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16th Oct 2008, 18:02
For years I have been gently teasing Senora Lars (aka Imelda) about her passion for shows.

'You have about a hundred pairs,' I would say.

'Don't be silly, darling, nothing like that many'.

Last week I challenged her to an inventory; she has 121 pairs of shoes. :eek: Even she was surprised.

Now, I manage to go through life with a max of 10 pairs including flip flops, smart black, smart brown, pair of trainers, an old pair of flying boots etc.

Imelda Marcos, the well known shoe collector, is often quoted as having thousands of pairs of shoes. However, there is a wonderful quote from her:

'It's not true that I have thousands of pairs of shoes. I only have 1, 230'.

So, how many pairs is enough?

16th Oct 2008, 18:27
There is never never NEVER ever enough shoes in the world.


there is no valid discussion if the truth is to be told.... our liking for shoes of all shapes, heights, colours is ingrained so deep into our psyche that it is utterly unreasonable of you to bring it up sir. :=

however.... :O

one argument that I have put forth in the past is that you know how women have 'fat days and thin days'? that a certain pair of jeans that looked simply FABULOUS last week is now just simply dire and all wrong, and can't possibly been worn this week? blah blah? etc etc?

Whatever our waistline and our hip size, whatever the time of the month, shoes NEVER have bad days or off days.

shoes are just there for several reasons. To be worn, to remind you of that wonderful night's dancing way back when, to be admired, cosseted, to act as a tonic and a pick-me-up when NOTHING else in your wardrobe works, to be coveted, to be sneaked into the house at the bottom of a supermarket plastic bag and then followed with the remark 'these? why darling I've had these for YEARS don't you know?'

Shoes are bright shiny glittery things that make us feel (and look) good. or, even, sexy.

To love a woman is to accept her shoes.

(Jetset Lady and Flying Farmer - where are you?) :confused:

(Come hither, come hither now, fellow shoe fetish sufferers.... ) :E

tony draper
16th Oct 2008, 18:46
Perhaps it's a female hang over, a ingrained folk memory of prehistoric times when the wiminfolk had to sit in the cave chewing leather hides all year round softening them up for the manufacture of footwear, whilst the chaps of course ventured forth wi club and spear to do the important stuff.

16th Oct 2008, 19:29
when the wiminfolk had to sit in the cave chewing leather hides all year round softening them up for the manufacture of footwear,
If they were scotswomen would the footwear be c u jimmy chews?

16th Oct 2008, 19:36
A good looking woman in a pair of CFMs is enough to keep me going out to do the "important stuff."

Yowza! :ok:

16th Oct 2008, 19:45
The shoe fetish is alive and well in this family, wife has it, both daughters have it and it was clearly recognised in grand daughter before she was four years old. I find the easiest thing is just to ignore it, it doesn't go away but it makes me feel better...........

16th Oct 2008, 19:57
Quite simple the reason. They just want the colour to match someone's shade of skin when they walk all over them


16th Oct 2008, 20:59
Now, I manage to go through life with a max of 10 pairs including flip flops, smart black, smart brown, pair of trainers, an old pair of flying boots etc.

A lady with 121 pairs I can well believe but yourself........ten pairs! Are you sure you're a bloke?


16th Oct 2008, 21:11
My partner has 340 pairs of shoes - including 45 pairs of boots, 5 pairs of trainers, all colours of Timberlands you can get!

Her most expensive boots were made by Faith and cost £380.00.

She has a fetish for shoes!

FOK :)

PS She also has a fetish for clothes - but that's another story!

16th Oct 2008, 21:24
cave chewing leather hides

If I am making the same knee-slapper as shedhead, my apologies, and delete mine, but would these hides become Jimmy Choos?

16th Oct 2008, 21:45
1. Gumboots X 1 pr, black, steelcap
2. Workboots X 1 pr, brown, steelcap
3. Casual going-out boots X 1 pr, black, steelcap (internal)
4. Good going-out boots X 1 pr, brown, steelcap (internal)
5. Hunting boots X 1 pr, brown, steelcap (internal)
6. Trainers X 1 pr, white
7. Jandals X 1 pr, black
8. Sexy old man slippers X 1 pr, black
9. Black brogues X 1 pr (go with suit, haven't seen them in a while), steelcap (internal)
10. Sandals X 1 pr, black (for when jandals aren't formal enough;))

Good job I don't play footy or I'd be over the limit ;)

16th Oct 2008, 21:52
Not including specialist footwear such as riding boots, jodphur boots, Hunter wellies, bike boots, walking boots, training shoes and slippers etc, I have 14 pairs of shoes.



Would you say 6 pairs of jodphur boots was excessive? :ok:

tony draper
16th Oct 2008, 21:57
One has as fine a pair of tooled leather Cowboy boots as ever strode the Streets of Laredo.

Beatriz Fontana
16th Oct 2008, 22:06
OK, right, girly posting. Shoes as follows:

Posh court shoes for dining in nights
School Ma'am Brown shoes for work
Knee high boots for making an impression at work
Shiny leather shoes for mess nights other than dining in
Deck shoes
Walking boots, doubling up with boots for al fresco work days
Brown killer heels ankle boots
Gardening boots (old walking boots)
Running trainers
Kangaroo leather "Cowboy" boots (I note they're back in fashion - well if you wait around long enough).

And that's it. Anything else would be over the top.

How about women and handbags....? :oh:

16th Oct 2008, 22:07
I think it is a woman thing. As a man, (I think) I have 5 pairs, and that is plenty!

16th Oct 2008, 22:23
One can never have enough shoes. If I find a style I like and it's available in several colours I'm afraid I have to get them in several colours :O

Howard Hughes
16th Oct 2008, 22:34
My shoe collection consists of the following...

-Blue Adidas trainers
-White Nike trainers
-Black Nike trainers
-Brown Jeep hiking shoes
-Black Northwave MTB shoes
-Black Doc Martins
-Black Dress shoes
-Black work boots
-An old pair of black workboots for gardening
-Brown 'Blundstones'
-And a pair of black reef walker type sandals ( I don't do thongs/flip flops)

Oh my god eleven pairs!:ooh:

We won't even contemplate counting Mrs Hughes shoes, however there are at least 3 pairs of CFMB's that I am aware of!;)

Too Short
16th Oct 2008, 22:38
Would you say 6 pairs of jodphur boots was excessive?

Yes, whirls! :} (unless 5 have holes in them of course!)

My shoes fall into two categories; those I fall in love with and those which do a job (with some crossover). At the moment I own:-

1. One pair of black killer heels for my current temporary job :E

2. One pair of killer heel black suede boots. :E:E

3. One pair of matt satin shoes with a few diamantes and a little heel (love at first sight!). :)

4. One pair of deck shoes.

5. One pair of adorable Dubarry sailing boots (so cute, as I'm only size 3!).

6. One pair of riding boots.

7. One pair of black wetsuit boots.

8. One pair of sparkly flip-flop style sandals.

9. One pair of white braided flip-flop style sandals.

10. One pair of cool running trainers :cool:

11. One pair of... oh, that's the lot... Eh, that's not right, there's a bloke on here with more pairs of shoes than me! :{ That can't be it, surely... must have some more somewhere...

16th Oct 2008, 22:43
I can only assume that the reason Singapore Girl hasn't posted here yet is that she's still counting them!

Howard Hughes
16th Oct 2008, 22:48
Eh, that's not right, there's a bloke on here with more pairs of shoes than me!
Hang on a minute, wetsuit boots don't count do they? In that case I have twelve pairs, oh no I am a girl...:{

Jimmy Macintosh
16th Oct 2008, 22:53
one pair casual flip flops
one pair nicer flip flops (if there is such a thing)
one pair of trainers
one pair of smart shoes
one pair of casual shoes.


I only have flip flops because of the climate here, otheriwse I wouldn't have either.

Colors change when the item is replaced.

16th Oct 2008, 23:01
2. Deal with it!

jetset lady
16th Oct 2008, 23:42
Have to agree with Radar66. You can never have too many, and if you think about it, we actually save money by having more shoes, or in my case, boots. You can use them to dress an outfit up or down depending on the occasion, so without them, we'd need more clothes and as a result, spend more money on buying the clothes, cleaning the clothes and getting bigger wardrobes to store the clothes. On that basis, not only should men be grateful for our shoe collections, they should positively encourage it!


P.S Before anyone queries the logic behind this, may I point out that it is female logic and therefore, can't possibly be wrong! ;)

Lon More
16th Oct 2008, 23:46

16th Oct 2008, 23:56
Always common sense from Maastricht. :ok:

Flying Farmer
17th Oct 2008, 00:05
One was at work mistress Radar, I shall think up a suitable reply in the morning.

Just as an aside some fellas encourage the purchase of shoes especially of the heeled, spikey versions which really only have a use in one room in the house :E

The kitchin :ok:

17th Oct 2008, 06:16
I'm Male.

I've recently discovered Crocs.

I have 2 pairs, 1 torquiose green with brown trim - selected by my American wife ( female, in case you were wondering ) when we visited Hawaii, and 1 black pair for when even I can't quite face the torquiose green around town, not that I really give a stuff, but just occasionally ..... !

All else has been consigned to the gargabe tip. Why would one want anything else, don't wear socks, so no problem with the holes when it rains, and they are SO convenient when passing through airport security, I have them kicked off before the goons can blink. They are just a bit draughty on the motorbike tho'.

I've been described as looking like Mickey Mouse - should I care ?

Of course, they might also be a bit cool ( sorry for descending into Yuppyspeak, I meant cold ) in Northern climes, but I believe that you can get fur lined ones now ?

Sorry - forgot, I kept one pair of blue, sailing type, plimsolls in the hangar for flying the microlight, Crocs tend to fold up under the rearward moving rudder pedal at inopportune moments. ( The accident report would make interesting reading ! )

Runaround Valve
17th Oct 2008, 06:19
I just checked on Wikipedia, and Imelda Marcos, when wife of President Ferdinand Marcos of the Phillipines had 1060 pairs of shoes !!!.
I wonder how did she decided which pair to wear daily and how much time did it take to decide.

17th Oct 2008, 07:11
Mrs. Hardhatter has an ample supply of shoes, and I do not mind a bit, as they do look very good on her!

So I encourage women to buy shoes, as long as they suit her!


Foxy Loxy
17th Oct 2008, 09:24
1 pair Doc martens boots
1 pair walking boots
1 pair smart black high heels
1 pair black "kinky" boots
1 pair trainers.

That's 5, and I don't see the need for any more than that!

Howard Hughes
17th Oct 2008, 09:40
Bugger that's two women now I have more shoes than!:ooh:

tony draper
17th Oct 2008, 10:13
We usta dream of a pair of boots for the fambly to share.:(

Effluent Man
17th Oct 2008, 10:20
Pretty much lost count of Mrs E's.She has a pair of black knee length lace up boots with stiletto heels.When she wears them in the supermarket it's good fun to watch the trolley collisions.

Ace Rimmer
17th Oct 2008, 13:27
1x Oxfords Black
1x Brogues Black
1x Brogues Brown
1x Deck shoes Sebago
1x Trainers
1x Wellies Green

Find that these cover most eventualities - but I'm not counting sport specific stuff there'd be squash shoes, and couple of pairs of golf shoes so under the 10 pair limit

Mrs R now that's a differnt story - I reckon she has at least 9 pairs of golf shoes alone...never dared count the remainer...it'd be.....at least 70 pairs I reckon...probably more

17th Oct 2008, 13:43
Should I be worried?

I am male, 57 years old, and have at least 30 pairs of shoes..............and that excludes "specialist" types like the bowling shoes, golf shoes (4 Pairs), wellies, work boots, etc.

Even Mrs S raised eyebrows at the orange suede Hush Puppies!

But 'sod it', I like them!

17th Oct 2008, 13:44
Mrs BS threw my favourite Desert Boots (aka Bundu Boots) in the bin.
Several times.
I don't know why; they were only eight years old.
I always managed to rescue them.
She finally beat me one week when I was on night shift, by handing them directly to the bin men.

I bet the lucky recipient is still wearing them. :suspect:

Since then I've had to make do with a pair of standard black oxfords, a pair of brown slip-ons and a pair of suede trainers. The suede trainers are OK I suppose, but they'll never replace my beloved brown suede bundu boots. :(

17th Oct 2008, 14:06
Mrs PN is always complaining about my shoes lying around - the work pair, the non-work pair and the trainers.

When I pick them up I also carefully collect the 10 plus pairs of Mrs PNs also lying around.

How many pairs of shoes are required for a 4 day holiday? How many pairs of shoes are worn on a 4 day holiday?

Clue, the first number is divisible by 4 and is neither a one nor even.

The second number is not divisible by 4.

And we went into a shoe shop! I am going to set up a slide show - Mrs PN goes shoe shopping. Mrs PN in Helsingore, Mrs PN in Funchal, Mrs PN in Florida . . .

17th Oct 2008, 14:08
1 pair Doc martens boots
1 pair walking boots
1 pair smart black high heels
1 pair black "kinky" boots
1 pair trainers.

That's 5, and I don't see the need for any more than that!

And Mrs Foxy?:}

Rather be Gardening
17th Oct 2008, 18:05
One of the really spooky things about shoes (OK, the only spooky thing about shoes) is that however many times you count them you always come up with a different number. Also, depends on who's asking, as a truthful answer often offends - an oblique reply is best, I've found.

Husband: "For God's sake, how many pairs of shoes have you got in there?"
RBG: "They're not all pairs" (slips out quietly to the garden while he's thinking this one through.....)

17th Oct 2008, 19:29
I have one pair of shoes. I choose them to be comfortable and suited to all uses except mountain climbing, ballroom dancing and trudging through fields and marshes awash in water and mud. (So I don't do those things) Think it goes back to childhood when every pair I ever owned seemed to be uncomfortable and it took weeks for them to break my feet in.

17th Oct 2008, 19:44
2 pairs of New Balance 609's.

One relatively new -- worn daily
One ready for the trash -- "yard shoes".

Buy new pair every 6 months, rotate, and repeat.

17th Oct 2008, 21:51
...and that's what I do with jogphur boots, except they seem to last more years than I plan for!



18th Oct 2008, 14:02


7 7 7 7

Mac the Knife
18th Oct 2008, 14:17
1pr veltskoon (desert boots to you)
1pr deck shoes
1pr distressed deckshoes (spattered with paint)
1 pr smart shoes (worn twice)
Crocs for theatre

Choice rarely a problem.


18th Oct 2008, 15:51
1x pair steel toecap boots for working on my transports
1x pair plastic toecap boots for work... don't go off in the metal detector :ok:
1x pair black trainers
1x pair brown trainers
1x pair wellies
1x pair "funeral shoes"
1x pair flipflops
1x pair huge black & brown fluffy slippers

eight pairs... *panics!*


18th Oct 2008, 16:37
1pr veltskoon (desert boots to you)

Years ago English gentlemen’s magazines of the better sort carried ads for “Lotus Veldschoen”, expensive shoes of high quality. These ads were themselves works of art, much like engineering drawings showing the construction of the product in exploded form.

At that time the shoes were far beyond my feet in size and any sum I might hope to amass in price. I could cope now with the former and possibly the latter, so I tried not so long ago, without success, to find a dealer in these treasures.

From Google I see that one can buy copies of the ads for display or other purposes, but makes no mention of the shoes, save in anecdote. One chap, for example, an officer in the British wartime army, writes that when your run-of-the-foot shoe cost about 12/-, the Lotus cost 40/-, with boots at 80/-. They were expected to last 30 years and for repair had to be returned to the manufacturer. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Jimmy Choo.

Are the veldskoon of which you write a continuation of those golden days, or a more generic product? Does any one know where the Lotus Veldschoen may be bought?

tony draper
18th Oct 2008, 16:51
Hmmm, just wondering do they still make Galoshers(sp?)? they was a kind of rubber overshoe that zipped around conventional shoes for when heavy rain held sway,a much more sensible idea than wellies when one was going somewhere posh wearin one's patent leather winkle pickers such as the Mayfair Ballroom on a Saturday night.

18th Oct 2008, 17:07
do they still make Galoshers

Be at peace. They are made here in numbers that rival Wall Street losses in dollars.

A problem, though, is that with advancing years one's feet have receded far from control centre, and the bending down to put said overshoes on said feet is just about unachievable.

tony draper
18th Oct 2008, 17:21
Indeed Mr Davaar,before death duties took the family estates we kept a Galoshers putter oner below stairs.

Too Short
18th Oct 2008, 17:24
Howard Hughes You'll be pleased to hear that I'm catching up with you! I went shopping today with absolutely no intention of purchasing any footwear... but in the course of shopping I fell instantly in love with a pair of boots, which I now own... :E

(Actually, I saw them, tried them on, fitted perfectly, decided I loved them, decided not to buy them, left the shop (:rolleyes: - my other half), carried on with other shopping, went back to look at them again, left the shop again (:ugh: - my other half), carried on with other shopping, went back to the shoe shop again and bought them...(:D - my other half) - he deserves a medal for his patience!)

18th Oct 2008, 19:46
Davaar, these (http://www.askandyaboutclothes.com/forum/index.php) people might be of help in your veldschoen hunt.

Larss, IMO enough is when you start duplicate-buying because you have forgotten that you already own several pairs of identical shoes.
My argument has never made the slightest dent in the voracious shoe appetite of neither my Mum nor my daughter.
Probably faulty reasoning on my part. :(

18th Oct 2008, 20:51
Probably faulty reasoning on my part.
I didn't think reasoning came into it where women and shoes were concerned.:}

18th Oct 2008, 20:51
Juud, thank you. I shall pursue and report. One of my problems is that just about all my shoes last 30 years. Right now I am wearing a pair of trottelshuehe I bought in 1980 only because the then Frau Davaar to be was attempting a veto against which A Stand Must Be Taken. So I thought, although I did not much like them then and I am not crazy about them now. I was younger then and did not know much. They proved of excellent quality, however racy the styling, but last year it did eventually seem they needed resoled. I took them back to the shop and complained bitterly about the materials and workmanship. The salesman launched into a long justification. What a slow-wit! Honest: 30 years is all I expect.

Metro man
19th Oct 2008, 01:27
Three pairs is quite enough for a man. One pair for work, one for casual wear and a pair of slippers/flip flops depending on the climate.;)

Loose rivets
19th Oct 2008, 06:04
I have several pairs of Bally shoes...yes you do know what I mean! Not one pair would I have paid more that a fraction of the price for, but I built up a collection of those made in Switzerland or Italy.

I can't get into one soddin' pair of them cos me feet have grown. Why wasn't I warned? There should be some kind of contract with a few of the things that change shape with age, described. Estimates of expansion....or indeed, contraction. :suspect:

cockney steve
19th Oct 2008, 18:43
I have about 3 pairs of boots, same of slippers,about 4 pairs of shoes.

Doc Martens boots, along with a denim jacket, 2or3 car-stereos and a Bong :ooh: were all in the boot of a car i bought at auction....the road-tax alone was worth more than I paid for the car.

All the others i've been given...an advantage of getting old...people snuff it and their relatives pass on their gear :)

For the same reason, I haven't bought any clothes for about 15 years (OK, the kids do give me some stuff for presents.)

19th Oct 2008, 19:20
people snuff it and their relatives pass on their gear

During the war and after clothing was rationed. With money and one's allotted "coupons" one could buy new clothing, but not without both. To beat the system, people drew on the imagination, and got away with some adventurous ideas. The critic, etc., Kenneth Tynan, a bit of a dandy, so I have read, went up to Oxford in a suit made-over from green velvet curtains.

In a BBC radio program a lady told of her husband's need of clothes and the familial shortage of coupons. At the moment of their need there came a knock at the door. It was not a fairy godmother, but the next-best-thing, a poor widow-woman whose husband had recently died, leaving little but his clothes between her and starvation. How sad! She was now left with many a salt tear to part from the late hubby's clothes. For money.

She had brought a parcel that contained three or four suits, carefully wrapped. She unwrapped the first item, the jacket of a suit, cut from beautiful tweed, and as good as new. Well! The jacket was just the size that would, with maybe a trifling adjustment, fit the husband of the lady of the first part.

Overcome by (a) her lack of clothing coupons, (b) the happy coincidence of fit, and (c) sympathy with the predicament of the poor bereaved soul at the door, without further ado the good lady asked the price for the job lot. It was not nothing, but given the fine quality not unfair either, so it was off to the piggy-bank, prise out the money, and close the deal.

The vendor called as Heaven was her witness blessings on the buyer, and departed on her way, last seen moving at a smart trot over the horizon.

The buyer turned to the happy task of examining the new treasures in detail. The jackets and waistcoats were just great as, in terms of materials, were the trousers. The only snag was that, on the evidence, the Dear Departed had been left with but the one leg, for all the trousers were tailored to accommodate that condition.

19th Oct 2008, 19:38
Okay. I've refrained, until now. I counted 63 pairs. Various flats, including athletic shoes, but mostly heels of various heights--depending on how long I'll be on my feet at work, the trouser length or skirt style/color. And...several pairs and colors of uh...how were these referred to...CFM heels. At 5'8'', this can make for interesting eye contact at times. ;)

Jetex Jim
19th Oct 2008, 20:28
Remarkable how many woman there are hanging out on these fori. But it takes a thread on shoes to flush 'em out.

19th Oct 2008, 20:37
Well, it is our fetish! ;) :ok:

(and this is the only part of 'coming out of the closet' that I qualify)

19th Oct 2008, 20:39
One has been interviewing the most likely prospective candidate for the position of New Mme Wolf.

She has visited for two weekends now and has already moved in four pairs of shoes.

Jetex Jim
19th Oct 2008, 20:44
They made a movie of the 'Dukes of Hazard' -- hoorah for Hollywood:ok:

19th Oct 2008, 20:53
28. All but three are supremely practical (Safety shoes, Timberland boots, Crocs etc). I've included two pairs of slippers (one pair kept in the cabin with the trainers that are used only in the gym) but not two more that are retired, but kept as pets.

Of the 28, 4 were gratefully inherited from my sister, who designated them mistakes in fit or style.

I've just realised I've absolutely no ordinary court shoes (as we used to call them in the good old days) and if I absolutely, positively have to wear a skirt, the long boots go on.

I've no idea where this admission puts me in the league tables, but with the boots and shoe trade flowing in the genes for four generations, I know how to justify purchases. :E

Flame Lily FX
19th Oct 2008, 21:23
YouTube - Jessica Simpson - These Boots Are Made For Walkin' (http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=ReXt4l9r2pA&feature=related)

Look at the boots, boys!!!:uhoh:

A pair of my boots and shoes as seen on screen.:cool:



Jetex Jim
19th Oct 2008, 21:28
Exactly as I'd pictured your footware, based on your taste in music Lil

19th Oct 2008, 21:47
Careful, Lily....those boots--as well as other bewitched shoes, hold tremendous power and must be used only when appropriate. Wars have started by those who misused their abilities. :E :}

Jetex Jim
19th Oct 2008, 21:51
And you have the black and green striped hose too? I sincerely hope:cool:

19th Oct 2008, 22:24
Lily.. make the man happy and fess up. ;)

Howard Hughes
20th Oct 2008, 03:27
Hmm... Page four and I still seem to be the man with the most shoes, come on guys I can keep a secret!;)

Effluent Man
20th Oct 2008, 09:58
CofF,I think your statement re the fetish is wrong.I think it is shared by both sexes,and the reason is two sides of the same coin.Men look at women in high heels,women are aware of that and it makes them feel good.

20th Oct 2008, 15:31
I started reading this thread and thought - no thats not me - I don't have that many pairs! So I went and counted them and before I give you the breakdown I think its because we never throw them away :O We keep them from year to year - as lets face it, your foot size doesn't change even if your dress size goes up and down. The only foot wear I can remember throwing away are slippers and thats because they had fallen apart.
Evening shoes 2 pr
Court/shoes with heels 5 pr
Flat/ballet style 6 pr
hight heel sandals 4 pr
flat sandals/mules/flip flops 9 pr
boots long 6 pr
casual shoes 3 pr
running shoes 4 pr
wellies/walking boots/beach shoes 3 pr
slippers 1 pr
total 43 pairs.

And I still hanker after a pair of heeled long brown boots!


20th Oct 2008, 16:30
Who has the most pairs of CFMBs?:D Howard excluded.:ouch:

20th Oct 2008, 17:15
Rule3, may I caveat your question that the actual "CFM" part should still be in play?

All too often, they're worn for show, not 'go.' :{

Rich Lee
20th Oct 2008, 19:29
I am waiting for Singaporegirl to declare. Do "Comme Il Faut" count as two pair? :eek:

Howard Hughes
21st Oct 2008, 08:45
Oiy Rule3, I get enough of that from Buster! Are you not a fan of the movie 'Kinky Boots'?;)

Yes come on girls what Brick said, who's boots still work? (so to speak):E

21st Oct 2008, 09:07
R&B boots for me... every time! :)


I refuse to count how many shoes I have.... for two reasons, one being that it would be an admission of guilt! :O

Flying Farmer
21st Oct 2008, 09:22
I could hazard a guess Rads :}

Got to be at least 40 pairs per black bin liner, won't tell how many bin liners promise :E

21st Oct 2008, 10:11

you promise? really honestly and truly PROMISE you won't tell FF? :O

21st Oct 2008, 13:56
Ms 66, you keep your shoes in bin liners?? :eek:

Like you, I've given up counting individual pairs. it's easier to count rooms - three at last count. But the butler may have to move out soon. :rolleyes:

21st Oct 2008, 15:51
Ms 66, you keep your shoes in bin liners??

One is aware - from bitter experience - that shoe storage can cause problems. This was resolved in our case by demoting my space in a, relatively large, walk in closet area to a small corner. 'Twere barely enough to keep my collection of Armani blazers and suits I tell yer!:\

Another corner was modified by our local cabinet maker to install a rotating shoe rack. Part of said construction has no shelving things at all so that it looks like a normal corner; a sort of 'Shoe Security Area' if you can picture it. Hate to think of the cost!:eek:

One notes that others with 200+ shoes may have such storage issues. I shall happily rent out Senora Lars as yer Shoe Storage Consultant. In addition, you may also purchase a bespoke software package; 'Shoefind' based on a proprietary WMS (Warehouse Management System) which will allow you to locate an individual pair of shoes in less than 3 secs.:ok:

Now this is a shoe closet:


Allegedy belongs to a well known chanteuse from North America.:D

21st Oct 2008, 17:07
Ms 66, you keep your shoes in bin liners?? http://static.pprune.org/images/smilies/eek.gif

a temporary and unfortunate hiatus Ms Singapore.... :(

I have been resident at Wholi Towers since February this year, and am still 'moving in' shall we say. Experience, some bitter and some satisfactory, has taught me that men find shoes more scary than the proverbial toothbrush. Resultedly, I have had to hide them behind various curtains, under beds, in the back of wardrobes, and am slowly bringing them out one by one...

Never fear.... they SHALL be displayed in all their glory at a future date. However, the length of said 'future' is still under discussion.... ;)

(slowlee softlee catchee monkee.... :E )

Rich Lee
21st Oct 2008, 18:41
(slowlee softlee catchee monkee.... )

....wait a gosh darned minute .... monkeys don't wear shoes:confused:

21st Oct 2008, 21:41
You're not often wrong Mr Lee.
But that particular monkey has just taken delivery of a most exclusive pair.
Shoes that is.

I do believe there is picture of them... somewhere??

21st Oct 2008, 22:33


look no further! :E


goodness me, I do wonder who they belong to? so beautifully crafted and bespoke... not just exclusive, but unique...


21st Oct 2008, 22:51
Nice craftsmanship, especially the embroidery. :ok: Heels are a bit low for my taste, though. :rolleyes:

men find shoes more scary than the proverbial toothbrush

Dahling, you've been hanging out with the wrong men. ;)

21st Oct 2008, 23:54

Daytona Sport Evo bike boots. 400 quid. :ok:
Sparta climbing shoes. Reasonably cool on the wall.
Hiking boots. Treseta I think. Great boots but give me blisters. +7 years old..
Nike pseudo hiking boots. (first big hike out... blisters....) +10 years old.

Head ski boots.

Cleaty bike shoes.

RM Williams. work boots. + 3 years old.
RMs black dress boots. +4 years old.
RMs brown dress boots. Had them for 12 years +.
Cuban-ish heeled cowboy boots. Amazing. Love them.

Reef sandals.
Reef thongs.
Sparkly orange thongs.
Nice leather thongs.

3 pairs of running shoes. Newest still have that duty. Others for mowing the lawn, general hacks etc.

Nike Free shoes. For tours.

Geox heels and court shoes. Look'em up. Definitely under the radar but great for work.

Suede heels. Love'em.
Suede low heeled sandals. Love'em too.

Some sandally things. One will be thrown out as they have died. The other pair were from a friend.

Neoprene boots for sailboarding.

Lovely pair of suede/leather boots. Inspired by Flyblue. :ok:

Sheepskin ankle boots
Ugg lace up boots hiking type things.. Wonderful gorgeous bliss. Put them on your feet... :D

Rossi Airmans boots. best thing for night freight pilots. In fact, don't leave home without them.

Sheepskin gym boot things. Probably will get rid of them...

Merrel slides.
Merrel slip ons. Amazingly comfy.

Air tech?? cool comfy shoes. Brilliant. Suede & leather. Very unique, bought in Amsterdam.


22nd Oct 2008, 03:37
Well as a bloke I suppose I've got more pairs than I really should, but there's a good reason for every pair.

Before we moved to Downunderland from the UK we did some checking over t'internet on prices of things. One of the items we stocked up on was shoes, as down here they seem to be extortionate compared to our normal shopping habits in the UK. So the list goes:

3 pairs shoes, brown, work wear, hardly worn but will last for a while
1 pair shoes black, work wear, well worn but still with wear in them
2 pairs thongs (for non-aussies, flip flops)
2 pairs baseball boots (very well worn and extremely comfortable)
1 pair trainers (for exercising in)
1 pair shoes black DMS (left over from HM Forces, good for gardening)
1 pair boots DMS (also over from HM Forces, good for off-roading)
1 pair boots desert (likewise, still with desert sand on them)
1 pair working boots (steel toe cap, non-slip sole)

Thats 13 in total. I used to have loads more pairs than She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed because I had two completely seperate sets, uniform and civvy. Now SWMBO appears to bave caught up and overtaken me.......

Rich Lee
22nd Oct 2008, 04:30
Whol Igan
At first I thought it was an advert for the Scottish Renal Association - then it came to me - Lawn Aerator Shoes! :ugh:

Clever ... very clever; and as long as he keeps his feet together he will always know who he is.

22nd Oct 2008, 10:15
Howard you are finally off the hook.:ok:

Bob Upndown
22nd Oct 2008, 15:46
As the card recently given to Mrs Bob for her birthday said: 'What do you get the girl who has everything?....More shoes...'

So a trip to Monsieur Louboutin later, she now is the (slightly tottering) owner of a pair of the most gorgeous 5.5.inch FMS's....she's not sure whether I bought them for her or for me :E:E:E


PS - nice to be back on board; it's been a few years!

PPS - Yes, I am Metrosexual (apparently) :)

PPPS - OK, I fess up, they're for me - damn she looks good in just the shoes :E

Flying Farmer
22nd Oct 2008, 17:10
At least you won't ruin the soles of said shoes Bob, bedroom carpet seems very forgiving :ok:

Gorra piccy :E

22nd Oct 2008, 17:38
No matter how many pairs, there's no such thing as "too many pairs of shoes" i tell ya!!! That's blasphemy!!!!

A very proud ATS, owner of a beautiful collection of shoes:ok:

22nd Oct 2008, 23:35
My favorite footwear are open toe poolside slip-on. These are complete with arch support:useless in snow.

Howard Hughes
23rd Oct 2008, 02:36
Howard you are finally off the hook.
I've just realised I have a pair of ski boots, a pair of inline skates and four pairs of ice skates packed away somewhere...:eek:

In my defence I did throw out five pairs of shoes recently, something a 'real' (aka female) shoe officianado would not do!;)