View Full Version : Not a good way to the end the day!

15th Oct 2008, 11:34
YouTube - Ilyushin IL-18 Aborted take off (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ogb69OBceRI)

15th Oct 2008, 11:39
Looks like a good result to me... ;)

15th Oct 2008, 12:07
At least there are plenty of people available for push back.

" Ladies and Gentleman, this is the Captain speaking, there will be a six months delay until the local regime extend the runway so we can safely depart with the parking brakes engaged. Please remain seated until the local coconuts assist in our safe exit of our intact aircraft.
Thank you for flying QF... :E

15th Oct 2008, 13:21
Im sure the pilots saying..'I could have pulled up short of the over run area... but I figured we could use the sand to extinguish the gear fire before ground crews arrived... ' :}

15th Oct 2008, 15:47
what country / airline operates that ??

Mick Elcoate
15th Oct 2008, 19:14
Looked like he had a tail wind?

15th Oct 2008, 21:20
Good vid of some modern aircraft... :}


15th Oct 2008, 22:21
The IL18 had crashed the day before I went to Cabinda (Angola) to fix a B1900D. I took a series of still photos of it.(PM me if you want some) The original video was taken by a Canadian Heli-Molongo engineer who was just deciding to video the take-off of this overloaded relic and to his surprise captured the over-run. He gave me a copy of the original. The funniest thing is at the end when the cockpit comes in close up is the arguement by the pilots where the control column is being shaken and then the copilot looks outside and yells something.
There was very little damage to the aircraft, The #1 prop had a jagged l/e due to slicing through the boundary fence and there was two tyres blown on the l/h u/c and all on the right. The r/h was also buried in sand which extinguished the brake fire. When I left the next day they were preparing it to be towed out.
I expect to see it back in Luanda when I get back there next month.
For an aircraft which is more than 50 years old they are still a remarkable workhorse and seemingly quite reliable as we see very little maintenance being done.

mr fish
15th Oct 2008, 22:53
from a purely techi angle, that camera had quite a good zoom!!:8

15th Oct 2008, 23:13
Looks like an Angolan flag on the side.

Sure looked like a tailwind, but only a few knots. Short runway though.

Props weren't going anywhere NEAR fast enough.............

15th Oct 2008, 23:18
Props weren't going anywhere NEAR fast enough.............

Yeah, I just hated those slow prop takeoffs. :p

Howard Hughes
15th Oct 2008, 23:26
Pass the vodka...;)

16th Oct 2008, 00:52
Ah Comrade you didnt call out rotate.

16th Oct 2008, 10:06
Reassuring to see the emergency crews in such rapid and prolific attendance! :}

Howard Hughes
16th Oct 2008, 11:05
With most stopping to take photos along the way!:eek: