View Full Version : What title would you give to your memoirs?

15th Oct 2008, 12:35
If you were to write a book about your life in aviation, what title would you choose?

Withering Heights
What's it doing now?

You're an inventive lot so c'mon...

(Loose Rivets will be along soon, mark my words...)

15th Oct 2008, 12:51
"Don't Leave Without Me".

15th Oct 2008, 12:55
"Yours in size!"

Market-speak from the late 90s.

Edited to add that I do apologise, this thread is aviation related and I have erred.

Standard Noise
15th Oct 2008, 12:55
'Christ on a bike!'

15th Oct 2008, 13:00
'At Least I Got the Grammar Right!'

Um... lifting...
15th Oct 2008, 14:15
"X Years Below the Mast... tales of a wandering helicopter pilot..." (with apologies to Herman Melville)

15th Oct 2008, 14:20
"Who The Fcuk Were You?!

15th Oct 2008, 14:24
At Least I Got the Grammar Right!'

Er, no you didn't.

15th Oct 2008, 14:28
" If I had to do it again, I'd do it all over you."

15th Oct 2008, 14:35
"Memoirs of a Gusha" ;)

15th Oct 2008, 14:45
with apologies to Herman Melville)

... not to mention R H Dana.

15th Oct 2008, 14:51
"Surprised by Everything" p1

Um... lifting...
15th Oct 2008, 15:32
... not to mention R H Dana.

Oh, dear... got that terribly wrong, didn't I? Wonder why I thought it was Melville. Possibly because I read much Melville in school, but more likely it is for the extremely sound reason that his beard was far more impressive and luxuriant than that of Dana.
I mean, really.:O


15th Oct 2008, 15:36
"what a con I want my money back"

Roger Sofarover
15th Oct 2008, 16:09
"Fields I have sat In"

Alloa Akbar
15th Oct 2008, 16:24
Since mine started in Naval Aviation..

"Not Quite Plain Sailing"

(Suggested by my son!!)

Foxy Loxy
15th Oct 2008, 16:24
"I wonder what will happen if I press that?"

15th Oct 2008, 16:32
Oh My poor @rse! :}

15th Oct 2008, 16:45
"That thing will never get off the ground."

15th Oct 2008, 16:54
I can get it up in all weather

15th Oct 2008, 16:59
Typecast Dungeonmeister

15th Oct 2008, 17:12
Son, Not Everyone is Meant to be a Pilot:
Or Baggage Handler to the USAF Stars

Ace Rimmer
15th Oct 2008, 18:57
digression mode on:
Ref Dana a little known fact. His great grandson (possibly great-great I can't remember) finished his career at DL few years back driving 767s and prior to a sort of retirement was a leading light at ALPA and IFALPA...

digression mode off

15th Oct 2008, 20:11
"Is That It?"

Like it on me headstone as well

Buster Hyman
15th Oct 2008, 21:00
Mein Kampf.

15th Oct 2008, 21:06
"The 'Miss' That Didn't Miss....'

(a play on another gravestone - 'I may be a Miss, but that doesn't mean that I've missed out...' :E )

15th Oct 2008, 23:51

This Mein Kampf cost me a laptop due to a classic movie drink spew.

To where should I send the bill? :ok:

Buster Hyman
16th Oct 2008, 01:15
Hitler Estate
Wilhelmstrasse 77

Mark it; Attention Hermann.

16th Oct 2008, 02:11
There's a few ive been tossing around;

Before i become worm bait,

Richo: A life without pants,

Things i have learned: Panties (cue Atlas) and Hooters; yep, i love em!

16th Oct 2008, 05:22
" I told my Father I wanted to be a pilot when I grew up, he said I couldn't do both "

(sorry :oh: pinched that from another PPrUner !! )

16th Oct 2008, 05:28
'All Quiet on the Y Front'

16th Oct 2008, 05:53
" My Eyes Are Up Here"

16th Oct 2008, 06:06
"Nearer, my dog, to thee"

16th Oct 2008, 06:17
"is it supposed to do that?"


16th Oct 2008, 06:37
"Love cannot save you from your own fate" :cool:
(Jim Morrison)

or "Learning to fly" :cool:
(yes its pink floyd... )

might come up with something better later

16th Oct 2008, 14:55
Life's a journey, not a destination.

(Apologies to Steve Tyler/Aerosmith)

16th Oct 2008, 16:01
"yesterday, today, tomorrow a lifelong farce"

16th Oct 2008, 16:30
Lessons for airline management from the IVF industry
'How to do things without a cock up'