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Guy D'ageradar
17th Oct 2008, 14:50

TAC.tv : The Pilot - tac.tv (http://www.tetesaclaques.tv/video.php?vid=771)

(Sorry, Danny's linkmatic's doing funny things!!)

17th Oct 2008, 15:19
Ha ha :D:D:D

Very funny and v creative. The secretary is also hilarious, eh ?



17th Oct 2008, 16:19
Well, I thought that these French pilots expressed themselves very clearly and succinctly in a foreign language (American-English). Certainly communicating far better than I can recall any puppet representing Thunderbirds and the International Rescue team ever having done so (I believe Lady Penelope might have had a splattering of French available but it was always accompanied by a lot of stuttering and seemingly uncoordinated hand-eye movements). As for Virgil, Scott, Jeff, Gordon and Brains etc. , I blame their own stuttering responses to the understandably high consumption of alcoholic beverages that usually accompany being stationned on desolate island bases with just palm trees and the ocean surf beating onto the reef as a never-ending backdrop...?! Sort of like the human-beings on Diego Garcia...

17th Oct 2008, 16:43
Smooooth. Very smooth! :}

17th Oct 2008, 17:08
Pure gold, tx for posting.

Guy D'ageradar
17th Oct 2008, 21:01
Don't just look at the original - the follow-ups are priceless!! :ok:

18th Oct 2008, 07:58
They are not French, they're Canadian, and they are immensely popular in the French speaking aviation community. In my company we all know the lines by heart, and it is not uncommon to hear '' dis is flight DC one tirrrrtytwo'' or ''don't push de little button on de joystick'' or the ''Oh oh, Captain McCoy'' (from the sequel) lines on the crew bus :)

Guy D'ageradar
18th Oct 2008, 10:50
flyblue - I am fuly aware that they are Quebeckers - two seconds of the accent is enough to establish that! I was referring to the language, not the nationality.

As to popularity - like to guess which callsign makes most of the "mayday" calls in the Geneva ATC sim these days?!!!!:ok:

18th Oct 2008, 11:03
Absolutely brilliant, thanks for posting that :ok: Even my better half, who is not connected to aviation in any way, was laughing out loud

14th Mar 2009, 20:40
A new episode. Absolutely insanely brilliant. Still one of the funniest things I've seen in a long while. Notice the praying co-pilot at the end. Priceless

TAC.tv : The hostage Part 2 - tac.tv (http://www.tac.tv/video.php?vid=1501)

14th Mar 2009, 22:59
Keep me briefed on the next episodes?


14th Mar 2009, 23:17
I am fuly aware that they are Quebeckers - two seconds of the accent is enough to establish that!

Maybe they are, but they do not sound it. Tabernac! Beh paw pure laine, dat for sure. Hai tell you, me.

Lon More
15th Mar 2009, 00:52
Anybody ever read this? There is a French link:)

“Ace McCool” spoofs the airline industry through the laughter-packed exploits of Down East International, a fictional “fly-by-night” operation based in Moncton, New Brunswick.

The hilarious adventures of Down East began with Ace McCool, an ex-military pilot, flying a de Havilland Dragon Rapide through impossible east coast weather. “The Ace” graduated to DC-3s, Vanguards and then a Boeing 727. Along the way, he collected a rag-tag bunch of supporting characters:

Dim-witted pilot Pete Braddock, “who could have flown the crate an airplane came in.”

The Smarts, an insufferable Englishman, a “polemaster of the first water.”

Churchy Laflamme, “de bes’ copilot of dem all.”

Cowboy McCloskey, the big Albertan who commuted to Down East in his personal CF-104.

Red Starr, the long-haired hippie pilot who flew approaches in bare feet.

These pilots along with copilot T.I. (Totally Inept) Jacobs, cabin crew Stew Jane, Crazy Iris and Mile-High Millie, mechanic Phil Lister and others stumble their way from one slap-stick episode to another.

These are the same tall tales that thousands of aviators laughed along with in Canadian Aviation magazine. Now, for the first time they have been assembled in this collectors’ edition.

Come fly and laugh with Ace McCool of Down East International:

“Moncton Tower, this is Boeing chrome-plated stovepipe triple nickle eightball, ten in the slot, boots on and laced, ready to touch and blow.”

“Boeing chrome-plated stovepipe triple nickle eightball, Moncton Tower. Got you ten in the slot, boots on and laced. You got the nod... to hit the sod.”

15th Mar 2009, 12:09
TAC.tv : The Pilot Part 3 - tac.tv (http://www.tac.tv/video.php?vid=1161)

99.9% of us who fly for a living would find this scarily accurate...

Edited to add: you might need to watch this one first. TAC.tv : The Pilot Part 2 - tac.tv (http://www.tac.tv/video.php?vid=921)

Hussar 54
18th Mar 2009, 15:06
In a simlar way, there was also something on a UK radio channel, maybe, a few months ago...A comedy series about a small airline which never has any money and seemed to have been too true not to be based on reality...

I heard a couple of episodes, made me laugh....

Does anybody have any info / links / whatever to these programmes, please ?