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DX Wombat
18th Oct 2008, 11:54
To the ladies and gentlemen who fly the Hercules over Shobdon, a little something to make you smile - meet one of your biggest fans - Bryn. He has been known to stop eating when he hears you approaching, and he LOVES eating, in order to rush to a suitable vantage point to watch you fly through. :ok: He remains watching until you have disappeared from sight behind the Welsh Mountains (or far away in other directions).
He doesn't normally wear a big blue bow but he was attending a wedding that day and bows were compulsory for the dogs

18th Oct 2008, 12:20
I wish you hadn't posted that photo as Bryn reminds me so much of our little mongrel who died this time last year. He loved having his photo taken, probably because he enjoyed the flash, and he adopted a pose similar to Bryn's every time he saw a camera. Not an aero-fan though.

Just can't forget him.


DX Wombat
18th Oct 2008, 20:27
I'm not a poof (what's one of those anyway?) the bride decreed that all the dogs would wear a bow and I didn't mind because she is very kind to me and sent me some lovely steak to eat after the wedding. How did you get those very sore-looking black eyes Dave? I hope your owner didn't give them to you. I don't need to bite someone's balls as DX W buys me my own to play with She also buys me bones and things to eat. :ok: .
Zoom, I'm really sorry to hear about your dog :{ Would a few big sloppy licks help you to feel a bit better? I promise to try very hard not to add a sneaky finger-chew.
I've had to have a word with that cat on the Shobdon Tornado thread. It isn't a Shobdon cat at all, all our cats are female and none is called John. :* John better watch out if Max (Sheepdog i/c CFI & Office) or I see him as we'll chase him off our airfield. :E :E :E
Dictated by Bryn the Sheepdog as he doesn't seem to be able to post replies in here. :(

20th Oct 2008, 15:41
How can it enjoy eating if its mouth is tied closed?
isnt that cruel?

20th Oct 2008, 19:01
Surely the GE's would be more interested in the dog than the pilots? :E

20th Oct 2008, 21:22
That is to stop it biting it's owner for putting that stupid blue bow on it, as somebody mentioned earlier.

No...it to stop him putting on his lipstick every five minutes :}

Loose rivets
20th Oct 2008, 22:18
This hound was in a little town Ooop north. He was looking around quite happily...until I raised my camera. Then he hid, best he could.

I had a big lens on, and was not all that close. He just knew, and didn't approve.


20th Oct 2008, 22:35

That's a terrific photo of Big Dave. Have you ever thought of sticking it over your own passport photo next time you fly Ryanair? That would wake the miserable toe-rags up!

Lon More
20th Oct 2008, 23:24
1½miles. Looks like Big Dave's eyes are about to start watering. Got his nuts in a mousetrap?

Captain Stable
21st Oct 2008, 07:46
I originally misread the title of this thread and thought it was about Agatha Christie's Belgian bloke... :ugh: :O

henry crun
21st Oct 2008, 08:07
Taking dogs to a wedding ! the mind boggles.

Lon More
21st Oct 2008, 09:14
Sorry, can't help but find Big Dave's photo funny; he looks so surprised. Think I might nick it as an avatar.

Buster Hyman
21st Oct 2008, 10:02
Like the rest of us, does he shit himself when an Antonov flies over DX?:ooh:

21st Oct 2008, 10:25
My dog always ran for cover when the old BAC 1-11s used to take off from Birminhgam.


Always smiled for the camera too:


Jess: 1986-2001

I miss that mut. :{

Bryn the Sheepdog
21st Oct 2008, 11:16
:{ I've been banished to JB and that impostor cat John who plagiarised my thread is still lurking in the MIL Forum. :{
Henry - I was the one invited to the wedding, DX was allowed to go only if she took me. :)
Piggy, that's my Halti. It's a sort of headcollar for dogs and is nicer than a collar when I'm out walking. I can still open my mouth VERY wide. :E
Tinny, - behave yourself! You know better than that. :(
Buster, I've never seen an Antonov, not even a little one.

Windy Militant
21st Oct 2008, 11:56
Dylu'r enw dim fod Bryn Y Ci defaid? ;)
My mummy waves at the Hercules because she's seen them flying past my house on the way to roost at Alberts nest. Her loopy mutton herder takes no notice of them or the loud pointy things, but she's terrified of plastic bags.:rolleyes::}

21st Oct 2008, 13:19
Bryn is surely growing up fast there DX :ok:
Can I just say though isn't it rather bizarre to invite dogs to a wedding :oh:

DX Wombat
23rd Oct 2008, 21:17
Hmm, Bryn now seems to be having serious problems posting here in JB. :{ He wanted to tell Windy that he's very sorry but he can't remember how to speak much Welsh as he hasn't had much chance to do so since he left the farm when he was eight weeks old. :{ I'm not much help either as I'm limited to about six words, none of which appears in Windy's message. :( He was wondering if you were asking if should really be called a collie? His mummy and daddy are registered Welsh Sheepdogs (http://www.welsh-sheepdogs.co.uk/) but he can't be registered as such as he isn't a working dog.
He finds the Tornados noisy but isn't frightened by them but he doesn't like being near a helicopter when its rotors are running - he HATES the rotorwash.
Flower, the idea of inviting the dogs was so that their owners wouldn't need to leave them at home or a kennels for the day. They didn't go into the church but, as the reception was held at the Arboretum where they could be taken for walks, they went there.
Here are the latest few photos:
1 Me in my new (to me) tin tent:
2 I'm not really supposed to be on here.
3 THIS is my bed :) It's some special bedding for dogs and has a lovely Elk pattern on it. I have a blue one with pawprints for home and a black one with grey pawprints for the car.
4 The locker doubles up as a pillow for me
5 This is not my sleeping bag and I'm not supposed to be curled up on it.
6 Walking at Wapley Hill on Tuesday, DX was taking a photo of the light filtering through the trees but I managed to sneak in.

Windy Militant
24th Oct 2008, 07:49
Hello Bryn, No problem, I was asking if your name should have been Bryn the Sheepdog, but in Welsh. As far as I know there is no Welsh word for Collie. They've always called them Ci defaid around the part of the "Fro Cymraeg" I grew up in.
Reminds me of the story of the French farmer who bought a couple of Sheepdogs from a guy near Carmarthen. The breeder got a call complaining that said dogs were hopless and Pierre wanted his money back. The guy went out to France and it was then the penny or was it the Franc dropped.
They realised that the dogs couldn't understand French. They taught the Farmer some Welsh and they were rounding up les moutons in no time. ;)