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15th Oct 2008, 05:41
Hi folks.
I've been looking for some nice "pilot" watch and came across the Hamilton GMT Air Race.
Does anyone own one and has an opinion about it?

Any other favorite?


15th Oct 2008, 05:50

Do a search on the forums and you'll find heaps of references. The link above is as good as any, since most are repetitions of each other.

15th Oct 2008, 05:54
Cool, anyway just wanted to know if somebody owns a Hamilton and what's the overall opinon.

Loose rivets
15th Oct 2008, 06:46
Oooooh...Does it make toast?

15th Oct 2008, 06:57
and spreads the butter...

15th Oct 2008, 07:08
It's called a Hamilton?

It'll be at least 25 seconds slow then.....

15th Oct 2008, 07:23
Designed for Lancaster pilots by the look of it...

Loose rivets
15th Oct 2008, 07:40

No, don't get one. People with laugh at you. And order toast.

I got a sexy pilot's watch when I finally could afford it. Couldn't see the squitty little numbers by then.:*

Walked into a shop in Colchester a while back, and the bloke sidled up to me and asked if he could help me. I said, No thanks, you sold me this 23 years ago and it's working fine. He didn't say a word, just slid away. Rude s0d. He was a freemason as well. As well as his dad that is.

15th Oct 2008, 07:55
Loose old chap, not sure which time zone you're in, but I'll have a pint of what you had please! :}

15th Oct 2008, 08:00
One pint for me too, please? :8
(and a cider)

Loose rivets
15th Oct 2008, 08:07
It's a superb Chilean red. Slightly less than a pint...but mixed with the pills, that does the trick.:ooh: I suppose the white wine with the shrimp has to be included.

Anyway...what's wrong with me post? It's still in focus.

15th Oct 2008, 08:12
Loose, try a Merlot from Argentina. That'll do... :}

henry crun
15th Oct 2008, 09:06
Nello. You don't want some crappy old Hamilton, get one of these and let it make a statement about who you are.


15th Oct 2008, 09:20
HOLLY S:mad:T!
That's a very nice time piece!
I assume one has to sell a kidney to own one of those... :sad:

15th Oct 2008, 09:30
That's a very nice time piece!

Bl00dy isn't. Numbers all blurred, and I haven't had a drop yet..

15th Oct 2008, 09:45
I guess watches started it, and mobile phones followed suit.

Why can't we have a phone that just makes telephone calls and a watch that just tells the time, ( I concede that a sweep second hand is useful for timing your procedure turn when undergoing your initial Instrument Rating flight check - thereafter forget it, you will never need to do that again, FMS, or GPS will do it all for you ) All the other sh*t is pure affectation, who needs it?

If you fly to another time zone just pull the winding knob out and turn the hands.

I've NEVER flown any aircraft - and I include my present microlight, that hasn't had some sort of timepiece ticking away the seconds before your very eyes, saves twisting your wrist to read your watch, too !

Course - if you want a fashion statment that's a different story, but don't start me there !

I guess we'll now start the round of how-do-you-recognise-a- pilot-in-the-sauna stories again ( big watch, little pr**k )

Sorry, just being a miserable old git ! ( I flew with a Glycine Airman, big hand only went around the dial once a day, just like the Sun. Really got the girls talking - and they couldn't tell what time it was, either ! )

15th Oct 2008, 10:05
Ahh, the Richard Mille, 'twas an ad in a recent SQ mag for that one, or something similar.

A couple of kidneys probably won't cover it as it was priced at SIN$130,000, give or take a few k. That's around US$80k or so. :{ :ugh:

15th Oct 2008, 10:10
Fair points.
However, I just happen to like watches.
Saw the other day with the missus the Hamilton and she suggested she wanted to buy it for me and, since I don't know much about the brand, I am getting some info before she uses the plastic...
Certainly it won't make me a better plot, but I believe I will enjoy wearing one :)

15th Oct 2008, 10:12
naaaahhhhhhhhh.... a bit over my budget... :\

15th Oct 2008, 10:17
On the other hand...i'm thinking that if girlfriend wants to pay for it...I should go for a Rolex GMT Master... :}

15th Oct 2008, 10:40
All you need nowadays is an old Timex alarm clock
to wake you up before you land. ;)

15th Oct 2008, 10:54
Navitimer any time. Boy pilots = Big watch, big car, big d*ck, NO MONEY, well that's what they were like ex Perth & Hamble when I wer a sprog:E

15th Oct 2008, 11:07
Favourite watch??

Last dog - all night in:}

15th Oct 2008, 11:13
this is my fav!


Lon More
15th Oct 2008, 11:15
Looking at the first photo I thought that said "Beer In' on the left side.
Now THAT would be a proper pilot's watch:p

Edited to add; i haven't worn a watch since I retired. The admirable Mr. D's system of sleeps, moons and snows, as mentioned in another thread, is accurate enough for me these days.

Howard Hughes
15th Oct 2008, 11:21
Hamilton, Bretiling, Richard Mille, Omega, you can keep the lot!:rolleyes:

I prefer the H4, a real navigators watch!:ok:


Mr Grimsdale
15th Oct 2008, 11:52
I bought myself a Breitling B2 about 8 years ago, lovely piece of kit. I had always wanted a Breitling after seeing the adverts on the back of the Farnborough Airshow programmes in 80s and early 90s when I was a kid.

It served me very well for 6 years until one evening just as I was about to go out with a young lady the effing crown popped off and rolled across the carpet - I was in such a bad mood that evening I never saw the girl again. The repair and service cost me about £350 with a 12 month guarantee but the watch came back looking like new and still kept great time... which reading these forums seems to be unusual for a Breitling! Then 18 months later I was adjusting the date and the crown popped off again. Needless to say I made it clear to the staff in the shop I wasn't going to pay for a second repair. So the watch comes back 10-12 weeks later looking wonderful again but it loses about 30 seconds a month now. Grrr!!!!

15th Oct 2008, 12:08
Dude! get a Casio as a backup... :rolleyes:

Mr Grimsdale
15th Oct 2008, 15:23
I know, I know but the Breitling is so shiny and has too many dials and numbers.:ok:

Um... lifting...
15th Oct 2008, 16:25
Got one of these... Keeps the time at Greenwich (like I'm going there...) where I'm at and at home. Keeps excellent time... mechanical movement.

Keep the regular hands set on home time, the GMT hand on GMT and move the inner bezel around to local time on the GMT hand using the second crown... so if anyone asks me what time it is, I just show 'em the watch... they don't ask again. If I can't read it, it means I'm not awake yet.

As ol' Speedbird pointed out... never flown an aircraft without some kind of chrono in it... pilot's watches are useless affectations unless you're a wing-walker or an astronaut... diving watches on the other hand (at least in pre-computer days), are a useful affectation.


15th Oct 2008, 16:32
A Pilot sitting in a cafébar on a nightstop looks at his watch several times in the space of a few minutes.

A woman sitting alone nearby notices this and asks “is your date running late?”

“No” he replies “I have this state of the art Aviators watch. I was just testing it”.

Intrigued the woman asks “state of the art aviators watch? what’s so special about it then?”

Pilot explains “it uses Alpha waves to telepathically transmit the time and other mission critical information to me”

The lady asks “what’s it telling you know then?”

He replies “Well…. It’s telling me you’re not wearing any panties”

Giggling and blushing she replies “well your expensive watch must be broken because I am wearing panties”

Pilot smirks, taps his watch and says “Bloody things running about half an hour fast, can I buy you a drink?”;)

15th Oct 2008, 16:46

Me and my F/O in the weather room pre-flight planning replete with my aviator watch. :}

15th Oct 2008, 17:02
Cool Bro':cool:

Um... lifting...
15th Oct 2008, 17:03
Flavor Flav on PPRuNe... who'd a thunk?

Loved you in 'The Surreal Life'

Alloa Akbar
15th Oct 2008, 17:43
The Richard Mille

let it make a statement about who you are.

A total p*nis with a meccano fixation and bad eyesight??


(TAG Heuer Aquaracer owner m'self)

15th Oct 2008, 19:41
diving watches on the other hand (at least in pre-computer days), are a useful affectationI use a Suunto D6 for diving...I wouldn't go down (!) without it. Is a life saver...

The Omega is a beautiful thing...

Loose rivets
15th Oct 2008, 20:14
I've said this before, but I can remember the GMT Master being sold in the West End for 80 quid. Couldn't quite justify one before passing my exams though. :(

There were no forgeries in those days.

Noah Zark.
15th Oct 2008, 22:11
I had one of those multi-time band super-dooper jobbies. It was the one with the altimeter built in, was shockproof, waterproof, dust proof, and anti-magnetic. It caught fire! :)

16th Oct 2008, 17:12
Once recieved an ornate desk clock from Mr Boeing after agreeing to buy a few of his flying machines still have it to this day and I kid you not it the noise it makes is remarkable....

Tech.. Tech.. Tech.. Tech.. ;)

16th Oct 2008, 22:41
I find this very accurate:

http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=FIe7bhcYnEk (http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=FIe7bhcYnEk)

Impress to inflate
17th Oct 2008, 06:32
I looked at a number of watches a few years ago. Breitling, Omega and Rolex. The shop in Edinburgh said they call Breitling, Boomerang watches because they all come back for a repair. Ended up with a Rolex GMT Master II and love it. How anyone can read the micro writing on the bezzel and inside a Breitling is beyond me.

Do the right thing and get yourself a Rolly

17th Oct 2008, 07:35
Audemars Piguet for quality, surely?

Audemars Piguet - Fine watch (http://www.audemarspiguet.com/www08/en/new_creations/novelties_18.html)

Nothing mass produced here - all hand made - quality costs but is worth it.......


17th Oct 2008, 09:57
Yeh yeh...you say whatever you guys want but I want this baby... :cool:


Say again s l o w l y
17th Oct 2008, 11:03
Audemars.... Over priced gaudy baubles!

I've got a Hamilton x-wind and I think it's the bee's knees.

Breitlings are over priced and impossible to read. All you need from an aviation watch is a clear dial and an easy to read read stop watch. All the rest of the guff, slide rules etc. is just that, guff.

Hamilton watches are well known, well made and substantially cheaper than Breitlings, Omegas, Audemars and other bit of over priced bling.

I spent months choosing a new watch last year and was prepared to pay for something like a breitling, until I found I didn't like them one bit.

The Hamilton for me was the only one that when I put it on, just looked "right".

17th Oct 2008, 11:03
Good choice Nello. I've bought and sold a few of those and wish I'd kept one.
Can't get hold of them anymore, not for less than 6 grand anyway.
Unless someone can point me towards a friendly Rolex dealer.......

17th Oct 2008, 14:51
Ten years ago or so my parents gave me a Rolex Oyster perpetual date all steel...
Today I use it daily and looks like new. Fantastic watch and quite sober, just basic info. GMT II is wonderful too....I wouldn't mind having one :}
I agree with the Breitling thing...too busy for my taste.

Next? I believe that Hamilton will be...

17th Oct 2008, 18:21
you all sound like a bunch of girls comparing the prices of pantyhose.


DON T - spot on mate.

17th Oct 2008, 22:01
Hey Old Cessna; if I wasn't paying my ATPL I'd definitely bid for it... :ok:
(you are one lucky pilot)
You Kluge...seems you know about discussion on pantyhose offers :}

18th Oct 2008, 01:26
My Current watch

Loose rivets
18th Oct 2008, 05:40
One likes the Daytona, 'tis the first watch that I've really taken to since buying my Saiko.

Rolex Watches Daytona Steel From SwissLuxury.Com (http://www.swissluxury.com/rolex-watches-daytona-steel.htm)

How much for the used one?

henry crun
18th Oct 2008, 07:59
Saiko are into watches now are they Rivets ? I thought they were only concerned with the music business. :}

Loose rivets
18th Oct 2008, 09:36
Oh dear, oh dear, I knew summit looked wrong...I'm getting worse.

Better buy one of them Daytonas a bit quick, while I can still tell the time :(

21st Oct 2008, 19:12
Can't quite make your mind up?

Try this RARE OMEGA SPEEDMASTER Missions Moon Watches - eBay (item 160293502817 end time Nov-19-08 09:23:58 PST) (http://cgi.ebay.com/RARE-OMEGA-SPEEDMASTER-Missions-Moon-Watches_W0QQitemZ160293502817QQcmdZViewItem?hash=item1602935 02817&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14&_trkparms=66%3A2%7C65%3A10%7C39%3A1%7C240%3A1318)

21st Oct 2008, 20:58
I have one of these and it's shit! :-

300 M Chrono Diver (http://www.omega.ch/index.php?id=287&details=1&ref=22258000&no_cache=1)

It has never kept decent time since i bought it. It is presently visiting the Omega works to be rebuilt after it leaked on a recent dive. It was 2 months out of warranty and they are charging me £300 for the priviledge of wearing t again. So, £1700 + £300 = £2k for a piece of good lookng crap.

Thanks Omega!:ok:

BAMRA wake up
21st Oct 2008, 21:58
£7, easy to replace. Mings a bit under the plastic strap if you wear it too long!


21st Oct 2008, 23:03
Gimme a good old Swatch beats the panty's off any of that expensive chronopathic..Mmm chronocrapic..Mmm chronogranpic..Ah **** it:)

21st Oct 2008, 23:49
A $10 battery powered watch from a filling station is all that you need.

Got to admit that when the thread, winder to body, on my 43 year old Rolex stripped I bought a $200 Seiko Diver's Watch.

22nd Oct 2008, 00:22
Sorry everyone. The only truly professional pilots' watch is the Breitling Aviator series, the one without the completely unnecessary distress tx. If you can get it as one of an aircraft type limited series, so much the better. It is incredibly accurate ( I have not reset mine for 3 years and it is still within 2 secs) and is virtually damage proof. It does literally everything, without being 'bling' or a poser's watch stuffed with unnecessary dials.. Ultimate cool, but expect to pay around $3000-$4000.

22nd Oct 2008, 05:32
The diver's Seiko "Monster" is a good looking fellow...but if I don't use it for 1 day...it just stops...quite annoying...

22nd Oct 2008, 09:13

23rd Oct 2008, 11:59
If he says it's a fake...fake it is... :cool:

23rd Oct 2008, 12:55
Ah, I like watches. I have 4 at the moment.

The first watch I ever bought was a Heuer diver (before TAG got involved) looks a bit like a Rolex but not quite. Cost me about £75 quid. I still have it although it currently isn't working and needs to go back but bits are hard to get apparently.

I have a Breitling Crosswind which I love, but is very heavy and I don't wear it a lot. This is a chronograph. I have gone off Chono's a bit because as has been seen in this thread they make it diffiicult to see everything and you rarely use the functions.

Which leads me to agree with Flat Spin. I recently bought an Omega Seamater Automatic and it is absolutely the best watch I have ever bought. I couldn't recommend it highly enough.

For pilot stuff though have a look at Fortis the suppliers of the original cosmonaut watches. I have a flieger GMT, which I'm not sure they make any more. Check out FORTIS Swiss Watches (http://www.fortis-watch.com) for their stuff. Their price range is very good from the low hundreds upwards. There are quite a few retailers.

I'm a big fan of automatics, all mine with the exception of the Heuer are autos, and guess which one ain't working.
I've bought all of these secondhand of the internet, which if you look in the right places is the best way to do it. The Omega I paid just under £900 for a 1 year old with all the papers, box etc. That's about £1700 new.

Loose rivets
11th Nov 2008, 06:43
Well I'll go to the foot of our stairs!

Coincidence. Totally amazing.

Having been quite taken by the Daytona, I found myself being drawn into the posh watch shop in a mall here in Texas. They were only allowed 2 or 3 stainless ones a year, but had a gold one in stock. She let me look at it.

Okaaaaaaaaaaaay. It's a joke, right? How the 'kin 'el do you lift your arm when it's on? I carefully lowered it onto the counter. $29,000 buckerooos, and I'd have to hire some strong bloke to wear it for me. Anyway, but back to the coincidence.

Someone comes round and says.."I'm sending this back...bit to flamboyant."

Of all the watches, in all the world...this one has to come into my kitchen now. Rolex Daytona. What are the odds?

It was the diamonds she was referring to - Loads of them round the bezel, and one for each of the hours. Stainless though and a foot thick. Weight was right, accurate to the gram.

"If you want it, $129. Gotta make your mind up now though."

I could already tell. Nice as it looked, it just wasn't a Rolex. The 'diamonds' were probably Zircon and the milled grip on the back wasn't. Wasn't milled that is, just molded. Dial was nice, but all the little pieces were just showing that they had been stamped out; edges slightly curved. The glass was etched with the crown but the etching just wasn't accurate enough viewed at X 4

"$11 to send it back to....(guess where, yep)...China."

I'd always wanted to see a rip-off watch. A good rip-off that is. Clever, but just would not satisfy anyone that wanted the special something that craftsmen make. Still, $12,150 cheaper than the real thing.;)

11th Nov 2008, 09:29
Go most places in Asia, Bangkok in particular in my experience, and you'll see some quite good ones. Most have half decent movements and will look OK for a couple of years.

I have a nice looking fake Omega Constellation that I used to wear when going out on the lash in Bangers, just in case I fell down somewhere or whatever and didn't want to muck up one of my nice watches. It's had two new batteries and it still looks OK.