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16th Oct 2008, 10:12
No no, not a request for who was a closet queen back then, luvvies, but to pick the brains of the ppruners, or picking the pprains so to say.

a) What was the UK B/W film 50s/60s where the characters were shipwrecked on an island and the servants became the 'leaders' and the aristos became the 'followers'. A black comedy about class distinction in the UK at the time ?

b) Who was the UK actor 40s/50s/60s male slightly portly with a well trimmed beard and moustache who played professors and men of authority and had a distinctive barking voice ? I might have remembered him playing the role of a chief surgeon in some film.

c) What was the name of the UK 50s/60s film whereby a chap was killed and then his angel had to act as his lawyer in heaven to convince the judge that he was too important to die. I believe that it kept flashing back to the chap being operated on in theatre, touch and go etc ?

Muchos whateverous


16th Oct 2008, 10:16
B) is James Robertson Justice, the character he played was Sir Lancelot Spratt.

16th Oct 2008, 10:16
a. The Admirable Crichton - with Kenneth More as Crichton.

b. James Robertson Justice.

c. Can't remember.

16th Oct 2008, 10:29
4 minutes.......4 minutes! Pathetic! In my day we'd have given the answer in triplicate within 1 minute, mind you back then we..........:zzz:

Gentlemen.....What can I say but thankyou, whiskies are on me and remember mine's a large one, boom boom :D :D :D

It's been said oft enough, but the combined brain power of the ppruners could run the world if needs be.



tony draper
16th Oct 2008, 10:34
C. A matter of life and death,
a singularly awfull movie much loved by movie fliffists,was a Hopalong Cassidy man meself in that era

Der absolute Hammer
16th Oct 2008, 10:49
Was not the Kenneth Moore Crichton made in Technicolor?
JRJ is correct. He was married with an Estonian. Used to drive a Gull Wing MB.

YouTube - Hop-Along Cassidy - Trailer (1935) (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F37VQnMhssg)

tony draper
16th Oct 2008, 10:53
Hopalong had a horse called Tony, hmmm, or was that Gene Autry,:confused:

16th Oct 2008, 11:02
"JRJ" married an Estonian.

Blimey she don't arf sound German for an Estonian

Irene Isabella Margarethe Paulina Caecilia Freiin von Meyendorff!

Just reading JRJ's life bio......boy oh boy did he live! Assuming that there was little fabrication, then he died rich in experiences, but penniless.



Der absolute Hammer
16th Oct 2008, 11:37
But Estonia was part of Teutonic Kinghts Empire-what became Prussia.
Alexander Nevsky-Eisenstein....
She was of the Uxel family - perhaps-but I think so - but always an actress. She has some collections in Das Filmmuseum Potsdam - also has quiet big fan club in Germany.
JRJ - one could buy JRJ snuff from Freybourg and Treyer - used to be at top of Haymarket?

16th Oct 2008, 11:56
Nope - Gene Autry's horse was Champion "The Wonder Horse".

Hopalong's was Topper.

Tom Mix had Tony.

(What wasted youth in the Saturday morning matinee flicks, using pea-shooters off the balcony level onto the punters below???)

16th Oct 2008, 12:20
Wholi, I think "Champion the Wonder Horse" was a series on its own, in the 50s and 60s. The Pods copied it with "Skippy the Kangaroo".

Not sure of the name of his horse, but Roy Rogers had an 'oss called Trigger, I seem to recall.

16th Oct 2008, 12:27
A matter of life and death,

In that movie, as I recall, there is a shot of a line-up waiting to get into Heaven. One is a young RAF officer wearing a battledress uniform with pilot's wings. He was the youthful Dickie Attenburgh, the uniform and wings were his own, he was on leave and was visiting the studio. He was offered the gig as an "extra".

"The Admirable Crichton" was a/the film version of the play by Sir James M Barrie, written in 1902.

Last Saturday saw a Roy Rogers movie. It was awful. Worst of all was Gabby Hayes. Could not the studio or the Wild West in 1941 or so (to judge from the cars that kept flitting in and out) have run to a set of upper dentures for the man?

Even worse was "Spitfire" (not the aircraft), of 1934. Katharine Hepburn. When they were running an interview with the leading man in 1970 they asked him about the movie. He said: "Can't we just forget it?"

In "c" one of the movies was "Doctor at Sea". It had a small part for a young woman .... instant star quality, but unknown to most, me included: Brigitte Bardot. What a beauty!

Der absolute Hammer
16th Oct 2008, 12:31
Roy Rogers has a dog as well?

16th Oct 2008, 12:39
Roy Rogers had trigger stuffed and kept him in the entrance hall of his house or so I once read.

16th Oct 2008, 12:39
There was a better-than-average US fast food restaurant chain named for Roy Rogers. Marriott eventually sold it and it closed. Some franchisees banded together and a number remain open, including one near where I live.

Leonard Slye played RR..

tony draper
16th Oct 2008, 12:52
Not many can remember Lash Larue of Saturday afternoon matinee fame, or indeed Nyoka The Jungle Girl,gave me a lifelong appreciation of the female leg she did.
At least Hoppy had a respectably older male companion Mr Davaar, one was always a tad suspicious if these Cowboys who favoured very young chaps to share their camp fire with.

CarltonBrowne the FO
16th Oct 2008, 12:55
A Matter of Life and Death has just been restored by the British Film Institute- I saw it last weekend at the NFT. Worth a look if you like that kind of thing!

tony draper
16th Oct 2008, 13:16
This is she mentioned in the above post.
Actually now one examines the ladies under carriage with a few more decades under one's belt one sees em as a tad sub standard suffering from what one thought a modern flaw a insufficiency of meat upon em,good legs have a pleasing plumpness about em that allows a dimples or two on the knees.

16th Oct 2008, 13:26
In real life, the Wonder Horse, Champion, was owned by Gene Autry who, over many years, owned a succession of celebrity horses bearing the same name........................................................ .....................................

16th Oct 2008, 13:41
Didn't say Gene Autrey did not have a "Wonder" horse called Champion, merely that there was a telly series called that in the 50s and 60s!

Cor, Some people!!!

Der absolute Hammer
16th Oct 2008, 13:50
Some of you real old guys may remember this........

YouTube - Mr Ed The Talking Horse (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hes_UFHmB4I)

16th Oct 2008, 16:43
Nope - the point is that THE Champion the Wonder Horse - star of the TV series of the same name - - - - - - - - - was owned by Gene Autry!

16th Oct 2008, 17:06
I was only a lonely single-winger, Wholi, that's why you had to explain it to me s l o w l y.

Thanks for clearing that up, sorry if I appeared stoopid, it's my natural state

tony draper
16th Oct 2008, 17:29
Champion the Wonder Horse was show early Saturday evenings,it was replaced by the Lone Ranger a much more sensible program we sprogs thunk,though the Ranger himself was in turn replaced by Sergeant Bilko much to our disgust.
Hmmm, apparently Blue Peter is Fifty years old today,one was a Magpie man meself,Jennie Hanley,yum! :E

16th Oct 2008, 19:47
Don't forget "The Range Rider"...and I loved those magic bullets...the one that could go through glass, [without breaking it] whilst wounding the chap in the room

Arm out the window
17th Oct 2008, 08:41
And we 'copied' it with 'Skippy the Bush Kangaroo'?
No way!
Could Champion fly a helicopter? I think not!!

"What's that Skip? Clancy's fallen down an old mine shaft? What are we waiting for, lets go!"
(Cut to shot of kangaroo paws manipulating Bell 47 controls).

Changing the subject for a moment though, I didn't know Dickie Attenborough was a pilot, must do a bit of googling and find out more.

(5 minutes later ... )

Apparently the wings wouldn't have been his own, as his service was in the RAF film unit.

17th Oct 2008, 09:48
YouTube - A Matter of Life and Death (1946) Heaven scene (http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=xuq4ZPlCyo8)

A matter of life and death...

17th Oct 2008, 11:12
That's interesting. My source for the "wings" was a TV program I saw a year or two ago. Nothing great hangs on it, but it would be interesting to know for sure.

Jetex Jim
17th Oct 2008, 12:19
"What's that Skip? Clancy's fallen down an old mine shaft? What are we waiting for, lets go!"
(Cut to shot of kangaroo paws manipulating Bell 47 controls).

Not to be too cynical, but I always felt the predisposition of Aussie kids to hurl themselves down mineshafts, within Skippy's manor, to be somewhat exagerrated.

17th Oct 2008, 19:09
Doctor at sea has one of my fovourite movie lines.

Somewhere off the Canaries JRJ takes newly minted doctor aside and asks if he has something to make him "er, you know,"
"When did you last . . . . . "

Well, you had to be there>

17th Oct 2008, 20:59
When I lived in a warmish clime I got to know some of the ships' officers whose liners visited weekly.

On deck under the sub-tropic moon conversation turned to reminiscence, the heavy storms, the medical adventures. It was quite true, recalled the ship's doctor, that he had occasionally been drawn aside for a little delicate advice. The husband half of one honeymoon couple, for example, had recently made the approach. Both newly wed; both innocent of these mysteries; what to do?

First Officer: "And what did you tell him, Doc?"

Ship's Doc: "I just said to be gentle and considerate, remember she has been under a lot of stress, she's frightened and tense. Relax, get her to relax, be gentle and loving, and Nature will take its way. It will all be perfect. Remember, you can consult me at any time".

Ship's Nurse: "Oh Doctor! You did not! You told him to stick it in till it tickled her tonsils!"

As ChrisVJ says:

Well, you had to be there.

17th Oct 2008, 21:40
ChrisVJ said...........
"Doctor at sea has one of my fovourite movie lines"

Do you remember this exchange from the same movie, Chris?

Doctor (Dirk Bogarde, I think) examining very well endowed young lady and holding a stethoscope to her chest:

Doctor..... "Big breaths"

Young lady......."Yeth and I`m only thixteen".

17th Oct 2008, 21:43
IMHO, A Matter of Life and Death is one of the best films ever made. It was the first Royal Film and the first to be filmed in both black and white (the scenes in heaven) and Technicolor (sic).

During the scenes when the Angel appeared on earth, time would stand still, except for David Niven. The only way they could do this was for all the actors to stand stock still.

The twin scenarios of David Niven's brain damage causing hallucinations of heaven and angels, hence the neuro-surgery or whether the court case in heaven really happens is made more apparent by having the same actor play the surgeon as plays God, the heavenly court usher is played by the same actress as plays the nurse (Kathleen Byron).

A truly wonderful film (give it a chance Drapes!!) :ok:



17th Oct 2008, 21:48
And the Motorbike [Vincent1000?] on which the Doc gets to be the Lawyer, ain't bad either.
ps, Got a "Freebie" of it, fom the Sunday Hate"....:D

Noah Zark.
17th Oct 2008, 22:59
Ahoy there, Mr. D.
a Magpie man meself,Jennie Hanley,yum!
It's a good job we don't live nearer to each other, or you and I might well come to blows, what with you talking about my Jenny like that! :=

Arm out the window
17th Oct 2008, 23:25
Not to be too cynical, but I always felt the predisposition of Aussie kids to hurl themselves down mineshafts, within Skippy's manor, to be somewhat exagerrated.

Exaggerated ... surely not.:)
Neither was Sonny's ability to get a full situation briefing from five or six of Skippy's tongue click noises, all of which sounded the same but could convey anything from Dad being trapped under a fallen log in the creek bed with rising floodwaters to evil poachers invading Waratah national park.

18th Oct 2008, 01:07
"Dolls", I am a sucker for the" Dolls" and will always watch a repeat :ok:

Summer of the Seventeenth Doll (1959) (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0053321/)

Noah Zark.
18th Oct 2008, 01:09
Slight thread drift, but with all this talk of our animal favourites, what would you get if you crossed Lassie with a great slobbering Dobermann?
A dog that rips your arm off, then runs for help! :)

18th Oct 2008, 01:23
Lassie were a bloke.
Not many know this...:hmm:

tony draper
18th Oct 2008, 08:34
Well that's actors for you Captain Tin most of em is bent.:)

Loose rivets
18th Oct 2008, 09:23
It was the way he stood at lamp-posts, with his paw on his hip.

I saw David Niven in that filum when I was but a sprog. Stuck in me mind it did. Why was there no sound? or have I got even deafer?

18th Oct 2008, 09:25
Roy Rogers had trigger stuffed and kept him in the entrance hall
Well here he is (unstuffed) in the entrance hall (stair then) of the Caledonian Hotel in Edinburgh


We look after our celebs here in Jockistan

18th Oct 2008, 15:02
No wonder my room stank the last time I stayed there!

My favourite was Skippy the bush Barbeque! :ok:

Jetex Jim
18th Oct 2008, 16:26
Too bad the days of the animal prodigy seem to have passed.

My hope is Skippy, Champion, Flipper and Defenbaker (from Due South), are all together somewhere enjoying a well earned and restful retirement.

But hey, what a movie it would make if they all got together for one last adventure.

Over to you Hollywood.

19th Oct 2008, 16:45
And now swinging up through the 60s, flaring through the 70s, roaring through the 80s and tripping through the 90s and the name of an obscure film is sought. Made at the end of the 90s/start 2000 about a musician in LA who seeks his fortune. He might well have arrived there from elsewhere.

The only scene that I can remember is one that get's repeated several times where he plays a riff on his guitar whilst at home and across the canyon/valley someone answers him with their electric guitar. This mystery guitarist theme runs through the film.

Any ideas ? (or should I ask Skippy? "What's that skip, the rangers trapped at....":p)



19th Oct 2008, 17:12
No one's mentioned Tarzan's mate!! Not bl**dy Jane!!


Jetex Jim
19th Oct 2008, 17:27

Well he sounds a better bet, for flying the Bell 47, than Skippy.

mr fish
19th Oct 2008, 20:41
SPRIGHEELEDJACK, cannot help with your unknown film but you must get hold of a copy of CROSSROADS starring the bloke out of KARATE KID.
a well cheesy film but for one redeeming scene at the end, a guitar duel starring STEVE VAI ( the kids parts are played by RY COODER).
always been more of a JOE SATRIANI myself but to see VAI blazing is a rare pleasure:ok:

19th Oct 2008, 22:17
There was a better-than-average US fast food restaurant chain named for Roy Rogers.

Was that RB's, standing for Roy's Beef or Roast Beef or somesuch. Served pre-sliced roast beef-filled rolls. Average to flavourless (or flavorless).

tony draper
19th Oct 2008, 23:48
Here is the clip of the guitar duel of which you speak Mr Fish,one can't comment on the quality of same, twould take hours for me to download it.
YouTube - Crossroads Guitar Duel (http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=6CAJtu2nHLw)

20th Oct 2008, 00:05
Steve Vai that was. Them hundred notes per second guys do nothing for me. I'd much rather have someone who can put some emotion throught their fingertips than a guy who learned to play Paganini on an eledctric geetar with gold hardware and scalloped frets.:hmm:

tony draper
20th Oct 2008, 00:10
One tends to agree with you Mr P,but a little swift shredding always impresses the civilians.

20th Oct 2008, 00:12
Them hundred notes per second guys do nothing for me
Nor me. Always reminds me of one of music teachers who would say to the massed orchestra, "Once more with feeling" after the William Tell Overture!



20th Oct 2008, 10:30
Them hundred notes per second guys do nothing for me
Give me Peter Green in his prime any day.why play fifty notes when one will say it all?

mr fish
20th Oct 2008, 15:20
i have to agree of course but full on shreading has its place too, in my experience its normally the last trip to the bar, double jd and coke, second encore and the guitarist about to really need a retune!!!:)

21st Oct 2008, 08:22
Those Old Westerns (http://oldfortyfives.com/thoseoldwesterns.htm)

This'll brings back memories for some !!

21st Oct 2008, 13:58
Cheeta has just published his autobiography (http://entertainment.timesonline.co.uk/tol/arts_and_entertainment/books/non-fiction/article4875066.ece).

21st Oct 2008, 14:26
simian thespianism

Love it! Welcome back Phuong!

tony draper
21st Oct 2008, 16:14
First American television series I remember was called "Hi Jeannie" or summat like that it was about a Scottish lassie living with the family of a Taxi driver in New York,then we got "I Married Joan",with Lucile Ball and Desi Arnez twas on BBC 1 of course because there weren't any other channels.

21st Oct 2008, 16:28
Lucile Ball and Desi Arnez, I can only recall them in the tv series 'I love Lucy'

Tony, no BBC1 in those days:= My parents forked out on a b&w tv, it left us so poor they couldn't afford laxatives for me. My mum usually sat me on the 'pottie' and read me ghost stories. Happy days:uhoh:.

tony draper
21st Oct 2008, 16:42
Of course we did have our own series about a American family ont wireless called "Life with the Lyons" but that were int olden days before television.
Yer gorra be old to remember that.:E

21st Oct 2008, 21:11
Sunday lunch time listening in our hosehold when I were but a wee lad, Mr D.

tony draper
21st Oct 2008, 21:30
Yup after Two Way Fambly Favorites and before The Archers.
Later that night The Goon Show,then tune to Luxemburg for Dan Dare. :ok:
Hmmm Think Journey into Space was on before Henry Hall Guest Night.

21st Oct 2008, 22:14
Tony Draper said.....................
"Of course we did have our own series about a American family ont wireless called "Life with the Lyons" but that were int olden days before television.
Yer gorra be old to remember that"

I remember that! Ben Lyon and Bebe Daniels if I am not mistaken.
Here`s one for you; who said "it`s that ginger tom from next door."?

tony draper
21st Oct 2008, 22:17
hmmmm, Wilfred Pickles"? the term is familiar:confused:

21st Oct 2008, 22:26
Tony Draper said........".hmmmm, Wilfred Pickles"? the term is familiar"

No, it was dear old Ted Ray on his radio show-"Ray`s a Laugh".

tony draper
21st Oct 2008, 22:59
Ok then for ten points who was Ted Ray's radio wife?:)

21st Oct 2008, 23:20
Ok then for ten points who was Ted Ray's radio wife?

Kittie Bluett.....One wonders if she ever did ? :E



tony draper
21st Oct 2008, 23:39
I remember Kitty Bluett because she was a radio DJ in Australia when I was there in the olden days,bit of a come down from the BBC.:E

23rd Oct 2008, 10:05
then we got "I Married Joan",with Lucile Ball and Desi Arnez ... hate to have to correct you Sir Draper, but "I Married Joan" was Joan Davi(e)s and Jim Backus, not Lucy & Dezi.

23rd Oct 2008, 13:08
Here's another one:

Who played Arthur Lucan's daughter in the 'Old Mother Reilly' B/W films, and what was her real relationship to him?

23rd Oct 2008, 14:07
Just stumbled upon this thread, excellent.

whirls is spot on. A Matter of Life or Death is one of my favourite fillums. When you think it was made in 1946 you have to admit it was way ahead of its time. Look at the direction, the production, the camerawork.

IIRC it was a satire about the relationship between Brits and Yanks, but as usual, stand to be corrected.

And re Skippy the Bush Kangaroo I've been to where it was filmed a couple of times. Tis in Sydney (northern suburbs??), not outback, and they have a few token Skippys wandering around which are good fun to play with until one tries to kick you in the nadgers. :eek:

23rd Oct 2008, 14:33
Kitty McShane was his wife....
PS did anyone notice that when 'A Matter of Life and Death' was broadcast recently on C4 that it was out of sync? I was recording it :(

tony draper
23rd Oct 2008, 15:28
Right then what did they call the lady who danced wi the Sand Dancers?
No googlin mind!:suspect:

23rd Oct 2008, 16:33
Wilson, Keppel and Betty I think, Mr D.

And right, mustpost.

tony draper
23rd Oct 2008, 17:42
Right Mr DX I think there were a number of different Betty's over the years,they kept getting err preggers apparently.

23rd Oct 2008, 18:41
Is Mr DX a radio HAM ? - CQ CQ CQ DX - The Interweb and TCP/IP have put an end to all of this - On the subject of Re-Makes, how about "Oh, Oh ! what a lovely War" ? - very controversal at the time it was made. Still a great film IMHO. Any takers ?.


23rd Oct 2008, 19:18
Kitty McShane was his wife....

......whom he loved dearly. In many years of separation, according to Google, he applied well over half his income to Ms McShane's debts, despite his own deep poverty. He died suddenly just after a stage call. The understudy went on and the audience never knew.

The management called Ms McShane by telephone. The dialogue ran:

"Arthur has died."

mr fish
23rd Oct 2008, 21:00
james finlayson, THE master of the double take, is there anything other than laurel & hardy worth catching with him starring??

tony draper
23rd Oct 2008, 21:16
I reckons one of the funniest things ever put down on film was Mr Laurel and Mr Hardy smashing up his house and garden as he smashes up their car.:ok:

24th Oct 2008, 12:38
Cat III:

No, not a radio HAM (although familiar enough with mast and tower structures supporting log periodics, Yagis, dipoles etc during the working/slaving years.)

603DXO, to give her full title, was a beautiful much-loved pale blue 1962 Austin Cambridge Countryman Estate that carried self, lovely wife, and 3 young DX's to the seaside, to picnics, and sometimes to blissful Nirvana, in those happy, happy years of early marriage. DX sadly fell victim to the dreaded rust bug and failed the MOT, but will live on forever in the memory - Sic Transit Gloria Mundi.

24th Oct 2008, 17:53
Thanks 603DX. I had a sic transit once as well. I swapped it for a rustic chavalier.

One of my old teachers was a Ham. Ariel was a God and you needed a belief in one of those if you were an installer.


PS I bet the Q codes have all but disappeared apart from QNH,QFE Etc.

24th Oct 2008, 21:32
CQ CQ CQ 40 Victor Hotel Alpha CQ.

Dipol a necessity. Antennae attracted complaints from TV owners.

WATT did you say?

Still have shoe boxes full of Q Cards from around the world.

A more innocent time.

25th Oct 2008, 10:11
Yes a more innocent time and great fun too - I seem to remember that in the 6? Metre band the output wattage was limited - I bet some ppruner will have the historic details - PS yes VHF TV was affected - CAT III

25th Oct 2008, 11:17
After that diverting thread creep, back on track:

1) What was the name of the actor playing a schoolboy with round face, "owl" glasses, and Billy Bunter build, in the Will Hay school comedy films?

2) Who played Hannay in "The 39 Steps" before the Kenneth More version?

3) Who played the lead in "The Foreman Went to France", and what was the title of the popular ITV show that he was the first compere of?

(No Googling!!)

25th Oct 2008, 11:55
1) and 3) ......dunno,
2) Robert Donat:ok:

tony draper
25th Oct 2008, 13:01
Billy Bunter? buggah I cans see his face now,I do know this, it is there in me noggin with a million other facts and snippets but the data retrieval mechanism don't work so well now.
I do recal the bloke who played Bunters headmaster was the same bloke who played Gesler(sp?)in William Tell.
Fat baldy buggah he was
Here's a snorter for yer,
What 1950's Western series was being shown on both BBC and ITV at the same time(different nights)it had a different title on each.

25th Oct 2008, 13:55
Was it Rawhide ? - before my time.


25th Oct 2008, 15:45
Bonanza perhaps?

tony draper
25th Oct 2008, 15:59
Nope, yerd never get it,it was a series called Sugarfoot on the BBC and Tenderfoot on tother side or it could be tother way round,it were a big talking point at the time
"Hey there's the same cowboy on both sides,woss going on"?
Questions were prolly asked in the house.

25th Oct 2008, 23:10
Time's up! Answers:

1) Graham Moffat, Mr D. (and Gessler was Willoughby Goddard)

2) Robert Donat (well done PLovett)

3) Tommy Trinder, and "Sunday Night at the London Palladium"

30th Jan 2009, 16:59
Thread resurrection!

I was wondering about a film that I saw a snippet of the other night. I saw it last in the 80's and it was about an astronaut who went off into space on a long mission, but came back early. It turns out that the returning astronaut is from a parallel earth and no one believes him etc etc. End scene (the snippet that i saw) was of said astronaut, as an old man in a wheelchair crashing into a mirror trying to commit suicide......

Anyone ?


30th Jan 2009, 18:07
Doppelgänger - 1969 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Doppelgänger_(1969_film))

30th Jan 2009, 18:37
You got it in one Mr ORAC!