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Buster Hyman
14th Oct 2008, 02:11
Qantas near miss ... this time in a bus

Georgina Robinson
October 14, 2008 - 10:39AM
Seven people were hurt when a Qantas bus and a car had a near miss on the air side of Sydney Airport's Qantas domestic terminal today.
A Qantas spokesman said the bus was taking passengers from the international terminal to the airline's domestic terminal when the incident occurred about 8.30am.
The bus driver was forced to swerve to avoid hitting an official airport car.
A number of bus passengers were thrown forward from their seats on impact, a NSW Ambulance spokesman said.
Three people were treated on stretchers for neck pain. Another four sustained minor injuries but were able to walk, the spokesman said.
Six ambulance crews with 12 paramedics responded to the crash.
The injured passengers were being taken to the St George and Prince of Wales hospitals.
Most passengers were able to get off the bus unharmed, a Qantas spokesman said. The airline will investigate the incident.

Okay, I know, I know...but it just goes to show that when you're flavour of the month, they just don't let up!

The Hill
14th Oct 2008, 02:18
Here we go again:ugh::ugh::ugh:

Qantas 787
14th Oct 2008, 02:22
It really is a slow news day - if it were any other bus (even an government one), no one would care. The funny thing is the car was probably in the wrong and the bus tried to avoid a crash. Potentially it could have been worse.

Wait a minute, the media has forgotten something. Where are the quotes from the 'terrified passengers'?

Kangaroo Court
14th Oct 2008, 02:23
If they swerved and avoided...why is it being called a"crash". I thought you had to at least hit something!!

14th Oct 2008, 02:24
What about all the experts giving their view on the accident?

Also I think they should close down the road near the incidient. Think of the poor residents who live nearby! This could have easily involved their properties!

Qantas 787
14th Oct 2008, 02:39
The next thing they will be reporting is any car accident involving a current QF employee or a friend or relative of one.........

14th Oct 2008, 02:43
My next door neighbour who used to work for Qantas has a cat.
The cat killed a sparrow this morning.
Should I report this Qantas murder?

14th Oct 2008, 02:43
Mod's close this post....

Its only a bus wearing the QF name, hardly aviation news or aviation related

14th Oct 2008, 02:54
Lighten up will ya?
The world financial system is going to hell in a handbasket.
We need a little comic relief.
Oh no...aviation can't have a sense of humour or be funny.

Qantas 787
14th Oct 2008, 03:10
The fact that it is QF is the focus of the story - if it were an ordinary bus, it wouldn't be a story!

Capt Claret
14th Oct 2008, 03:11
Are Qantas busses fitted with thronmeisters too? :uhoh:

14th Oct 2008, 03:21
Sorry, I can't answer that Clarry.:confused:

Maybe we should ask the TSV refueller.:8

Or become journalists ourselves and just make up something.......................................

:ok: I know, we'll blame that infernal No2 Engine !:ok:

PS What happened to the "I thought I was gunna die" quote

14th Oct 2008, 04:23
Would never have happened on a Boeing.:E

Buster Hyman
14th Oct 2008, 04:55
I blame the bus driver...bluddy glorified Pilots if you ask me!!!


14th Oct 2008, 05:04
...Records show that the bus was recently serviced in Manila.

Sir Richard
14th Oct 2008, 05:05
Better check if the bus maintenance was outsourced.......:eek:

oops, you beat me by a whisker

14th Oct 2008, 05:14
Heard it was a 'computer' fault...NRMA are investigating..:8:8:ok:

Howard Hughes
14th Oct 2008, 05:50
Are Qantas busses fitted with thronmeisters too?
More to the point does the bus have business class? Or did the passengers book for a Qantas bus, but end up on a Jetstar bus?:ooh:

Rumour has it the V Australia bus is still waiting at the bus stop...;)

14th Oct 2008, 07:26
QF doesn't even know that thronomeisters have two 'o'.
obviously a maintenance failure

14th Oct 2008, 07:49
Now, who was that VIP seen exiting the toilet cubicle down the back of the bus shortly after a CC member...? :E

14th Oct 2008, 08:44
You forgot to mention the;

1/ Terrifying plunge

2/ The screaming

3/ The mess in the cabin

4/ That the oxygen masks dropped and they all thought that they were going to die....:rolleyes:

Capt Wally
14th Oct 2008, 09:32
Am sure a few here have been on one of those pax transit buses, BUT boy the divers are ex Mt Panarama drivers! Talk about one speed only!

With the current 'crash comic' that the department have out (utter rubbish) it won't be long b4 this shocking incident will be front page & with numerous follow ups inside the mag with even a picture of the 'event' asking us to say in 20 words, "what went wrong" so one could win a prize like a years subs to 'toilet monthly':E


14th Oct 2008, 11:38
With all the budget cutbacks by the Government reducing the number of lollipop men on the perimeter road leaving large sections of it uncontrolled at various times of the day it was an accident waiting to happen. The traffic controllers union will have a field day with this one!

The Baffler :ok:

14th Oct 2008, 11:49
It was TIBA at that time, but safety was not compromised.
A CASA spokesman backed this up by saying " We have absolutely no idea what is going on but if it involves us at all, safety was not compromised. If however safety was compromised, we are investigating"

man on the ground
14th Oct 2008, 11:59
It was TIBA at that time, but safety was not compromised.
A CASA spokesman backed this up by saying " We have absolutely no idea what is going on but if it involves us at all, safety was not compromised. If however safety was compromised, we are investigating"

Sounds like covert industrial action to me Max1 - lets get the shirker off the IRC pronto.