View Full Version : A320 engine cool-down

11th Oct 2008, 12:28

After landing the A320, how long do you have before you can shut the engine down for a single engine taxi back to stand? Is it 2 minutes, or can you shut it down straight away?

Also, if you've only used reverse idle, does this reduce the cool-down time needed?


11th Oct 2008, 12:49
My company procedure:(IAE Eng. A-320)

When engines operated above reverse idle or above "normal" taxi power setting: 3 minutes cool-down period at or near idle power is needed before shutting down the engines.
So in any other case i presume no cooldown period.

11th Oct 2008, 15:46
Cooling times vary according to engine type. CFMs require a shorter time than the IAE engines.

11th Oct 2008, 16:50
My company has CFM engines and the colling period required is 3 minutes.


Ps. Technically speaking, if reverse idle has been used, the 3 minutes can start from the time you retarded the thrust levers. We use the 'on' (touchdown) time from ACARS.