View Full Version : Estonian Air aircraft was hit by a bird flock

16th Oct 2008, 07:37
Estonian Air aircraft was hit by a bird flock when approaching Tallinn airport causing a number of smaller damages to the aircraft. Passengers and crew were not in danger.

The Boeing 737-500 passenger plane, en-route from Oslo to Tallinn was preparing to land at Tallinn airport at 11.30 am when it collided with a big bird flock at an altitude of about 900 meters.

The preliminary check of the aircraft showed that several birds hit the engine, the hull, nose cone and the stabilizer. The plane was withdrawn from use for the further inspections and necessary repair.

Smaller bird strikes happen fairly often but do not pose danger to passengers.

The aircraft inspection and repair might cause changes in the flight schedule tomorrow and following days.

16th Oct 2008, 08:40
It's all a matter of perspective.;)

16th Oct 2008, 22:17
TwoOneFour you are so clever, apart from the fact that you didn't post the information in the first place?

16th Oct 2008, 22:21
It happened over a week ago.. I agree.

but I don't post every little incident in aviation on PPrune...

16th Oct 2008, 22:24
So what was the extent of the damage.

Some aircrew are reluctant to report even serious damage to aircraft; it is better to report than do nothing and hence thereby prevent education to us all?