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14th Oct 2008, 13:04
Not sure where to put this, so please move if required.

This is a link to Birmingham International's finance reports 2008.


Go to page 11 of the PDF and take a closer look at the xray image... :)


muckin fuddle
14th Oct 2008, 13:15
Isn't that a lethal weapon ?? !!:eek:

mona lot
14th Oct 2008, 13:42
Either the SS were asleep when the picture was taken or they have a sense of humour.

14th Oct 2008, 13:46
What a load of plonkers!

14th Oct 2008, 13:52
That is seriously amusing. If they find the person who put that image into the report - they are in BIG trouble!!!

14th Oct 2008, 13:58
Been trying to download for the last half-hour, my machine says "error in the document":confused: did anyone save it so I can share the humour, or is my computer having a bad day.

Romeo India Xray
14th Oct 2008, 14:05
Brings a whole new meaning to "having a concealed weapon"? :}

Wonder if that would be used to "stab" the flight crew to death? Glad I wasn't crewing THAT flight.


Took me about 3 goes to download it


14th Oct 2008, 14:11
I don't see the problem. It's not a sharp item and I believe only the higher end (sic) models contain liquid:}

14th Oct 2008, 14:16
I did a screen nab of the pertinent section :)


14th Oct 2008, 14:20
Oh no, I see it now. That perfume bottle top left has to be more than 100 ml. Someone should definitely get the sack for that. Ooops, when I said get the 'sack' I meant....Oh never mind. :}

no sponsor
14th Oct 2008, 14:30
I'm reminded of the ACDC song which goes like:

Flying on a free flight
Driving all night With my machinery
'Cause I, I got the power
Any hour
To show the man in me
I got reputations Blown to pieces With my artillery
Whoa ho I'll be guided in
We'll be ridin' given what you got to me
Don't you struggle
Don't you fight
Don't you worry 'Cause it's your turn tonight

CHORUS: Let me put my love into you

14th Oct 2008, 14:44
Several times I have had punters dragged out of the cabin onto the apron to disable these beasts with the excuse " it's vibrating/ it's making a noise the loaders are worried"
Invariably the machine was always OFF, just an excuse for the lads in baggage/ security to have a laff whilst the cringing owner attempts to dismantle it in front of all & sundry. Of course as the Capt I kept a straight face throughout ;)

14th Oct 2008, 14:51
The MDs complaint that nobody ever bothered reading the annual report seems to have been taken to heart in the PR department :}

Given the evidence, I expect a deep and penetrating enquiry will bring about a satisfactory conclusion ;)

14th Oct 2008, 14:52
On one of my flights last year we had to call a pax off to attend to his vibrating bag... What a PA... I've never seen a face so red before.

mona lot
14th Oct 2008, 15:21
Is that a pair of nail clippers in there, and a corkscrew? All weapons of ass, sorry mass destruction. I think we may have uncovered some sort of terrorist plot here.

On the other hand it could just be a crew bag with all that perfume.

14th Oct 2008, 15:31
Of course, you could put a couple of sex aids in your bag, so that the operator is distracted, and misses the Semtex and the detonator....:\

14th Oct 2008, 16:00
It already is Anything to declare?? (http://www.pprune.org/jet-blast/346764-anything-declare.html)
oh now come on mods I didn't put this on here I put it on the third thread to post this!

14th Oct 2008, 18:14
They've never spotted my inflatable friend.