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16th Oct 2008, 18:47
Hello Guys, anyone able to professionally translate the below. Thanks!


Please read this confidentially and do not show to anyone else, as this is for you and you only. And i took 9 hours to create this poem for you, and it's for you not them. Put in your pocket and take home, if you find it difficult to understand, please phone me. I won't bite.

16th Oct 2008, 19:17
There are Polish nationals lurking around these pages, but, in their absence, if urgent, try entering 'Polish translation' into Googoo and try several until you get some sort of agreement between them.
The result(s) might 'break the ice' . . .

Powitanie , Podobać się przeczytać ten w zaufaniu i czynić nie uwidocznić wobec ktokolwiek inny , równie to dla ciebie i ty tylko. I ja brał 9 godziny wobec wierzyciel ten poemat pod kątem ty , i to jest pod kątem ty nie im. Wtrącić twój kieszeń i wziąć ognisko domowe , jeśli ty znaleźć ono trudny wobec rozumieć , podobać się telefon mi. JA won't gryźć.

16th Oct 2008, 19:24
Hi Thanks,

Ill be using this. Thanks for your help!



16th Oct 2008, 19:35
I would not trust this translator. Absolutely butchered!

here ya go:


Prosze przeczytaj to w tajemnicy I nie pokazuj nikomu bo to jest dla Ciebie i tylko dla Ciebie. Zajelo mi 9 godzin zeby napisac ten poemat dla Ciebie I on jest dla Ciebie a nie dla innych.
Wloz go do kieszeni I zabierz do domu. Jezeli bedzie Ci trudno go zrozumiec to prosze zadzwon. Ja nie gryze.

If you need any other text translated, PM me. :cool:

16th Oct 2008, 19:51
All Greek to me.


16th Oct 2008, 19:52
You can trust jetsie - she's the genuine article . . .

16th Oct 2008, 20:14
Hi Jetsy,

Thanks very much. I will do!



16th Oct 2008, 20:20
PIR, please, Heathrow. Did it work?

16th Oct 2008, 20:49
PIR, please, Heathrow. Did it work?

Hi Mate,

Sorry were what and when?

16th Oct 2008, 20:54
Oh come on! It is wonderful to sit in the stage box and see Cyrano de Bergerac played out in real life. I hope the hussy responds.

16th Oct 2008, 21:08
Awww, Prooners now matchmaking for teenagers - well done guys (and gals). We've all been there...:D

But what about the poem?

16th Oct 2008, 21:12
I should add... Heathrow - for Gawd's sake, if the poem needs translating, do not, I repeat, DO NOT offer it up to this or any other forum! Spare the blushes and good luck to ya:ok:

16th Oct 2008, 21:24
Ill let you know the result, you lot are smart at what i am attempting. Thanks :ok:



16th Oct 2008, 21:27
Bon chance mon brave. And make sure you put a sock on it:}

16th Oct 2008, 23:10
Heathrow airport
Your not a plumber by any chance? PM me

16th Oct 2008, 23:21
you lot are smart at what i am attempting

OK, Heathrow, so she's Polish. What's your native tongue?


16th Oct 2008, 23:37
:suspect: Has abybody else seen that film, The Terminal?

16th Oct 2008, 23:38
J C/Daz give the lad a break. Remember your teenage years?

jetsie you have control. Look after the fella.

16th Oct 2008, 23:51
Good luck, hope you get a polish.

16th Oct 2008, 23:52
Remember your teenage years?

Hell no. I can barely remember last year.

give the lad a break

OK. Sorry.