of knowing both your Great Grandfather and your Grandfather.
I rejoined BOAC in 1949 after returning from flying duties with The RAF and, being a Bristolian with flying experience, was posted to the crew scheduling department of No. 3 Line at Filton Airport. At that time No. 3 Line had recently been rebased from Dorval Airport, Montreal, Canada to Filton. This coincided with phasing out the then current Lockheed Constellation 049 aircraft and replacing it with the Boeing 377 Stratocruiser.
It was at this time that I met Buddy who was a Senior Captain flying the Srat. My recollection of him is of a jovial , pleasant smiling individual who was liked by everyone.
In those days flying the atlanic was not as we take for granted today. All the Senior Captains kept a jealous record of their total crossings but Buddy was always by far the leader.
Eventually Buddy left (a very sad loss) to tke up a position with an airline in, I believe, Africa.
Some years later when I was in charge of all Flight Crew Scheduling and Training Administraion one of the aircraft in my charge was the DC 10 and it was there that I met Peter. Being much closer to my age I knew him better and I had the pleasure of being on a training flight whilst he was undergoing training.
That is a short summary of my relationship with them, if you wish to ask any questions, please do. I will do my utmost to answer them bearing in mind that all this took place many years ago.
Your family should be very proud of them both.

Norman (Crook)

18th Sep 2009, 22:00
Corin 100

'fraid I can't help your memories, but you've jogged mine !

I joined the Strat. fleet in 1958 as a trainee P3 / Nav. and of course knew of Buddy, tho' I never met him, that I can recall. Equally Pete was a well known name on my later rosters, but I didn't fly with him, either.

I don't recall seeing the picture of Buddy Messenger, but I do remember a similar one of another character, Capt O.P.Jones, also celebrating a number of Atlantic crossings. Don't forget that an Atl. crossing was still a notable event, it wasn't long after B.S.A.A. had lost two aircraft flying to Bermuda, and some of the Strat.Captains were given the sobriquet North Atlantic Barons as a result of their - self assumed - elevated position as Atlantic flyers !!

One once delayed the evening BOAC Stratocruiser 'Monarch' to New York, because on arrival at the old building 221 crew reporting office he found that his trousers had been taken from the locker that he had placed there, as he didn't want to travel on the bus ( only stewardesses with Middle Eastern boyfriends who bought them pink Jaguars could afford motor cars in those days ! ) looking like a concierge from the Ritz, no problem delay the service whilst he caught the bus home and back to get another pair. He did, too, and that made the Daily Mail front page ! No, of course that wasn't Buddy, but my lips are sealed !!

Happy Days.

Nice to hear of you, too, Norman !


19th Sep 2009, 16:39
Read your comments. I remember the incident well. After a working life of 40 years with BOAC/RAF/BOAC/BA I could add to the list!!
I can remember you chaps arriving. I am sure that we almost certainly Know each other from my days in Crew Scheduling/Training Admin.
How are you doing? All us survivours are so much older now than in the good old Strat days. I am approaching 81 which makes me ancient and a source of concern to the pension fund!!.

20th Sep 2009, 07:01

Hi ! Check you P.M.s.

( and keep drawing the pension - shame about Staff Travel )


28th Sep 2009, 14:14
Hi Corin,
Try BA Archives section at LHR. They should have stories and photographs of Buddy due to his high profile.
If you are interested I will try to find a contact number for them.

28th Sep 2009, 20:29

Pls. check your Private Messages, I've tried to contact you.

Thank you,


17th Oct 2009, 20:30
Hi Corin,
Have you made any further progress in your quest for info on Buddy & Peter?.

21st Nov 2011, 15:03
Sorry for not replying for such a long time, the past year or so seems to have been taken up with work and moving house!
It was very good to talk to you on the phone a while back and I will call again soon.

Thank you to everybody else who has replied, I am still very interested to here of anyone else who recalls these two.

I have since had my Grandfathers cine films transferred to DVD, whilst they do not all contain aviation material there is some 707 flight deck and crew footage. Once I work out how to I will load it to you tube or similar in case anyone recognises themselves!

It has been very interesting going through the huge amount of paperwork and log books I inherited for both of them but it is just as interesting to here from anyone that remembers them. I was one when Peter died so other peoples recollections however small or insignificant are of great interest.

Thank you all very much.