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James Roc
12th Oct 2008, 14:57
Dear All,

I would be very interested in hearing your opinions on the so called "Chemtrails" that have become so prevalent in our skies.

As I understand it "Contrails" form when the water vapour from the engines crystallises in the cold air but dissipate almost immediately.

Chemtrails however form long lines and spread out to a haze lasting several hours and sometimes completely obscure the blue sky.

While travelling recently at 36,000 feet I noticed we were travelling parallel with a number of said chemtrails and at one point we penetrated through one which was incredibly thick and dark in colour.

Have additives been added to the fuel to cause this? It certainly doesn't seem like a natural phenomena. I don't believe these chemtrails are happening in the skies above Russia, just in NATO countries.

Could this be some form of secret military programme?

Your opinions on this subject would be much appreciated?

Kind regards,


12th Oct 2008, 15:04
Its back.

Was wondering what I smelt when I went out for the first bine of the day. And there was me thinking it was the smell of Victory.

12th Oct 2008, 15:50
This subject has been discussed quite extensively on the 'Prune so you might do a search.
I have met people who swear up and down that it's part of a huge conspiracy. If you Google "chemtrails" there is a ton of material. However, I'm afraid I'm not a believer but I'm prepared to keep an open mind.

12th Oct 2008, 15:52
God, he's got a couple of bites already. :rolleyes:


12th Oct 2008, 15:54


Next. :E

Captain Stable
12th Oct 2008, 15:57
Dear James, this subject has been debated here ad nauseam.

The general concensus was that the government is attempting weather manipulation and simultaneous medication of the entire population as well as meddling in nanotechnology.

Whatever you do, if you have a haze/smog/fog for anything up to 5 days after seeing a chemtrail do not inhale. You will end up sterile and cancerous. Some women have reported mysterious pregnancies as well. The government have completely covered this up. This ties in 100% with the global 9/11 conspiracy, which was to eliminate evidence of chemtrail-equipped aircraft.

The proof of all this is that if you ask any congressman/MP/TD/MEP about any of this you will not receive any serious answer - and why not? If this was all nonsense, they would be able to deny it convincingly. And do they? No, they don't. They will attempt to bamboozle us, to pour scorn on the evidence. Further proof of a cover-up which involves Monsanto, the CIA, several governments (including all of G8) and the military/industrial complexes. Why do you think the Sahara is growing at such a rate? Why do you think they are having to cut down so much of the Amazon rainforest? TO COVER UP!!! Why do you think that the US government, the UK government are so keen on GM trials? Because they need to grow chemtrail-resistant food, which we will all get charged for, and which will implant nanotechnology in our bodies to monitor our every move and even our thoughts.

They are watching us... :ooh:

green granite
12th Oct 2008, 16:55
We are dealing with Star Wars. It involves the combination of chemtrails for creating an atmosphere that will support electromagnetic waves, ground-based, electromagnetic field oscillators called gyrotrons, and ionospheric heaters.

Particulates make directed energy weapons work better. It has to do with "steady state" and particle density for plasma beam propagation.

They spray barium powders and let it photo-ionize from the ultraviolet light of the sun. Then, they make an aluminum-plasma generated by "zapping" the metal cations that are in the spray with either electromagnetics from HAARP, the gyrotron system on the ground [Ground Wave Emergency Network], or space-based lasers.

The barium makes the aluminum-plasma more particulate dense. This means they can make a denser plasma than they normally could from just ionizing the atmosphere or the air. :=:E

Two's in
12th Oct 2008, 17:42
The most obvious and shocking side-effect of Chemtrails is their ability to lower your IQ to that of a retarded fruit fly, and then you spend the rest of your gainful time trolling websites trying to find others with an equally devastating paucity of IQ points.

12th Oct 2008, 18:45
are you sure it's not to make the atmosphere more hospitable for the shape shifting lizards who really rule the world?

12th Oct 2008, 18:53
Dispatching black helicopters.

12th Oct 2008, 19:22
I just drank a glass filled with a chemical solution, actually, which probably makes me some kind of expert.

Seriously, the jet exhaust contains a certain amount of water vapour due to the combustion process. This cools and condenses into visible moisture in the cold upper atmosphere, same as a car's exhaust does on a cold winter day.

Soot particles in the exhaust can provide condensation nuclei for water vapour in solution, also forming visible moisture. If the upper atmosphere is relatively humid then this vapour can persist.

Both of these phenomena are well-documented and nothing new. For instance, check out the pictures of German skies covered by contrails during World War II bombing raids, long before "chemtrails" were ever dreamed of.

The last time I was in Russia, I can assure you that the air was practically stiff with chemtrails of a sort, yes. In fact, I think the air quality in most Nato countries is better than that although I have not been to Poland. It might have changed since they joined Nato so that perhaps a Polish person would like to comment on that if you can find one here.

If you think about it, it would take a lot of "whatever" to create these so-called chemtrails, even assuming this or that government has the budget and ability to do this and some reason for doing this.

This is another one like the faked moon landings and the faked 9/11 attacks that is impossible to disprove while also being rather unlikely.

If you want to believe in chemtrails go right ahead. In fact, you might as well sign on to the full Moonbat program and believe that the Moon landings and the 9/11 attacks were faked while you are at it. Don't edge into nerdish madness but plunge in head-first! Then there is the well-founded notion that the British Royal Family are actually shape-shifting lizards when most people simply thought they are Germans. You might as well add that one to your shopping basket while you are at it.

If you find chemicals themselves frightening then you probably should have paid more attention in school because there are several chemical compounds which are absolutely necessary to maintain life.

I drink about 1.5 litres of one common compound every day even though fish f*ck in it so that I miight not be the best person to consult in these matters. I even bathe in the stuff! In winter sometimes I walk on it. Bring it on!

12th Oct 2008, 19:34
OK I'll close it - Contrails? I'll gie ye contrails
Tradition has it that in 832 AD near the East Lothian village of Athelstaneford, a battle was fought which led to the adoption of the Saltire as Scotland's national flag. A joint army of Picts and Scots under the High King of Alba, Angus mac Fergus, was invading Lothian which at that time was still Northumbrian territory. Angus's force was surrounded by a larger army of Angles and Saxons and fearing defeat, the king led prayers for deliverance. Angus believed he had received a divine sign when above him in a clear blue sky, he saw a great white cross like that of St Andrew's. The king vowed that if, with the saint's help, he gained the victory, then Andrew would thereafter be the patron saint of Scotland and his cross the flag of Scotland. Angus did win and the Saltire duly became the national flag.

832 AD conspiracy folks :p
(They're there to this day when we get sunlight)

12th Oct 2008, 19:38
What part did the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch play in this? I can find no mention of it in the official texts and I suspect a cover-up.

12th Oct 2008, 21:11
Spent some time this pm surfing the "subject" and associated other odd stuff. Had my weirdshit-o-meter at full deflection on a couple of occasions. So thanks for a diverting but totally silly evening.

Solid Rust Twotter
13th Oct 2008, 11:44
Your only defence against chemtrails is a peanut butter lined tinfoil hat.

...Of which I happen to own a warehouse filled to overflowing...:E

13th Oct 2008, 11:51
Actually, Chemtrails are the cause of Global Warming. All this talk about carbon dioxide is just a diversionary tactic; Al Gore is in this up to his eyeballs. :suspect:

13th Oct 2008, 14:58
Solid Rust Twotter escrived:
Your only defence against chemtrails is a peanut butter lined tinfoil hat.

:eek: Not enough data! Smooth or crunchy peanut butter? Reduced salt & sugar or full-leaded? Foil shiny side out or in? It'll be too late; we're ALL DOOMED!

13th Oct 2008, 15:05
Beer is the antidote!!

All that Dihydrogen monoxide in the atmosphere can do bad things to you if you are not careful, you know.

Chemtrailers are fcukwits.

13th Oct 2008, 15:17
"As I understand it "Contrails" form when the water vapour from the engines crystallises in the cold air but dissipate almost immediately.

Uhhh, you're wrong James.

"Chemtrails however form long lines and spread out to a haze lasting several hours and sometimes completely obscure the blue sky.

Uhhh, you're wrong James. As mentioned, look up the WWII photos (ignore the chemtrail believers that sya those photos were doctored). Rent the Jimmy Stewart movie "Strategic Air Command". Filmed in the 1950's, lotsa good contrail shots.

"While travelling recently at 36,000 feet I noticed we were travelling parallel with a number of said chemtrails and at one point we penetrated through one which was incredibly thick and dark in colour.

Contrails look dark, white, gray, ect depending on which direction you're looking at them from. I doubt you know for sure if you penetrated a contrail since if it was "thick and dark", you'd have to be right behind a heavy jet getting the absolute krapp kicked out of you due to wake turbulence. From the passenger window, you have zero ability to tell what you entered was a contrail or a cloud.

13th Oct 2008, 16:55
I think that word means the same as "unbelievably", doesn't it?

You could just as well write, "It was incredible how thick and dark it was," or "It was unbelievable how thick and dark it was," and yes, I don't believe that at all so do carry on, dear boy.

That is a good point about dark versus light shading. When you have a haze layer it can look white or black depending on whether you look into the sun or away. Into the sun it looks white because it's scattering the light and away it looks dark because it's absorbing the light.

My question is, "How does haze know which angle you are viewing it from?" (You know, like the Irishman and the thermos bottle.)

I am surprised that the bewildered have not been on about how you can see that eerie halo around the sun when flying beneath a thin layer of cirrus or what the halo around the shadow of the aircraft on a cloud layer beneath you when flying over a layer of stratus and what these things mean. Spooky stuff!

I hope our earnest enquirer after truth never puts his finger real close to the windscreen at night when flying through precip at high altitude. Long fingers of fire will come waavering, "The corposants! The corposants!"

You know, if you take a long common screw driver (about a foot long), remove the back from your TV and start poking around in there you can find out really surprising things, stuff "they" (those chemtrails people) don't want you to know. "They" just put those safety warnings on the back of your TV to stop you finding out the real truth. Try that and then get back to us, okay?

And don't forget to buy my free pamphlet, "The Volcano: Nature's Hiding Place in Troubled Times"!

13th Oct 2008, 18:59
"remove the back from your TV and start poking around in there "

It needs to stay plugged in though or you don't get the desired effect.

What you find will be shocking.

Shocking I tell you.

13th Oct 2008, 19:37
"remove the back from your TV and start poking around in there "

It needs to stay plugged in though or you don't get the desired effect.

What you find will be shocking.

Shocking I tell you.

I guess that would make it an official St Elmos Fire simulator? :E

13th Oct 2008, 20:06
I once shared a house with a Communist friend from college and her boyfriend Brian, a computer programmer and an amateur motocrosser. (He worked in octal; this was a while ago, the early Seventies.)

Across the street was Al, a friend of ours, a professional motorcycle mechanic and also an amateur motocrosser.

I was working as a car and motorcycle mechanic while I was about halfway through getting my professional flying licences.

All three of us were Viet Nam veterans with a similar loose attitude towards stuff such as speed limits, warning labels, tread wear limits on tires, the recommended maximum number of units of alcohol per week and much, much more that straight citizens cared about. Waay too much detail for us, still unwinding from being shouted at and shot at.

One day the big color TV went on the blink but should a TV be very much different from a motorcycle? Hell no! Get out the tools.

Brian and Al got the back off, ignoring the warning label and went probing, using a flashlight (Brian) and a long common screwdriver (Al). I was sat on the couch drinking a beer and awaiting developments. I didn't even watch TV so while I kind of guessed what was going to happen, I was pretty relaxed about that. Well, it was probably Beer Number Six or so and that helped.

Al was a lot of fun but perhaps not the very sharpest knife in the drawer. He "tawked lahk thayut" and he was exclaiming over all the neat stuff inside the TV, not actually very much like the engine of a Yamaha motorcycle, as Brian explained what this or that was. Al found some capacitors, when Brian explaind that mf did not actually stand for motherf*ckers but millifarads.

"Dang!" said Al, "Looky here, hyit's a big 'un!" WHAP! Al went back about a foot, I guess but God protects fools and drunkards and we had been drinking, yes. Or, "Yayus."

"Gee, Al, I think you just shorted out a capacitor there..." was my contribution. Then we got the VW bus turned around so we could take the TV to the dump.

James Roc
13th Oct 2008, 20:10
Wow, the amount of dis-info/debunking trolls frequenting a web-site has got a be a testament to it's popularity!!! You gota feel sorry for these guys, they pay these poor twats to sit by a computer and disseminate disinformation all day yikes!!!

I didn't bring up 9/11 but if you seriously wanna believe it was carried out by 19 hijackers armed with box cutters orchestrated by a guy in a cave then I've got a pristine 4 bed semi-detached on the moon I'd like to sell ya!!!

Now to the subject at hand...

Chemtrails are hurting people, badly!

Respiratory illnesses and fatalities are shooting up in heavily sprayed areas particularly in the states.

Chemtrail fallout has been analysed and has been found to contain amongst a host of exotic chemicals and heavy metals, BARIUM which attacks the immune system, ETHYLENE DIBROMIDE which attacks the reproductive system, funguses, moulds, polymer fibres (possible nano-tech) and cancer viruses. Morgellans disease has been associated with the contents of the fallout.

Governments have been caught and have admitted experimenting on the general population before. What's to make us think this isn't another such experiment on a global scale?

The absolute worst that could be surmised is that this is part of a global depopulation and sterilisation programme. How often do we hear the so called "elites" on the planet talking about how there are "too many people" on the planet?! 100's of companies distribute Jet A1 but the fuel ownership can be traced back to maybe 5 or 6 companies owned by guess who, yup these same elites who keep making noises about "too many people".

I'm inviting intelligent and honest debate on this issue.

To the witting debunkers and dis-info trolls, deep deep shame on you.


13th Oct 2008, 20:18
James I think you might find that most of us on here are paid to fly,fix or otherwise work on aircraft. not to sit at computers debunking the theories of a bunch of paranoid nutjobs with persecution complexes.

13th Oct 2008, 20:19
Nice writing, chuks
and I mean that most sincerely folks :D

13th Oct 2008, 20:20
I'm inviting intelligent and honest debate on this issue.

I am afraid that is quite impossible, as one must first have an intelligent subject to have an "intelligent and honest debate".

Well, then again, there is always the old "Who' on First?" debate. :p

YouTube - Who's on first? (http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=sShMA85pv8M)

Solid Rust Twotter
13th Oct 2008, 20:46

13th Oct 2008, 20:48
It is hard to believe that there are so many of these threads on here at the same time, entertaining,yes but hard to be believe all the same. do you think it's a conspiracy?
have THEY decided to concentrate THEIR energies on we pprune types in order to further THEIR aims for world domination? We should be told!!

13th Oct 2008, 21:43
2 cents per word adds up, you know! 5 cents for big ones: After flying through heavy chem trails I found severe disinfrabulation present on the knurled flange brackets. Check it out: 33 cents right there!

Whoah! Big mistake! After flying through heavy chem trails NOT I found NO severe disinfrabulation present on the knurled flange brackets. 37 cents and no black helicopters flying over the house. (The wife hates it when they come around; it makes the dogs bark so that the neighbours are always complaining.)

Jeez, what is with you guys? You all come around like earnest seekers after truth, asking professional pilots what they really think about chem trails, 9/11, the Moon landings... (Where is that "giant lizards" guy? Is he shunning us. What, we aren't good enough for him?)

I can only speak for myself, when with all due respect I can state that I think you all are barking mad and I would even tell you that for free; the Company wouldn't even have to pay me for it. So you ask, you get your negative, mostly, answers but do you sling your hooks and go off to find a more sympathetic audience? (Rhetorical and stupid question)

I am out of here on leave in just a few days and thank Christ for that! Very little flying, sat here in this goddam box with just a few books I raced right through, the odd interesting thing on "Arte" and this... (Arte is showing a documentary on Glenn Gould, a man who was weird and wonderful, something for all you oxygen thieves to aspire to, getting beyond the simply wierd phase.) Off to Ischia for a week of no goddam whacky theories about anything!

Just remember, James: "No man but a blockhead ever wrote but for money."

James Roc
13th Oct 2008, 21:55
YouTube - Chemtrails UK Government admits deadly spraying (http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=3VLNNwiKvlE)

YouTube - The ultimate proof of Chemtrails (http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=Q9KLLqEL96Y)

YouTube - Chemtrails - If you have ever doubted, You won't after this (http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=ET3dl-XoJAA)

Lost man standing
13th Oct 2008, 22:25

We are not idiots. You do realise that you linked to the "ultimate proof of chemtrails" on a pilot's website, yes? And that the guy in this video "proof" blithely says that the aircraft are at the same height (because this "proof" is only unusual if the altitude is different) without any reason for saying so. You do realise that, as pilots, we know that aircraft in a similar place, same track are likely to be actually following an airway, and so they are on identical tracks (in these times of extremely accurate navigation)?

OK, so take all this on board, and watch the video again,. What every pilot here will have immediately noticed is that the contrails are not in line (pause at about 30 seconds and use a ruler if you don't believe me. They aren't ). Therefore the aircraft are almost certainly at different altitudes. Contrail formation is very sensitive to atmospheric conditions, so the fact that the contrails have different characteristics at different levels is entirely unsurprising. That is why the film maker lied, saying they were at the same level, as this was not even close to evidence otherwise.

What was that? If I thought you had any in the first place I would guess it was your credibility heading out of the window. Sorry mate, but it's like shooting fish in a barrel.

Lost man standing
13th Oct 2008, 22:35
I've now looked at the other two videos. The first is just a stream of fantasy. It has no meaning. If I made a video saying that Tony Blair admitted to being an alien in a man suit would that constitute evidence that aliens are in control on Earth?

The third is just a photo of odd cloud formations, and I have to ask again if you realise you are posting on a pilot's forum? I have seen some of the strangest shapes of cloud, in areas where no aircraft has passed certainly in hours, probably for many days. This might be triggered by contrails (the fact they are in line would be caused by wind across the airway) but it could equally be an entirely natural phenomenon caused by standing waves. Wave cloud looks amazing ... spookily artificial.

So no, there is no evidence at all in those three videos that anything suspect is going on.

13th Oct 2008, 22:53
I refer you to my post #25 James read and take note. then do the same for all other posts after that one.Take the hint.

14th Oct 2008, 03:13
It's true I tell you...... Aim at the conjunction of the rogue chemtrails with the combined fluxinators. Take care not to cross the beams or it could all get nasty...........


14th Oct 2008, 03:23
Chemtrail fallout has been analysed

Really? How, when, and by whom?

14th Oct 2008, 03:47
Stop the Madness...if you ignore the fools, they'll eventually go away to bother on another street corner. :ok:

Romeo India Xray
14th Oct 2008, 05:35
Chemtrail fallout has been analysed

Really? How, when, and by whom?

Obviously by the aliens who are turning up in the S Hemisphere today. They want to know what they will have to descend through on their way to have tea and biscuits with Kevin Rudd (either him or a previously un heard of no one (isn't it strange how aliens only ever abduct unreliable witnesses?)).


Unreliable witnesses is what we get as concerns stuff like this

Oh no, wait

We are only pilots/engineers/CC/aircraft fuellers/the people who work in aviation every working day of our lives - Silly me, it is US who are WRONG and the ALIENS who are right.


We should now withdraw from this argument and concede that with our low intellect and lack of understanding of our profession it is US who are in the wrong.