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28th May 2001, 23:51
I don't know if its my bad luck but in recent weeks I've seen a marked deterioration in CRM (757/767 BA). Maybe not co-incidently its generally been with captains at 28-30 years service although that is not a generalisation). I recently did a tour with a captain who I might as well have not been there as far as he was concerned. 30 years, joined at 19 etc.He knew everything I new nothing, meddled with FMC/heading bug/route on my sectors, never advised me of changes on his sectors very autocratic, an attitude I thought was being faded out. This is not an isolated incident either. For info I'm an SFO with over 10 years aviation experience coming up for command. I hope I'm like the majority of our younger captains when I switch seats.Maybe these dinosaurs are incapable of change and I've just been exposed to a few recently.


28th May 2001, 23:56
Hey, you'll be a captain soon... That was their last chance to play with your balls before a loooong time !
;) ;) ;)

Old King Coal
29th May 2001, 00:03
CRM - as in "Your the crew, and he's the management !"

29th May 2001, 01:01
Wind Up Alert!

Born_Again_Virgin, who also claimed to be a pilot, wrote a very similar post. Note also the similarities in the method of writing the username.

29th May 2001, 16:40
You got given sectors?

29th May 2001, 18:27
C'mon name the [email protected] - in the name of Flight Safety of course!