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Effluent Man
14th Oct 2008, 09:00
Given these scenarios,what would you wish for?

The Brown/Darling rescue plan works like a dream and capitalism moves away from the lights of perverted science into the broad,sunlit uplands.Brown lauded as the new Churchill and an economic miracle worker.Re-elected with a 200 seat majority by a grateful electorate.

It hits the deck big style.Markets crash,banks go down anyway and we go into a 1930's style world recession. Brown comes out of the election with 50 seats all in Northern England.Labour party marginalised and out of power for a generation.

Votes please.

14th Oct 2008, 09:02
Can I go for the first part of answer 'A' and the second part of 'B'? :E

14th Oct 2008, 09:24
Since your question was tricky I asked Lisa - the automatic virtual assistant from National Rail - she said;

Lisa says:
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14th Oct 2008, 09:28
Or c) Rescue works in part, things brighten a little (I.e. fail to get worse) the banks limp on for a few years semi recovered, failing to draw the talent as there's no longer the stellar financial incentives to draw the best/greediest youngsters, the country declines as public spending is cut and taxes are raised.

All the economic migrants disappear leading to a glut of housing and a continuing depressed market and a weary electorate looks in the cupboard finds it bare & dumps the nannying labour party out on it's arse. Dave takes over & things don't really get any better.

Buster Hyman
14th Oct 2008, 09:44
(d) A giant spaceship appears in the Southern Hemisphere & we are all saved!

14th Oct 2008, 09:52
(d) A giant spaceship appears in the Southern Hemisphere & we are all saved!

Well today's the day Buster, so be sure to let us know :)

In an illogical way, I'd like to see b) but as that would have major repercussions and really would bring about a new world order "Rise of the chavs" as uncivil disobedience would be acted out to take that from the fat to feed the thin.

I don't think that GB will last another term, I imagine that the populace will want anyone apart from New L again. But then again we're a passive lot and I'll be proved wrong :(



14th Oct 2008, 10:21
I think a slo-mo version of B, definitely. Banks and the financial services sector will never be the same again, everyone (not only banks) will have to de-leverage causing further falls in house, commercial property and other asset prices, general belt-tightening will result in drops in consumer spending. The massive increase in our budget deficit combined with falling tax receipts (those non-doms will be beating a path to LHR as we speak) will require a major reigning-in of public expenditure (re-negotiation of some PFI deals will undoubtedly be required?).

Question is, where is growth going to come from once we reach the bottom whenever that may be? Certainly not the financial sector nor the public sector. Manufacturing has all but gone east, high/bio tech still a cottage industry. Can't see how we are going to trade our way back to where we were a few years back.


Romeo India Xray
14th Oct 2008, 10:33
Question is, where is growth going to come from once we reach the bottom whenever that may be?

If things get as bad as they possibly could in (b) then I would like to suggest growth in the back garden (in the form of crops) could be a good idea. There are a number of winter crops that should just about be ready for planting at this time. :ok:

Meanwhile the chavs in chavville will be relying on McD to provide their "crop". Will be interesting to see how they survive when their cash lifeline is stemmed :} and they may have to COOK :eek: from first principles :eek: :ouch:(what is a potato? :confused:)!!! And if the local Sainsbury runs out of potatoes to steal - wtf :( Grow them???? :yuk:


14th Oct 2008, 11:07
Hey RIX, please clarify that you are referring to the 'Scottish Restaurant' in your last post otherwise I might take offence!
McD :ok:

Mr Grimsdale
14th Oct 2008, 11:08
I fear we may be treated to an extended period of Mr Brown now.:uhoh:

The bulk of the population are going to fall for this portrayal of him as the great saviour whilst forgeting it was his policies that are largely to blame for getting us this deep into the brown stuff (see what I did there?).

The trouble is where can I emigrate to that is actually any better?

14th Oct 2008, 11:12
failing to draw the talent as there's no longer the stellar financial incentives

'cos up to now, the talent with the stellar wallets have done what, exactly? Oh yes, screwed the pooch.


14th Oct 2008, 11:18
I fear we may be treated to an extended period of Mr Brown now.:uhoh:

Maybe not.

There were stories about his deteriorating eyesight and worries that an accidental knock could detach his remaining retina. His nots have to be writ large and emails in 36 point.

This suggests the possibility that the caped crusader, having save mankind from itself will return to the bat cave in Gotham City and reflect on the adulation heaped upon him by the leaders of the World.

Get out on a high beofre it all crashes again.

Romeo India Xray
14th Oct 2008, 11:47
Please take no offence, I was of course referring to any Scottish restaurant bearing the same name as an American fast cholesterol outlet - Those from Chavville however are unlikely to believe that food may be presented in any way other than with an a large inverted "W" on the packaging. Quite ironic that the government they voted in is the one that forced their gyros to be paid into (soon to be) defunct bank accounts :}


cockney steve
14th Oct 2008, 12:43
I think it'll be a botch/codge. unless he restrains the greedy ,amoral abusers of the financial jungle, the country will degenerate further from it's zenith as epicentre of the civilised world.

I see a mass exodus of talented and industrious individuals
RATS* desert the sinking ship and seek pastures new where their endeavours reap a true reward and slick money-shuffling shysters aren't tolerated.

I like Sarkozy, I like the rural French way of life.......more and more tempting! lots of cheap, fertile land, no sign of chavs ,respect for environment, villages and people.....and real local beaurocratic power.

* Real Assets, Terminally Shafted.

Late 21 St. Century England will see the ageing fat-cats of this generation,living it up as best they may, serviced by the mass of otherwise-unemployable chavs.

Only the worst sort of unscrupulous spivvy "buisinessman" will attempt to work in an overtaxed, overregulated marketplace....they'll take out what they can, cut and run...........hey! where has that happened recently?

Mr Grimsdale
14th Oct 2008, 14:31
Get out on a high beofre it all crashes again.

Which is exactly what it will do once the markets get over the brief sugar rush they're experiencing now. Of course that could take 6, maybe 12 months but by that time we could be lumbered with another 5 years of Gordon Bennett or whatever his name is. I despair of most of the population!

14th Oct 2008, 15:12
What's the truth about the rural life in France? I could pick up the language OK, and I'm getting a little tired of the eternal search for the almighty dollar when I only need a roof over my head, enough money for meals and (a lot of) alcohol and enough spare cash to occasionally venture into something more grand.

Is broadband internet a given everywhere? Links to property prices, especially depressed ones? Or should I stick to Thailand as an alternative? It's just too hot over there really.

Looking back at this, it's probably the wrong place and may even deserve its own thread, but I'll leave it here for the time being.

14th Oct 2008, 15:26

You may be able tocould pick up the language OK in France but I do assure that Thai is a tad more difficult!

Effluent Man
15th Oct 2008, 08:28
Binos, Mrs E is a French teacher and we have visited for holidays every year since 1978.The property market is very different from the UK and country properties with land are cheap.Big regional variations and prices in cities higher than rural.PM me if you want chapter and/or verse.