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17th Oct 2008, 07:55
Hi. I'm flying on BA484 from Heathrom to Barcelona on Monday and was wondering about visits to the flight deck during the flight. I understand the situation about visits but was hoping that I may be able to take my Son up to visit as he loves planes and it would make his day (and mine as well to be honest). Is it a 'no chance' or is it dependant on the situation. If some pilots do allow visits, would any BA pilot know who is taking that flight on Monday and if so be able to 'put a word in' for me. I would be forever in your debt if it's possible. If not, I completely understand.



17th Oct 2008, 08:08
I believe that they do a nice line in orange jumpsuits at Guantanamo ?

Let us know.

17th Oct 2008, 08:11
First off, inflight visits are definitely off. If you sent a letter up to the flight deck via the cabin crew on boarding, sometimes a preflight visit can be organised, which is easier, especially if there is a delay, or a post flight one, but there is usually a rush to get everyone off so cleaning can take place and time is short. Unless your son is at least 6 or 7, then it's not worth it. In the days when visits were allowed, we used to get requests to 'bring son up to the flight deck'. We used to get fed up when a guy would appear with a babe in arms....often with a peculiar smell! Outrageous really. Only if they are at an age when they understand what is going on!

17th Oct 2008, 09:27
Thank you for your replies. Orange isn't really my colour though so maybe i'll have to just sit in the back look forward to the holiday :bored:. I wouldn't want to intrude on peflight when I assume you would be extremely busy.

It's such a shame that the actions of the radical few have spoiled it for those of us who are genuinely interested in what goes on at the pointy end.

17th Oct 2008, 10:13
Ee, I remember, time were, mention that you were a student pilot (even if you weren't), and they couldn't get you up there fast enough.

Only 25 years ago. Different world. :sad:

keyboard flier
17th Oct 2008, 11:28
Try asking the CSM about a post flight visit, never had a problem with those.

18th Oct 2008, 09:06
Visitors used to ask what the big black button at the back of the centre console was - the gear unsafe warning horn cancel button, Flt. Eng.(remember ? ) for the use of.

If female, told that it was a Virginity Tester and invited to sample, F/o would then unobtrusively operate the Mach. overspeed warning clacker test switch !

Retreat of blushing female - usually.

Happy days.

18th Oct 2008, 12:27

As already said, sadly the days of cockpit visits have come to an end. Is your son old enough for a Young Eagles flight EAA Young Eagles (http://www.youngeagles.org) If he is, and you can find a local LAA group who partake in the Young Aviator program, you might find you can get him up in a small plane, where he will be right at "the pointy end" and possibly even have a chance at operating the controls.

Have a nice holiday :)

3rd Nov 2008, 12:03
Back from holiday now. Sadly didn't get a visit up front after the flight as we were delayed both ways and the wife 'just wanted to get where we were going'. Was very impressed with the Pilot on the outbound flight though saying that he was sorry for the delay (only 15 mins) and that it was all his fault - no ego there at all. Cabin crew were also very attentive both ways.

Only thing I was unimpressed with was Barcelona airport and the lack of clear instruction as to which baggage reclaim we had to go to. I ended up on a fairly long jog back into the airport in Terminal A, through security and to reclaim area B. Then had to repeat this again as nobody said that there was a special belt for my childs pushchair. No reflection on BA, just bad signage at BCN I think.